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From Pastor Goetz
Sermon Series Title: Prophets, The Issue that Divides

Date: January 15-March 5

Brief: Within the Spiritual gifts comes the always repeated prophetic gift. Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 14 that he wishes all would prophesy. Throughout the stretch of history, God’s best effort was sending prophets. Second Chronicles 20:20---in the midst of a crisis---God called His people to a place of being established because of their trust in Him and then to prosper through giving heed to His prophets. 

Jesus seemed particularly concerned about prophets and the damage that false prophets would do (1 John 4:1, Matthew 7:15, 24:11, 24:24). Prophets have been the most divisive figures in the history of God’s people, yet they were meant to be the mediums for God to draw close (Hebrews 1:1-2). 

The past words of these voices for God are still speaking to the context of the world today. Hearing them and their God-sent messages might be the most important thing we do in 2022. 

From Pastor Taylor

Come GROW With Us!

We're just six weeks away from the start of our next GROW Group semester, and Pastor Taylor is starting to work on the catalog and vision for the groups in 2022. If you'd like to be a part of this conversation, message him ASAP with your ideas and dreams for how to help us GROW!
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Micheal Goetz

Discipleship/Family Ministry
Pastor Michael Taylor

Pastor Leandro Bizama

RMC Literature Ministry
Pastor Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Earliteen Sabbath School
Connie Dupper leads out in the Earliteen Sabbath School department, assisted by Phil Jones and Leif Sorensen. The eight regular attenders are an active and spiritually growing group; in fact, two of them have recently been baptized! They also indicate they are happy in their new section of the church.
They have recently been studying the Sanctuary and the Old Covenant versus the New Covenant, the earthly sanctuary versus the heavenly sanctuary. Phil Jones notes, “As Christians under the New Covenant we are now seated, by faith, in heaven with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. It is thrilling to watch teenagers grasp the gospel and apply it in their own lives for real!”
As with several of the other children’s classes, they have a mission project. They have raised approximately $1,000 to support one of their own Earliteen preachers, Addison Gann, for the Costa Rica mission trip next spring vacation.
At a recent party they got together and had a fun evening at the church. This included putting their hand-prints up on a special canvas on the wall. “We just hung out and enjoyed fun and games,” one participant shared.
Phil Jones adds, “In this Christmas season, never underestimate the power of teens and youth. Remember, Mary was probably only around 16 years of age when she conceived Jesus of the Holy Spirit. Her husband was a young adult and God used those young people to change the world forever!”  
                                                Ardis Stenbakken with photos and information from Phil Jones
Photos by Joyelle Worley
All About People
Welcome to
Pastor Bizama and Family

We welcome the Bizama family who are just now arriving to our campus, coming to us from South Texas Christian School (STC) in the Rio Grande Valley. Pastor Leandro will be leading out in evangelism and our worship services here, and Jennifer will be teaching one class on-line for STC and is willing to help out at HMS and Campion Academy as needed. The three boys, Matías (11), Evan (8), and Elías (6) will all be students at HMS Richards Elementary School.

Pastor Leandro and Jennifer met at Southwestern Adventist University. After graduation, they went to the Marshall Islands (specifically Majuro) to teach for two years; he had previously been a student missionary on that island. From there they went to Ozark Academy for eight years where he was the music director and taught Bible, helping with chaplain duties as well. Jennifer taught history and related subjects.

From Ozark the Bizamas went to Mile High Academy for four years, and then to South Texas Christian in the Rio Grande Valley. And now they join us at Campion.

Leandro moved from Mexico to Valley Grande Academy in the middle of his academy years; it was there that he learned English. Jennifer lived in Mexico as well from 11 to 16 years of age as her father helped establish the School of Medicine at Montemorelos University.

The Bizama family loves the outdoors, hiking, visiting parks, almost anything out in nature. They also enjoy singing and making music together. Jennifer—and the boys—like to read, especially history. He collects pins from parks and other places around the world when they visit the place. He also likes to play soccer and tennis for his exercise. Jennifer says she also likes being outdoors, just walking or maybe helping the boys plant trees. They both say they like food—they love to try foreign and ethnic foods. But not too spicy. He also mentioned he likes hot drinks—not the spicy kind, just temperature wise.

Pastor Leandro loves to compose music—not so much as a hobby but more as a passion—this began in the Marshall Islands. He laughs and says it keeps him sane. He has released one album thus far.

The family says they are happy that they are coming to Campion Church; they have felt really welcomed already. 
Interview by Ardis Stenbakken
Photo by Anndrea Taylor
Welcome Sam and Kirstin Hasty

Kirstin and Sam Hasty have joined the Campion Church not only because of its proximity to Glacier View Ranch, but also because they know some of the people already, and they liked the culture, climate, and the people of the church. Catching them while they were driving, they had to think about some of their favorite spiritual quotations, but Kirstin said she really likes Psalm 139 that tells us God knows all about us even from the beginning.

The Hastys have come here from South Dakota to work at Glacier View Ranch, he as Associate Director of Camp Ministries and Kirstin as Housekeeping Coordinator. She is a Registered Nurse, but will not be working at that just now. She said she grew up in many different church camps as her father was in camp ministry; Sam grew up farming on the Florida panhandle. Kirstin says he is really good at mechanics, fixing and inventing things. They both enjoy hiking and reading and other outdoor activities, but right now there is almost no free time to pursue these or other hobbies.

Sam attended Bass Memorial Academy in Mississippi and she graduated from Sunnydale Academy in Missouri. Then both attended Southern Adventist University.

We welcome the Hastys to Campion and to Glacier View Ranch!
Interview by Ardis Stenbakken
Photo supplied.
Baptisms December 18, 2021
December 18th was a joy-filled day for the Schwisow family, as well as the church. Eliana and J.J. Schwisow took their baptismal vows from Pastor Mike Taylor and had their testimony read by their mother Sarah.

Jonathan is 8 years old and in the fifth grade, Eliana is 10 years old and is also in 5th grade. They are both homeschooled.  

Eliana was baptized by her father, Eddie Schwisow and her testimony is as follows: "When I prayed and thought about baptism, I felt Jesus telling me I should. To me, baptism means that you want to live with Him and be more like Him everyday; it's giving your heart to Jesus and committing your life to Him each day."

Jonathan was baptized by Bob Montague, father of Sarah Schwisow. Jonathan's testimony is as follows: "I want to get baptized because Jesus has been very kind to me and I want to live a cleaner life and be more like Him. I want to be in His family, and be in Heaven with Him. I love Him because He first loved me."

We are so pleased to welcome you into our church family, Eliana and Jonathan.
By Muriel Indermuehle
Photos by Olivia Jordan
Eliana was baptized by her father Eddie Schwisow.
Jonathan Schwisow was baptized by his grandfather Bob Montague.
Baby Dedication of Leonide Clouzet
Yves and Melissa Clouzet brought their son Leonide for dedication on Sabbath December 25, 2021. Yves brother Jean-Marcel encouraged the family to raise Leonide to love the Lord, Melissa sang a dedication lullaby and Yves father, Elder Roberto Clouzet, prayed over the baby. The family that gathered for the dedication service included Yves' brother and his family, Yves' parents and Melissa's parents.
The Clouzet and Anderson families gather for their grandson Leonide's baby dedication.
Photo by Joyelle Worley
Birthdays this Month
Coming Events
Service Schedule January 1st

Sabbath School 9:30 - 10:30
Church     10:45 - 12:15

Service Schedule Starting 1/8/22
First Church Service 9:00
Sabbath School 10:20
Second Church      11:30

Services streamed live from campion.church
Coming in January and February
  • Sermon Series Prophets--The Issue that Divides
  • Come Alive in Prayer with Pastor Goia January 7 and 8
  • 10 Days of Prayer - January 9-18, 2021
  • Special Sabbaths in February 
  • February 5 - is our "breakfast for lunch" fellowship meal. We might even put our new kitchen to use. 
  • February 5 - is also our Welcome Sabbath---a Sabbath when we do something a little special for our guests and encourage all to invite their family, non-attending Adventists, and neighbors. 
  • February 12 - is our campus-wide International Sabbath celebration. Come wearing dress representing different corners of the globe and let the pastors or office know if you have a language you could participate in. 
Link to the Calendar: Keep Up with Campion Church Events

One of the intentional steps that the church's leadership team is taking in 2022 is making sure that events are better communicated. One easy way for you to stay in the loop with all of the various programs is by subscribing to our Google Calendar. You can view our calendar on our website (https://www.campion.church/calendar.html), and there's a handy link to it on our Church Center app, but you can also push the colorful button on the bottom right corner of that page that says "+ Google Calendar" to add our calendar to yours. As we add and modify events, you'll automatically see the latest calendar alongside your calendar.

If you'd like to see our calendar on your smartphone, however, you might need to take an extra step or two (especially if you're an iPhone user). Once you've subscribed to our calendar (using the above steps), follow these steps here to make it visible: 
Mark Your Calendar--Come Alive in Prayer January 7 and 8

Join Pastor Pavel Goia as he shares miracles and stories of answered prayers and shows us how we too can enjoy powerful, real prayer, and a close walk with God.
Campion and HMS Richards School News
HMS Richards Christmas Program Saved With 6 Minutes to Spare
Report and photos by Jill Harlow
After a day of howling winds that cut the electricity on campus, children and families made their way to a cold and dark Campion Church sanctuary guided by flashlights and lamps lit by a small generator.
It may have been dark, but it certainly wasn’t a silent night; the excited voices of miniature angels, shepherds, and wisemen filled the sanctuary when--suddenly--the lights flickered on and the sound system kicked in, just six minutes before the scheduled start time.
After this little wink from God, the program continued without a hitch. The HMS Richards students showed off their musical talents playing violins and handbells and singing Christmas music while proud parents took photos and videos.
Finally, the children in Pre-k through second grade reminded all the attendees of the reason for the season with their reenactment of the Christmas story.
Just as the return of the light reminded us all that God cares about the little things, may our everyday miracles this season remind us that Jesus was born as our Emmanuel, God with us.
"Hold On To Your Hat, It's Christmas!"
Bell choir.
The strings.
The angels sang.
The manger scene.
Campion Academy
Please take note:
The start date for second semester has been changed from the originally published calendar. Due to travel and other concerns, it has been moved forward one day:
Return to the dorms on Monday, January 3 in the evening
Classes resume on Tuesday, January 4
  • January 3: Return from Winter Break
  • January 4: Classes resume for 2nd semester
  • January 9: Ski Club Sunday Trip
  • January 28: Senior Recognition Weekend begins
  • January 29: Drama Class presents The Sound of Music
  • January 30: Scholarship/Awards Brunch

Campion's music department provided a rich program of Christmas music for Campion Church. Above, the Bell Choir rings a postlude.
Church Business
Offerings this Month
January 1, 15, and 29: Local Church Budget
This month we have three opportunities to support our local church budget. At the recent Church Business Meeting the budget for 2022 was voted, increasing the monthly budget from $24,805 to $26,125, an increase of $1,320. Our budget receipts have been running at about that amount already, so this should not be a problem if we are each faithful as God leads.

January 8: Religious Liberty
The mission of the Adventist Church’s Religious Liberty Ministry is to preserve the ability of its members to practice and share their faith as their conscience dictates, and to administer the Church’s institutions in a manner consistent with our biblical beliefs. These funds today go to sponsor Liberty Magazine subscriptions to individuals who make decisions that impact our religious convictions. It will also support the legal defense of members who experience religious discrimination in the workplace.
January 22: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
This offering is so important as it supports the varied ministries where we live and worship. The six ministries that benefit from the Advance offering are:
Church/School Buildings, 10%;
Evangelism, 40%;
Youth Camp, 10%;
Secondary schools, 25%;
Summer Camp Programs, 10%;
La Vida Mission, 5%.

Disaster Assistance:
Donate to Adventist Community Services to help with disasters within the US.
Donate to ADRA to help with disasters worldwide.
Building Improvement Status
Kitchen Renovation:
  • Countertops have been installed.
  • Flooring is in progress.
  • Appliances are coming around the 10th of January.
  • The plumbing finishes will follow.
Gutter renewal has begun by removing the old gutters.
Painting of the Fellowship Hall is in progress. 
A sneak peak into the kitchen.
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