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Peter says, " Please consider donating your skills, financial support or becoming a Healing The Children host family."

This month we would like to share with you, our readers, some information on a few organizations that we believe deserve the support of our community. I've participated with both of these groups in the past.

As a runner myself, I've participated in several Achilles International events, running along side both able-bodied runners and those with disabilities.

I've also worked with many patients through Healing the Children during my career. For more information feel free to contact or view the information below which includes several videos showcasing the work done by these groups, as well as their official sites. 
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Carlos is a bilateral trans femoral amputee brought to the USA by Healing The Children for treatment.

We fabricated prostheses to replace the ones he had outgrown. Carlos stayed with a host family who provided him with all his needs while he was here.

Healing the Children is a great organization that provides critical services.

Please consider donating your skills, financial support, or becoming a host family and helping kids like Carlos. 

Achilles International Offers Hope for All
In 1976, Dick Traum, an above the knee amputee, found himself approaching middle age and out of shape. After joining a local YMCA, Dick began running - small distances at first and then, eventually several miles. Within a year, Dick became the first amputee to run the New York City Marathon.
The experience was life changing, bringing a powerful sense of achievement and self-esteem. In 1983, seeking to provide that same opportunity to other people with disabilities, Dick created the Achilles Track Club, now called Achilles International.
Documentation Corner

One of the best tools for trying to verify and justify a K Level is the "Amputee Mobility Predictor."

Our new website will have this available for easy downloading. It's a great tool to measure progress as well as future potential. 

Documentation questions? Ask us.
Healing the Children

Healing the Children is perhaps the oldest and largest registered charitable organization focused single-mindedly on helping underserved children throughout the world to secure urgently needed medical assistance they otherwise are unable to obtain.

Established in 1979, HTC has successfully helped over 
250,000 children  in over 95 countries to date, providing over $700 million  of medical services via the healthcare professionals who volunteer and donate to Healing the Children. 

Their Inbound Children Program to bring critically ill children into the U.S. for treatment if this is not available for them outside the US. With the support of an estimated 75 pediatric hospital partners across the United States, Healing the Children has helped over 8,000 children via this program.
March 1-4, 2017
Chicago, IL

September 6-9, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

Prosthetics & Orthotics for Therapists ™
Continuing Education Series

The purpose of our Prosthetics and Orthotics for Therapists™ continuing education course series is to provide continuing education credits for therapists in New Jersey by presenting courses on various aspects of upper and lower extremity prosthetics. Cost Effective. There is no cost. You can't get more cost effective than that!
Need to schedule your next course? Call the office at 201-785-9944  
Prosthetic Series  
1. Prosthetic Overview  
2. Transtibial Prosthetics  
3. Transfemoral Prosthetics
4. Lower Extremity Prosthetic Functional Level Prediction & Outcomes Measurement
5. Upper Extremity Prosthetics
6. Lower Extremity Prosthetic Gait Training
7. Lower Extremity Prosthetic Gait Deviations
8. Partial Foot / Symes / Knee Disarticulation / Hip Disarticulation
9. Microprocessor Controlled Knees
10. Prosthetics & Dermatology
11. Upper Limb Prosthetic Outcomes
Orthotic Series
1. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part One
2. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part Two
3. Upper Extremity Orthotics Overview
4. Spinal Orthotics Overview
5. Orthotic Clinical Decision Making: Ankle Foot Orthoses
6. Pediatric Orthoses
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