The Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta
We are looking forward to another phenomenal show in Atlanta in a couple of weeks! Last year's show was the best show that we have ever seen in Atlanta, and this year's show is shaping up to be even better. The list of guest speakers is stacked, and many of the top fly fishing brands will be in attendance with all of the new products for 2018. We will have some show specials on hand, which will be listed in our next newsletter. We hope you plan to attend, as this will be a great opportunity to gain a vast amount of knowledge from the seminars, as well as reap the savings from show specials. Click  here for a detailed list of presenters and exhibitors. See you there!

How's The Fishin'?
We have seen some drastic changes in weather recently, but anglers seeking the "tug" have been able to find it. The name of the game still remains to target the afternoons. Give the day time enough for the sun to peak out and warm up some of your favorite fishing holes before venturing out. The afternoons will continue to be the best bet over the next few weeks. The water is cold, which causes much of the sediment to sink to the bottom, making the water very clear. We did get some rain late last week, which really helped with the stream flows, but the water has cleared back up since then. With the cold clear water, make sure to downsize your offerings. Most of the biomass the fish see this time of year is much smaller than the biomass in the warmer months. Patterns in a size 16-22 should produce the best results. Before heading out, make sure to pack some little black stones, a variety of midges, and small bwo nymphs. When fishing cold water, it is very important to get your flies down to where the fish are. Add some extra weight to your leader, and also decrease you tippet size. By going with a smaller tippet, your flies will get to the bottom faster, and the fish are less likely to see your tippet in the gin clear water. We have been seeing some great fishing on both a variety of delayed harvest streams, as well as our private waters. This time of year is my favorite, as I enjoy the challenge of small flies and clear water. Some of the best fishing all year can be had around this time of year. The angling pressure is much lower than other times, and some of the biggest fish of the year find their way into angler's nets during the winter months. Here are a few shots from our recent outings:


Looking Ahead

Well, times have been hard in the world of shoal bass fishing lately. Between rivers being frozen over, shoal bass being frozen, and anglers being frozen, we haven't been able to find much action. It's not that we haven't been doing our part. Earlier last week, we managed to break a transducer mount trying to break through the ice, and later in the week we managed to find some terra firma, in the form of rock, that did not have any give to it, adding some nice seasoning to the boat. I did connect with a very large shoalie during one of our recent trips, but she managed to shake the steel right near the boat. With a streak of warm weather, things could really turn around. Lord knows I am ready. Looking into the future, there are only a few short months separating us from our annual striper run.   
We had a great run of fish last year, and should see the same thing this year. What's better than a river polluted with stripers looking to absolutely crush a fly? Nothing!!!! These hard pulling fish offer a phenomenal fight, bending an 8 or 9 wt. rod nearly to the cork, all while making your drag sing a sweet sweet song. My blood flow is increasing just thinking about it. We have limited days, so be sure to get with us soon to secure your chance to experience this great fishery!

The Fly Fishing School at Habersham Mills

We still have some availability for the best fly fishing school in the country! Over the course of two days, participants will gain an understanding of basic fly fishing knowledge to help them get out on the water and be successful. If you or a friend are interested in fly fishing, this is a great way to shorten the learning curve and gain some knowledge of the sport. This school consist of two days, with the second day being all on-the-water fishing experience. Click  here for a list of
upcoming schools.                                                 

Used Rod Rack
Looking for a deal on a fly rod? We added a few nice rods, at a moderate price, to the used rod rack last week. This rack gets better and better each week. Next time you stop in, be sure to take a minute to check out the used rod rack. Who knows, you may find your next fishing tool at a great price. Also, if you have a rod you would like to try and get rid of, be sure to ask us about the program. 
Jake's Cookin' Tippets

with Jake Darling

London Broil Over A Bed of White Rice

London broil is not a cut of beef, but a cooking method. Commonly, flank or top round steak are used. This is a tough cut of meat, but if prepared correctly can be delicious. Here's how I prepare mine:

  • Step 1: The first step to preparing a London broil is to tenderize and marinate the meat over night. I use a Jaccard meat tenderize prior to applying marinade. Probe the entire meat with the Jaccard, then place it in a large zip lock bag with marinade. The marinade I use is The Shed Beef Blaster, but you can use whatever you like. Pour marinade in and massage evenly across the meat. Allow meat to marinate overnight. 
  • Step 2: Remove meat from bag and drain. At this time, I like to apply a simple rub of course salt, course black pepper, and garlic powder. I apply this to a lot of my meats so I
    usually keep it mixed in a large shaker bottle. I use equal parts salt and pepper, and 1/3 part garlic. Also, note the grain direction of the meat at this time. You will want to slice "against the grain" once finished cooking.
  • Step 3:  Prepare the grill for direct cooking at 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the meat directly over the heat source and cook evenly on each side. I usually flip ever 5 or 6 minutes until the meat reaches an internal temp of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Step 4: Remove meat from grill and allow the meat to rest 15 minutes. This is the most important part! This will allow the meat to redistribute the juices evenly. Once 15 minutes is up, slice against the grain of the meat and serve over a bed of white rice.

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