The Old St. Mary's Community Weekly Newsletter
Thursday, January 20, 2021
This week's newsletter contains the following:

Pastor's Message
Tax Statements
Sunday Mass Worship Aid
Come and See!
Tending to Spiritual Heart of Women
Parent Check-in Nights
Blood Drive
Faith and Racial Healing

January to February

As we enter into this weekend, we enter into the end of January run: Annual Paulist Appeal, feast of St. Paul the Apostle, Week of Christian Unity and Catholic Schools week - a time of celebration.
The Annual Paulist Appeal is the time to remember parish vision since October 1903. The Paulist Fathers have helped move Old St. Mary's (literally and figuratively) to keep moving to meet the needs of the day by helping people see the Gospel with more clarity. Sometimes that has been comforting, sometimes challenging, always with the intent to say, "here is Christ."
We get that gumption from St. Paul the Apostle, the audacious prosecutor of Christians who became the most ardent of apostles. We pray for his help in these difficult times to see Christ first and in so doing remake our world led by Jesus.
In the week of Christian Unity, it is a good time to keep praying for common vision and new pathways for Christians to work together. It is also a great week to reflect on what we already share in belief and actions in common. We are always praying for unity, maybe there are things we are doing that are already uniting us.
And Catholic Schools week takes us into all the above. Old St. Mary's looks on its legacy, part of the Oldest Catholic Parish in Chicago, part of Paulist Mission, reflecting on the lives of the saints, seeing how to interact with others. The gift of Catholic Schools is that a solid education is presented in the context of a Church striving to make the love of Jesus paramount, and helping people explore all that means together.
Have a blessed end of January into February run!
Fr. Brad

There is a slight delay in issuing the tax statements.

When you get your 2021 tax statement, please check it over (especially if you used give central). Due to many issues with Give Central, we made a change to our online giving platform. This has been advertised in the bulletin, newsletter and website for months. If you are currently a Give Central user, please follow this link  to update your online giving to Pushpay. 

Some things to pay attention to:

1 – missing January and February donations on Give Central. This is valid because Give Central stopped many donations during this time (They set an end date of 12/31/2020 when people initially signed up). These donations were not taken out of your account. Letters were sent explaining what happened and your donations resumed in March as usual.

2 – May and June missing or duplicate transactions. These are the result of the conversion from Give Central over to Pushpay. We have done our best to correct these errors. If you do find that you are missing donations during this period, please contact us.

Please see the information in this newsletter on downloading our Parish App so that you can get your tax statement directly and monitor your giving throughout the year. 

Please contact Dawn 312-922-3444 X23
 or Renette with any questions.

Thank you

Sunday Mass
January 22-23, 2022

Click the Image, Scan the QR code or place the following link
in your browser to register.

Click the Image, Scan the QR code or place the following link
in your browser.

Click the Image, Scan the QR code or place the following link
in your browser to register.

Old St. Mary's Church Blood Drive
Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Council 182
Sunday, February 13, 2022
9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Go to to make an appointment.
Click the Image, Scan the QR code or place the following link
in your browser to register.

  • All Masses are open. You no longer need to register to attend.

  • Masks are required for everyone over the age of 2 regardless of your vaccination status.

  • You may sing and respond.

  • There will still be a worship aid available on our website, and the OSM Parish app for your use whether you are attending Mass in person or not.

  • Sanitizing and social distancing for Communion are not required.

  • Collection baskets will be passed to collect your offerings. Thank you for your generosity.

  • COVID-positive Parishioners

Since we are no longer requiring Mass registration,
it is important to let us know if:
A. you receive a COVID-positive diagnosis AND your symptoms
started within 48 hours of attending Mass and/or a parish meeting,


B. you receive a COVID-positive diagnosis and the date the test was administered was within 48 hours of attending Mass and/or a parish meeting.
Please send an email to or
call the parish office,
312-922-3444, ext. 23.
  • All Masses will continue to be livestreamed. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is still in effect.


When you download the app, a 6-digit code will be sent to your phone. Please note, if your phone carrier is T-Mobile, that carrier blocks
5-and 6-digit short codes. You will need to contact T-Mobile and ask them to unblock short codes for your phone number so you can receive the
6-digit code.
Once you download the app, sign in and create your profile. If you are in our database, your name will automatically appear. Once in, you can upload a photo to your profile. This will be useful in the future if you belong to or join a group and interact with other members of that group. It also helps the priests put a face with a name if you ever need their assistance with something.
Please direct questions to
Text to Give - 1.833.245.6595 - text GIVEOSM
(not case sensitive)

You can also access Pushpay using this QR code
If you don't wish to use Pushpay, you can make a donation to Old St. Mary's using Quick Pay through Zelle from your bank account.

Zelle is a quick way to pay people you know and trust in minutes.

The email address to use when setting up your gift is

For more information about Quick pay through Zelle or to see if your bank has this feature, visit Get Started with Zelle
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