January 2011 Green Acre eNewsletter       

Greetings from Jim & Jeannine

Dearest Friends,

As we have studied the guidance of 'Abdu'l-Bah and Shoghi Effendi about the destiny of Green Acre, we have been pondering on how often they encouraged us to EXEMPLIFY the virtues given us in the Sacred Scriptures. It is this process of the careful study of the Writings followed by constant effort to make these teachings a REALITY in our lives, that Green Acre's programs strive to promote.

We have also taken notice of 'Abdu'l-Bah�'s repeated exhortation that we strive to make Green Acre the "reflection of the plain of Akka." Akka was the prison-city where Bah�'u'll�h was imprisoned for many years and from which He offered to humanity the scriptural and administrative basis for a New World Order of Unity, Justice, and Love.  In order for Green Acre to "reflect the plain of Akka," we must become a vibrant community of loving, diverse and spiritually-minded souls.  We need your active collaboration and participation to make this wonderful vision a REALITY.

So please be a part of this great ADVENTURE by joining us in January and bringing your family members and friends!

With loving Bah�'� greetings,

Jim and Jeannine

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All programs, unless otherwise noted, are held in Reimer Hall, Kelsey Center, at Green Acre. These programs are free of charge and open to the public.
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Volunteering at Green Acre

If you are interested in volunteering for the
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The new downloadable application forms on the Bah�'� Youth Service Corps webpage are also suitable for adult volunteer applicants.

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Paid Service Positions
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To apply for one of these positions, please contact the Human Resources Office at the Bah�'� National Center: Pamela Solon at 847-733-3476 or email HRM@usbnc.org.
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Bring a Friend to Green Acre!

Jan 14-16: Two concurrent programs

Through numerous visits to Haifa and personal associations with prominent figures, Brent has collected a wealth of stories and will share many of them throughout this weekend, which will focus on a study of the text of 'Abdu'l-Bah�'s Will and Testament, which Shoghi Effendi referred to as the Master's Covenant.

NizinsJoel and Vickie live very busy lives: Joel is a physician and Vickie is a lactation consultant and both are members of the Regional Bah�'� Council of the Northeast. However, they have a deep concern about the spiritual, physical, and emotional development of youth and every year demonstrate that loving concern through their facilitation/involvement in Turning 15 Academy, Badasht Prep Academy, and Badasht Academy for high school students. Joel says, "Turning 15 is an important time in your life-it's your 'Coming of Age'".... Join us as we explore this turning point. Learn about obligatory prayer, fasting, Huququ'll�h, and many other topics." FYI: Your friends who want to learn about the Bah�'� Faith are most welcome.

Jan 21-23
: Two concurrent programs
Claire LevesqueClaire is a practicing neurologist who helps her patients cope with illness, particularly chronic diseases. Throughout her years of practice, she has personally experienced how spirituality can impact one's health and offers insight into tools which can help us or our families and friends overcome the test of illness and disease. Whether you are a health care professional, a patient, a caregiver, or someone concerned about developing skills you might use in the future, this course is for you.
Mary K Makoski Mary K. is well known in the Northeast as a woman of infinite love and practical guidance. A member of the Regional Bah�'� Council of the Northeast, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this special introductory course for those who are Bah�'� and those who are interested in learning more about the Faith. Do you have a burning question about Bah�'� laws and practices? What about Fasting? Obligatory prayers? The Right of God? Join Mary K. for an intimate cozy weekend of laughter and common sense, and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Jan 28-30: Two concurrent programs
(Note: full scholarship for all children ages 4-14 with one or both parents registered for the adult program) 
LincolnFamily Monette Van Lith and Joshua Lincoln are parents to 11-year old Sophie and 3-year old Samuel.  They are an adoptive Bah�'�  family with roots in The Netherlands, Ethiopia, and the USA. They have served their Bah�'� communities at the local, regional, and national levels in various capacities, and are active participants in activities in their neighborhood. They currently live in New York City, where both work at the United Nations. Over the years, they have asked themselves how parents can foster loving, unified, and spiritually vibrant families. Join Monette and Joshua in their exploration of this subject, and together learn how to raise children to "shine as emblems of a brighter future" while contributing to community life.

 Pepper OldzieyPepper is all about love and color and action! Formerly the Art Director of Brilliant Star, she is the owner of Peppergraphics Design Studio, an award-winning print and web branding design company. With her love of the arts, you can be assured that while exploring the process of studying, consulting, acting, and reflecting, Pepper will make this theme come alive with your children. This pattern is like a circle, a circle of action. Can children do this? Of course they can! In this weekend program, each age group of children will study together from the Bah�'� Writings, consult to form action plans of service, perform the service, and then reflect on it to make new action plans for home. Come build this circular habit with your children - Get Circular!

               All programs are subject to change.

February & March, Spring & Summer

Please go to the Program Information page to learn about and/or register for February and March programs.

February Preview

  • Feb 2-4: People of African Descent: A Divinely-Ordained Mission - Clyde Herring & Carl Murrell (With classes for children and junior youth ages 4-14)
  • Feb 11-13: Married Couples Retreat - Zarrin-Taj Foster-Aull and Brian Aull
  • Feb 16-20: Writers' Retreat: Writing and Spirit Shape Each Other and Us - Phyllis Ring
  • Feb 18-20: The Next Five Year Plan (2011-2016): Rising to New Heights - Bruce Grover
  • Feb 25-27: Two concurrent programs:
    • Drama and Storytelling Workshop (for youth and adults) - Esther Maloney
    • Making Ayy�m-i-H� Memorable (for children and junior youth aged 4-14) - Rhonda Harrison-Tang
Please go to our Future Programs page for a listing of some of our spring and summer programs. We will announce in our February eNewsletter the opening dates for Spring and Summer registration.