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February 2011
A Personal Note from Zan
Feature Article: What's Your Tagline?
Adventure Challenge
About Zan


Everybody needs a Tagline... Do you know what yours is? A Tagline is like a short description that identifies who you are or what you stand for. Take Nike's: "Just do it", or Secret Deodorant's: "Made for a woman, strong enough for a man"...when you hear it you easily associate the business name with the essence of who they are, how they operate, what their mission is - what their Tagline is.


Can you name these companies by their Taglines? "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand"; "When it rains, it pours"; "The Uncola" - if you guessed M&Ms, Morton Salt and 7-up - you can see how well they work and notice how the Taglines gives you important information about each product.


So what's that got to do with you? Plenty...read on to find out not only why you need a tagline, but how to create one.



2011 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. I've launched a new program that's been in the works for some time. It's my In-Home Fear to Freedom Boot Camp - Wow, this is a labor of love and I've learned so much more about adventuring for myself and for you in the process. I hope you check out the new web page HERE to see all the goodies that are packed in this In Home Fear to Freedom Boot Camp. I also wanted to remind you that if you didn't get your free copy of my last Teleclass: 4 Steps to Unlocking the Door to Freedom, it's still available - you can shoot me an email and I will see that you get your copy.


My big move to San Francisco is nearing - I plan to be there by April 1st (and no, that's not a Fool's Day joke). It is the next step in my personal growth that is all about living ones dreams and leaning into fear. I've dreamed of San Francisco most of my life, but I never thought I could move there by myself - not knowing a single person - and no job to report to either....I'm just going to show up on the doorstep of the Golden Gate and begin finding a place to call home - I'm excited beyond words - and more than a little scared too, but I know I have all the skills to make this the best adventure ever!!


In June I'm back down to San Diego for Lisa Sasevich's Speak to Sell Bootcamp. I'll be fine honing my signature talk to 'take my show on the road'. Who knows, you might even see me in the media....how's that for leaning into fear?


During all this time, I will also be getting out to find interesting locales that I can hold my First Annual Women's Extreme Adventure Retreat - I envision a place to do some deep inner work surrounding risk and fear - and then let loose with a grand activity like zip lining or hot air ballooning or rappelling - something that gets the adrenaline flowing that will ratchet up the experience a bit - Stay tuned as I dig deep into famous and not so famous places. It's tentatively planned for October, so be saving your pennies right now - you won't want to miss it. 


I've created a new blog at Loving the Adventure Blog where I will post all my exciting discoveries - you might want to subscribe to it to stay abreast of all my excitement. There will be a box on the site for you to do so....hope to see you there.

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What's Your Tagline?
by Zan Z. Packard

I gave myself a Tagline "The Adventurous Introvert" a little over a year ago. I thought it was pretty clever and it even raised some interest from others since introverts are not usually regarded as adventrous types. What I didn't realize at the time was how powerful that Tagline was going to be for me.

When I started learning to embrace my inner adventurer, I would sometimes question if I could sucessfully do something. I started to reframe it with an answer along the lines of "Of course you can, you're the Adventurous Introvert!" In other words, by repeating my Tagline, I began believing it. This wasn't trickery because I really did make some big internal changes to live adventurously, but it was a way to change the way I thought of myself. It was like my own personal cheerleader - Go Zan go....

I've since helped others create their own personal Tagline with very similar results. It's an excellent tool to help reframe your old internal thoughts to the new desired thoughts and beliefs. Let's put our Nikes on and just do it:

So WHO do you want to be? WHAT do you want to be known for? What do you want your cheerleaders Rah Rahing you on to do? If you can identify what new area you want to focus on in your life (your adventurous life) then you can come up with a Tagline....and don't worry, you don't have to keep it for life - you can let it change as you evolve. I have friends and colleagues that are now calling me the Adventure Guru because I am so focused on finding the adventure in everything I do....let your imagination have fun with this...

If you were a business, what would you be known for? And if you don't like your answer, there's where you need to put your focus. We all stand for something - make sure it really speaks your truth. Create a Tagline to help you remember what it is and stay true to yourself. 

AND - PLEASE drop me an email telling me what yours is....I'd love to hear from you!

Just released (finally!). You're among the first to hear about this fantastic new program just launched, and as loyal readers - there's a special bonus for you if you act soon....you'll get a private coaching session with me with your paid program (but act soon, the spots fill up quickly).
 (To see all the details - go HERE

To sweeten the pot, the first 5 who invest in the
Fear to Freedom Boot Camp will get a free
'Bring-a-Friend' coupon for October's first annual  Women's Extreme Adventure Retreat
(It's going to be a small group and you don't want to miss out on this adrenaline-filled retreat - MUCH more about that to come). Some restrictions apply, but you can split the cost of the retreat with your best friend!)
What's not to love about that?

Is this you?: 

Do you wish you knew how to have fun - real fun like others seem to?


Do you crave ADVENTURE, but don't know how to bring it into your life (yet) because you're stuck in ho hum-ville?


Are you sick and tired of always playing it safe but not sure how to live any other way?


Do you feel like you're standing on the sidelines watching life go by - watching while others are playing?


Does everyone want a piece of you, yet you find yourself wondering (lying awake at night because that's the only time you have to yourself) "What about ME? When's it MY turn?"

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work to transform your life and never let fear stop you again,  please click HERE  


I remember the little girl I was - full of energy and excitement to discover the unknown each and every day - The world excited me - it beckoned me to explore.Zan Packard All my life I longed for the excitement of adventure and discovery; the energetic high that living courageously brings to your life.
Instead, I found myself a workaholic: caring non-stop for family, friends and career that I loved but never taking a moment for myself...always waiting for the right time for me. (Sound familiar?)


I was so depleted by my focus on others and the heavy load of responsibility I had chosen for myself, that I began to lie awake at night just a bit pissed off at never having enough time for me - I was constantly asking myself "What about ME? When's it MY turn?" I was beginning to remember the call of adventure.


Believe it or not, around that time I was blessed with a broken back - a situation that forced me to quit my job and recreate a new life. I knew I had to do a better job this time around. I wasn't sure what I wanted; I only knew I didn't want what I had. I felt trapped and stuck in a world that didn't fit with the inner me; the adventurous me - a world that had happened more by default than by design (It's so easy to let life happen to you rather than actively create your own life isn't it?).


The word adventure kept coming to mind - it was something that was glaringly missing from my life....something that I always craved, but I just didn't know how to create it. You see, I was so busy juggling the demands of my life that I was actually playing it safe in eveything I did - and that became a habit that eventually suffocated me. I wanted to adventure but I had forgotten how. I mistakenly thought that adventure was akin to climbing Mt. Everest and I certainly wasn't ready to do that. So I decided to define it on my terms...I began a quest to find adventure in everything I do. I made ADVENTURE a priority and fit everything else in my life around it.


I have been actively living adventurously for almost 2 years....I expected fun, excitement, and discovery, but I never expected the real benefits.

  • I've learned to lean into fear and never let it stop me again.
  • I've learned to identify which fears to pay attention to and which ones to walk into in order to live on the other side of fear.
  • I've learned that life is rich with depth and commitment - I feel alive for the first time and I am thriving on every single minute of it.


I am truly Loving the Adventure - won't you join me? I'd love to have someone like you along for the sheer fun of it!