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If you or someone close to you has had a change in circumstances [in the hospital, moved to a nursing home, etc.], please call the Church at 314.721.1502, so we can help keep CSMSG in your life.

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Living Christ in This World
January 19-26, 2017
 Our Annual Meeting is this Sunday after the 9:15 AM liturgy. Be sure to attend the meeting and stay for lunch afterward and taste the great food provided by the fabulous cooks/bakers in our parish! The coveted Chili, Soup and Pie Champion aprons will be awarded to the winners! 
   January 22    The Rev. Andrew J. Archie
   January 29    The Rev. Andrew J. Archie
   February 5    The Rev. Blake A. Sawicky
   February 12  The Rev. Andrew J. Archie

STEWARDSHIP 2016-2017   
Make paying your pledge a snap by setting up automatic pay online. Go to www.csmsg.org  click on Stewardship, then Give Now. You can choose to pay weekly, monthly, whatever you wish. If you have questions please call the stewardship office at 314.721.1502 or email Laurie at Laurie@csmsg.org or online at www.csmsg.org.  

Pledge cards are in the pews or narthex at Church or contact us to send one to you at Laurie@csmsg.org or 314.721.1502.
We are now "In the Loop"!  
A hearing loop for hearing aid and cochlear implant users has been installed in the main sanctuary. Loop listeners are available for those without a compatible hearing device.

What is a hearing loop and how does it work?
Hearing loops allow people who wear hearing aids to directly receive the sound from the Church's PA system in their own hearing aids without having to pick up a separate listening device.

Do you use hearing aids or a cochlear implant?
If you wear hearing instruments you will need to find out if your hearing aids or CI have this wireless receiver called a T-coil or telecoil built in, in order to benefit from the hearing loop in our church. Pushing a button on a hearing aid accesses the T-coil program. This T-coil program has to be activated by your audiologist. Talk to your audiologist to find out if your instruments can have both a T (no background noise pick up) and an MT program (blended micro-phone & T-coil program) for improved hearing at church.

The hearing loop was provided for by generous parishioners. If you are interested in making a gift to the Hearing Loop fund please contact Laurie at Laurie@csmsg.org or 314.721.1502.
Annual Meeting 
We will have our Annual Meeting on Sunday after the 9:15 AM liturgy. Be sure to attend the meeting and stay for lunch afterward and taste the great food provided by the fabulous cooks/bakers in our parish! The coveted Chili, Soup and Pie Champion aprons will be awarded to the winners! 

Children's Church
There is one Children's service on Sunday, January 22, at 10:20 AM. All children should go to their classes at 9:15 AM. When the Children's service ends, the children will join their parents in the Church. Enjoy the chili, corn dogs, Fritos and pies in the Great Hall following the meeting.

Annual Meeting this Sunday - Chili, Soup and Pies Needed
Chili, Soup and Pies are needed for the lunch following our Annual Meeting this Sunday. Contact Laurie at Laurie@csmsg.org or 314.721.1502 if you are willing to whip up a batch of chili or soup or bake a pie. The coveted Chili, Soup and Pie Champion aprons will be awarded to the winners! Plan now to attend and taste the great food provided by the fabulous cooks/bakers in our parish!

Friday, January 20
Friday Morning Women's Bible Study
7 AM Holy Eucharist  (St. Mary's Chapel) 7:30-8:30 AM (Library)
Review the Collect and Scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday. 

Monday, January 23
Monday Morning Women's Bible Study
9 AM in the Armstrong Room
"Who Is Jesus?: The Answer According to the Nicene Creed". Led by John Tyler in the Armstrong Room Monday morning at 9 AM, January 23. Mother Ezgi will begin her study of the Book of Ruth on January 30. We hope you will join us.

Tuesday, January 24
Church Service League 
10:30 AM-Bible Study with Mother Ezgi in the Sverdrup Room 
11:20 AM-Holy Eucharist in St. Mary's Chapel
Noon-Lunch in the Great Hall (Lunch reservations by Sunday evening to Marjorie Sundfors at 314.726.1895 or sundfors@att.net. After lunch... The Romantic Poets...How Their Poems Help Us Appreciate the Wonders of Nature in a More Discerning Way - a book review of The Age of Wonder (Holmes) and The Young Romantics (Hay) by CSMSG parishioner Roberta Woods.
"I have for a long time nurtured the idea that creative people see the world differently-that they look for different things. Leonardo da Vinci stated: 'You must not only look, you must see.' The Romantic Poets must have taken his advice.
"Spiritual life has many varied forms. We tend to recognize only our own. We all evolve; artists also evolve related to their context and culture. The Romantic Poets had very dynamic and active spiritual lives, and they responded to the scientific discoveries of their time; they were inspired by the new ideas put forward because of scientific discoveries that changed the way they viewed the world. They were inspired.
"As we review their works, let's consider how vacant their poems would be without the visions they had of the wonders they saw. Could we all, as creatures of the universe, appreciate in a more discerning way the wonders of nature?"-Roberta Woods

Wednesday, January 25
Wonderful Wednesdays
5:30 PM Holy Eucharist; 6:15 PM Dinner; 6:45 PM Classes;
8 PM Compline
"A Month of Christian Unity." In January, as the Church continues its meditation on the birth of Christ as the Savior of all nations and the "Light to lighten the Gentiles," we commit ourselves afresh to the work of unifying our witness to Him across the whole spectrum of Christian churches and denominations. We will consider some of the most major Christian groups around the world, and explore what they might have to teach us Episcopalians.

Saturday, January 28
Men's Retreat
7 AM      The Church of St. Michael & St. George
"Not for the Faint of Heart: Meditations on Liturgical Christianity." Fr. Blake will lead this day of prayer, fellowship, and spiritual refreshment. Presentations will commend a deeper understanding of our unique pattern of worship, together with a deeper dependence on the Holy Spirit as we live into our vocations as men of Christ in the world today. The day will begin at 7 AM (truly, "Not for the faint of heart!") with the Holy Eucharist in St. George's Chapel and conclude with a festive reception ending by 5:30 PM. The day's schedule will include breakfast and lunch, as well as breaks for activity, reading, and prayer. Bring a friend! Cost is $30. To register, contact Debbie Fenner at communications@csmsg.org.

Sunday, January 29
Newcomer Brunch
after 9:15 AM liturgy     Sverdrup Room
Join us for a Newcomer Brunch in the Sverdrup Room on Sunday, January 29, after the 9:15 AM liturgy. This is a great opportunity to meet other newcomers as well as ministry leaders and staff. Please RSVP to Laurie at Laurie@csmsg.org

Sunday, February 5
Newcomer Class
after 9:15 AM liturgy     Sverdrup Room
Newcomer classes run February 5 through February 19 in the Sverdrup Room following the 9:15 AM liturgy. The class will begin at approximately 10:30 AM and end by 11:15 AM.

Tuesday, February 7
Steak & Stories
6 PM    Great Hall
Making Wise Financial Decisions: Have you ever wondered why you make the financial decisions you do? What behavioral biases do you have? How can you make better investment decisions? What is behavioral finance?
Michael Pompian, founder of Sunpointe Investments and author of four books on Behavioral Finance will answer these questions after dinner at Steak & Stories from 6-8 PM in the Great Hall on Tuesday, February 7 (note that this is the FIRST Tuesday of the month).
RSVP by noon on Monday, February 6 to reception@csmsg.org.

Sundays, March 5 through April 30, 2017
Confirmation Classes
10:30 AM   Sverdrup Room
A new Adult Confirmation Class will begin this March. Contact Laurie at Laurie@csmsg.org if you are interested in being confirmed on April 30. The Rev. Blake Sawicky will lead the classes. Contact Blake at bsawicky@csmsg.org with questions.

Note: Photographs may be downloaded  from FACEBOOK by "right clicking" on the photos. 

This Sunday: There is one Children's service this Sunday, January 22, at 10:20 AM. All children should go to their classes at 9:15 AM.  

The 4th and 5th Graders will practice their skit for the Annual Meeting. They will join the children's Chapel service and when the Children's service ends, the children will join their parents in the Church. 
Enjoy the chili, corn dogs, Fritos and pies in the Great Hall following the meeting. 

Sunday, January 29, the PreKindergarten children will sing a special song in the 10:25 AM Chapel service. Parents are invited! Look for an invitation in the mail.

8th Grade MLK Day Service Event: 
8th Grade MLK Service Day: The 8th graders turned out in force to serve others on MLK Day at Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter. Thank you to all who volunteered and all who donated!

Sunday School Classes will NOT be held this Sunday, January 22, due to the Annual Meeting immediately following the 9:15 AM service.

Winter Retreat at Trout Lodge:  What's Your Story? Sneak away for one night at beautiful Trout Lodge for a getaway with the Youth Ministry, February 11 and 12. Cost is $150. Friends WELCOME for $60! Chaperones attend free. Sign up here!  

Super Sunday Sale: Donations of appetizers, snacks, and gift baskets for the Super Bowl Sunday YM Fundraiser are needed! Please sign up here to donate food and gift items for this sale on Sunday, February 5.

Summer Mission Opportunities: 
High School Mission Trip - July 8-15. Sign up online now.
Middle School Mission Week - June 5-9; save-the-date. Sign up coming in February.

Youth Ministry Tuesday Newsletter:  The Youth Ministry shares information regarding events, sign ups, and volunteer opportunities via our emailed Tuesday newsletter. To sign up, please email timothy@csmsg.org. You can also view our calendar and sign-ups online

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Tuesdays with Timothy  
3:30-4:30 PM      Starbucks at Wydown and Hanley  
Youth Ministry on  
Join Washington University's Home Plate!
Become a Home Plate host and welcome three or four Washington University students into your home for a few meals a year to help them feel more at home here in St. Louis. 
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Hunger Ministry  more info
Shelter Ministry Volunteers Needed  more info

United Thank Offering  

Bishop Salmon CD Set Orders
The Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon C.D. sets can be ordered by e-mailing Nick Clifford at nickclifsr@yahoo.com.
Hospital Stay: Please let us know if you or a loved one is in the hospital. We want to be sure you are on the prayer list and if you would like to have a priest visit you. Please contact Debbie Fenner at communications@csmsg.org or 314.721.1502.
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