Weekend Lineup
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Not that there aren't dances the rest of the weekend, but Sunday has some stellar offerings. The Dujka Brothers are in Sealy for the Texas Music & Dance Heritage public dance. They always have a cool silent auction and lots of door prizes to go along with the great music! The Czech Melody Masters are in Elgin, Bootleg Country is in Houston, Jerry Haisler & The Melody 5 are in Seaton, Charles & The Fab 4 are in Sweet Home, and GEEZER is in Yorktown. Whichever one you choose, you can't lose!

Also this weekend: Friday - Glen Collins & The Alibis are in Taylor. Saturday -  Jeff Woolsey is in Cameron...Red Ravens are in Da Costa...Charles & Fab 4 are in Wallis. 

Looking ahead to next week: Monday - Fayette County Country Opry will have Neil Kulhanek, Priscilla Speed, and Zac Clifton.

Wrap your pipes and your necks, and Polka On!

February preview: All about the polka dance party in the Clint Eastwood movie 'The Mule.' Interviews, photos, and movie review!

Photo Gallery 
Goodtime Polka & Waltz Club
Click on photo to see images by Gary E. McKee
PoLK of A Meeting
Click on photo to see images by Earline Berger Okruhlik

Watch the video by George Weber of Enzian Buam
Sweet Home Nathan Colt Young
Click on photo to see images by Karen Kurtz
Happy Cousins Dance Club
Click on photo to see images by Gary E. McKee
Polka Trending


Watch the videos  by Walt Harfmann of the Walburg Boys on New Year's Eve...Czechaholics in Elgin...Jodie Mikula in West...Wurstfest:  Alex Meixner plus Denis Novato, Mark Halata, Jodie Mikula Orchestra, Ennis Czech Boys, Mollie B & Squeezebox

Watch the videos  by George Weber of Enzian Buam in Sealy...Red Ravens & Texas Sound Czech in Rosenberg...Red Ravens at KULP Polka Expo...Mikula/Texas Heartbeat Veterans Dance in West...Bluebonnet Opry Polka Show
Barb was lying in bed one night. Art was falling asleep but Barb was  in a romantic mood and wanted to talk.  She said, "You used to hold my hand when we were courting."

Wearily Art reached across, held her hand for a second and tried to get back to sleep.

A few moments later she said, "Then you used to kiss me..."

Mildly irritated, he reached across, gave her a peck on the cheek and settled down to sleep.

Thirty seconds later she said, "Then you used to bite my neck..."

Angrily, Art threw back the bed clothes and got out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Barb asked.
"To get my teeth!" 

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