OFCHC Global Spotlight       January 11, 2024

Fueling the Future: How Fuel Cells Can Revolutionize Military Operations

The Modern Battlespace | Jan 3

As the military prepares for future conflicts with near-peer adversaries, it’s starting to explore a new generation of weapon systems and platforms that will create a tactical edge over a pacing enemy. It’s also exploring alternatives to the traditional fossil fuels that it has historically relied on to power these platforms.

The need to replace diesel fuel and other traditional energy sources is driven largely by the fact that fossil fuels cannot be generated on the battlefield. 

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Ballard new Long-Term Supply Agreement with NFI and purchase order for 100 fuel cell engines for bus deployments in North America

PR Newswire | Jan 3

Ballard Power Systems today announced the signing of a new Long-Term Supply Agreement ("LTSA") with NFI Group Inc. ("NFI"), a leading independent bus and coach manufacturer and a leader in electric mass mobility solutions in North America and Europe. The agreement marks a new phase in the established partnership between Ballard and NFI, focused on deployment-level volumes of fuel cell powered buses across all of NFI's major brands including New Flyer, Alexander Dennis, and MCI.

As part of the LTSA, NFI has placed its first purchase order under the agreement for a minimum of 100 FCmove®-HD+ modules for planned delivery in 2024. 

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Bosch Is Still Betting On Hydrogen Engines

Autoweek | Jan 10

Despite the gains made by EVs over the past decade, hydrogen is still a hot topic with a handful of automakers that have developed and even fielded production hydrogen fuel-cell models. You can probably guess right away just which automakers we're talking about: Toyota, BMW, and Honda.

And even as all three have invested in EVs, they've also been planning for a future in which hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles of all sizes will exist alongside EVs and will play an important role in the zero-emission landscape.

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Joint Statement from H2Accelerate Senior Decision-Makers Regarding The Scale-Up Of Hydrogen Truck And Infrastructure Deployment In Europe

FuelCellWorks | Jan 10

Since December 2020, the H2Accelerate collaboration has brought together its hydrogen truck OEM and infrastructure provider members to accelerate the uptake of low-carbon hydrogen for trucking in Europe. On the 20th of November 2023, CEOs and senior decision-makers from H2Accelerate participating organizations convened in Brussels and renewed their commitment to advance the hydrogen truck sector in Europe at the fasted possible pace.

It has been three years since the inception of the H2Accelerate collaboration and in that time we have achieved several key milestones...

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Six themes shaping the energy world in 2024

Wood Mackenzie | Jan 9

What opportunities, challenges and risks does the world of energy and natural resources face in 2024? Our experts share their thoughts.

1. Global economic recovery, elections and geopolitics

A potential turning point for the global economy, but a year of modest growth – we expect 2.6% GDP growth, flat on 2023. Retreating interest rates will trigger rotation from a consumption-led recovery after the pandemic to investment-led growth across the wider economy. But persistent inflation will mean that interest rates won’t fall to the lows of the last decade. Despite a more favourable monetary environment, investment in commodity sectors faces specific challenges.

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Bramble Energy launches hydrogen-powered boat utilising PCBFC™ technology

H2-View | Jan 10

Bramble Energy has launched a hydrogen-electric boat powered by a printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC™) in Sheffield, UK.

The 57 foot narrowboat completed emission-free testing, using a custom marinised fuel cell system which can potentially provide around 600 miles of range using 14kg of hydrogen stored on-board. Additional power is supplied from solar panels on the vessels roof connected to a 22kWh battery system.

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8 Rivers announces Cormorant Clean Energy Project, the first commercial deployment of 8RH2 ultra-low carbon hydrogen technology

Hydrocarbon Processing | Jan 9

The ultra-low-carbon ammonia production facility located in Port Arthur, Texas will produce an estimated 880,000 tons of ammonia per year and accelerate decarbonization of transportation, industrial processes, and agriculture across the Gulf Coast region. 

8 Rivers Capital, LLC, a world-leading decarbonization technology developer, announced today it is developing the Cormorant Clean Energy Project, an ultra-low-carbon ammonia production facility in Port Arthur, Texas. The Cormorant project will be powered by 8 Rivers’ proprietary 8RH2 hydrogen process, representing the first commercial deployment of the technology.


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‘First of its kind’ | US firm unveils hydrogen-battery hybrid car with range of over 1,000km

Hydrogen Insight | Jan 4

A US start-up is now taking pre-orders for a plug-in hybrid passenger vehicle that runs using both a hydrogen fuel-cell and a battery, which it claims has a range of 700 miles (1,127km).

Virginia-based Revo Zevo’s “model Energy” uses a battery as the primary power source, with the hydrogen fuel cell kicking in to power the vehicle and thereby extend its range.

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