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First graders have been deep in their study of ancient Rome. One topic that has drawn particular interest is the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Over the past couple of weeks, students have examined primary  documents that recounted the details of the eruption, and analyzed artifacts uncovered from the ruins. What do these artifacts reveal about the culture from which they came?  Our study of Pompeii has shed light on aspects of daily life that aren’t typically preserved in history.

On Friday, January 13th, the class welcomed esteemed archaeologist and professor of Roman art and archaeology at the University of Virginia, Dr. John Dobbins, to the classroom. Dr. Dobbins shared his experiences excavating at Pompeii and presented photographs of his finds. The students were thrilled to hear from a true expert in the field. Thank you Dr. Dobbins for offering us your time, and Sarah Betzer (1st grade parent) for coordinating this memorable visit.  

Annual Fund-Donor Spotlight

We thank Tia O'Neill and Darren Gibbons (parents of Justice Gibbons (Grade 2) and Sommer Gibbons (Pre-K) for their support of the annual fund. Tia and Darren shared about the importance of supporting the Annual Fund.

"We knew Peabody School was special when we peeked inside our first classroom on a tour.  As we traveled from one class to the next, a similar scene played out before us: The students were all actively engaged and eager to share what they were working on while the teachers appeared rightfully proud and fully invested in their lessons.

We were overjoyed when we joined the Peabody community and love seeing our children flourish as a result.  Giving to the Peabody Annual Fund is our way of saying thank you while at the same time helping Peabody classrooms and programs grow and support the unique needs of its students.  

As it has been said, “It is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” that is at the root of everything this school stands for.  And so in line with that, we seek to do more than simply fill the pail.  We contribute to the Annual Fund so that Peabody can continue to fan the flames of its students’ thirst for knowledge while imparting to them a true sense of community - a community we are very proud to be a part of."

Thank you to everyone (donor roll) who has already made a gift! We are aiming for 100% participation from our families. For more information about the Annual Fund, please contact Vaughan Clark at

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Middle School Dance 
Please know that t he Middle School dance date has changed from  1/20/2017 to 1/27/2017  from 
6:30pm - 9:00pm

Transition to High School Events

We would like to share some information about upcoming high school transition events. The transition to high school can be an exciting but also anxiety provoking experience. In the past, Peabody has hosted various activities to help with this transition. We will be offering two opportunities for our students and families to help ease the transition to high school.

A student alumni panel will be held on the evening of  March 3rd from  5:15-6:15 right before Game Night.  We are inviting alumni from different schools to come talk with our Grade 8 students about what to expect as they get ready for high school. This will be a student only event.  

Additionally, we are organizing a parent coffee hour for sometime in mid April for alumni parents to have the opportunity to speak with our 8th grade parents. We are working out the details and will get a date to you ASAP. This is a parent only event.

You may noticed a High School Transition Night scheduled on the paper calendar your received in the beginning of the year. In lieu of that night, these two events will replace that single event. We hope that you find these two new events helpful for both you and your children.

If there any topics that would be useful for our alumni or alumni parents to speak about, please forward them to Mr. Orlando's attention and he will pass them along.

Thanks for your support of your children here at school. Please email Rob Orlando if you have any questions. 

Western Albemarle High School Orientation

Western Albemarle High School is hosting a private school orientation session on Thursday, February 9th from 9:15-10:45. They welcome all families to attend whether they are completely sure about Western being their choice of high schools or not.

Life Happens 

We appreciate all our parents being committed to getting their children to school on time. However, we understand that "life happens" sometimes and the kids are late. Here is a smattering of actual reasons (yes we read the book), as reported by our parents, for tardiness at Peabody. Enjoy! 

Top Ten Reasons Students are late to school (according to our sign in book)

10. Sleepy child
9. I was lost
8. Stupid Traffic
7. Temperamental Garage Door
6. Not sure
5. Baking Muffins
4. Feisty Dogs
3. Life's Absurdities
2. Just one of those mornings
1. Dysfunctional Parent

Alumnus of the Month

We are pleased to honor Luke Henter in our Winter Peabody Alumni Spotlight. Luke graduated from Peabody School in 2012, and is currently enrolled at Princeton University. Luke’s brother, James, is currently in the Seventh Grade at Peabody. During his time here, Luke gained an appreciation for nurturing his intellectual passions, and has been able to continue developing those interests throughout his educational career.

Luke acknowledges that his teachers were instrumental in honing his drive for exploration, and he feels lucky to have had incredible teachers all through his Peabody years. However, a few teachers stand out in his memory.  Read more...

Congratulations on all of your achievements and your future endeavors, Luke! We are very excited to hear about your accomplishments in the future!

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For any questions or to volunteer for upcoming events, please contact the PPF at  Thank you!

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