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Short Legislative Session Underway
January 11, 2015
The Indiana General Assembly convened its 2016 legislative session, which is a short non-budget session, on January 5. The session is scheduled to conclude "sine die" (Latin meaning without fixing a day for future action or meeting) March 14, 2016.
AIA Indiana is already working on a host of bills including those regarding historic preservation/residential rehabilitation deduction (HB 1037), school safety (SB 174), and the streamlining of the Department of Health plan review process (SB 324). 
As in every state legislative session, your help is needed. You are urged to contact your legislators and use your clout to positively impact our profession at the statehouse. Information regarding legislative issues currently being debated and how you can help are explained below.
HB 1037, authored by Rep. Eric Koch (R - Bedford), provides that a property owner is not entitled to the residential rehabilitation deduction or the rehabilitated property deduction for an increase in assessed value attributable to rehabilitation occurring after December 31, 2016. AIA Indiana is opposed to this measure.
These buildings often played an important role in our history, and they can play an even more significant role in our future. These structures provide an opportunity to become a catalyst for change in our urban core and communities throughout the state, while at the same time preserving our heritage. Legislators should carefully consider how powerful preservation can be as an economic development generator for the benefit of present and future generations. Preservation is so much more than simply renovating or restoring a building or home. Preservation is about redeveloping blighted areas and entrepreneurship. It's about creating new tax revenue. It's about local job creation, and it's about kick starting new development.
Please contact your state representative and ask them to oppose HB 1037!
House of Representatives - 800/382-9842
SB 147, authored by Sen. Phil Boots (R - Crawfordsville), requires the department of homeland security to establish minimum standards for a school emergency response system and requires the department to review and approve a school corporation's plans and specifications and use of the department's best practices, should a school corporation purchase, install, or implement a system. The bill also would allow a school corporation to use money from the school capital projects fund to pay the costs of a system.
AIA Indiana is closely monitoring this bill and would welcome any feedback you may have regarding this proposed measure.
SB 324, authored by Sen. Mark Messmer (R - Jasper), is an effort to streamline the state department of health plan review process. Currently, health related projects must be submitted to both the division of fire and building safety (division) as well as the state department of health. Language in the bill provides for a combined application process that allows an applicant to apply for a construction permit from the department and a design release from the division of fire and building safety (division) by submitting a single application to the division.
AIA Indiana has been working with Sen. Messmer and other interested parties on this bill. Your feedback regarding this measure would be appreciated.
AIA Indiana Legislative Committee - Opportunity to Serve
The AIA Indiana Legislative Committee reviews, provides feedback, and recommends positions on pending legislation. Dan Mader, AIA is the AIA Indiana Legislative Committee chair. Please contact AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, 317-634-6993, , if you are interested in serving on this committee. Any AIA Indiana member in good standing is eligible to serve. 

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Use your clout and support your profession by attending an "AIA Indiana Day at the Statehouse." This is a unique opportunity for you to learn firsthand about the key AIA state legislative and regulatory issues and become a lobbyist for day. You will be able to use your clout to directly impact the legislative process by meeting with your state legislators and discussing the issues important to architects. Current dates available are: January 18, 19, 21, 25, and February 1, 2, and 3. Please choose a date and RSVP to AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley,, 317/634-6993. The day will begin at 12 p.m. with lunch and end no later than 3 p.m. A unified voice is vital. Don't wait to get involved!
Transit Day at the Statehouse! 

SAVE the DATE - February 11 - Transit Day at the Statehouse! Join transit enthusiasts from across the state to listen to speakers, talk with your legislators, and network with a diverse group of partners.  CLICK HERE  to register and learn more.
Lobbying Basics for Communicating with Your Local Legislators 

*Please contact your state senator and state representative and introduce yourself, if you don't already know them. Invite them to tour your firm. Discuss with them the issues that are important to you and your firm. I am sure they will appreciate hearing from you. To contact your legislators, see the information below.
House of Representatives - 800/382-9842
State Senate - 800/382-9467
AIA Southern Indiana members meeting with Rep Ed Clere (R - New Albany), Sen. Ron Grooms (R - Jeffersonville) and Rep Steve Stemler (D - Jefferonville) at Kovert Hawkins Architects' office in Jeffersonville, IN. 

*Take a personal inventory of how you know legislators with whom you have a personal relationship (political or civic activities, church, business relationships, etc.)
*If you are having an open house, or important press release or ribbon cutting event, add your local legislators to the mailing list.
*Ask legislators and other elected officials to attend local AIA chapter meetings.
*Invite your local legislators to visit your firm.
*Invite your local legislator to lunch or coffee.
Do not hesitate to contact AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, 317/634-6993 or , if you have any questions.
Architects for Indiana Political Action Committee 

Please contribute to the Architects for Indiana Political Action Committee (ARCHPAC).  The importance of our participation in the political process becomes evident each time we must take action to cope with legislative proposals that call for extending the sales tax to services, requiring stock school plans, or providing interior designers stamping privileges!  
Please join many of your fellow Hoosier AIA members who have already contributed and write a $50 check today to ARCHPAC and return it to AIA Indiana, 115 W. Washington St., Suite 955 S, Indianapolis, IN 46204.
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