Welcome 2013
Welcome to the Jenkins Newsletter! This is an entirely new concept for us and we hope you like it and find it informative. The purpose is to provide an avenue to inform employees and select external entities of what's happening at Jenkins from quarter to quarter. Obviously, it won't be all inclusive but rather a broad overview of the highlights of events. We may include a section or two in which we get in to more detail on specifics. It will evolve over time, so please send feedback to help in directing the development.
Jenkins Continues to Grow
If you were at the Christmas dinner you may remember our President, Drew Fetterolf, mentioning all the new folks that joined Jenkins in 2012. Officially, the number stands at 45, four having begun December 3. Forty-five new employees in 2012! Wow! Praising God for our growth and praying for continued blessings.
Branch News
Under the direction of Branch Manager Aaron Holmes, these are some of the highlights for the Virginia Beach branch of Jenkins Restorations:
  • Moved to their new office location in Chesapeake, VA
  • Just completed the largest project they have ever done coming in at over 1.3 million
  • Added the 2nd ESC for the office, John Pascale
  • Exceeded the Branch goal by 60%
  • James Thomas helped launch a training seminar that trained Nusbaum on Mold awareness that covered from Northern Virginia to Greenville, South Carolina.
New Software Coming our Way
We've signed a contract to work with InSite360 to implement a software that will "sit in front" of Sage 100. It should provide us many items we've been wanting to have for the organization including a sales tracking system, an intranet for company information, equipment tracking program and hopefully a relief on Sage 100 so using it is not as encumbered by many users at one time. You can visit the products website at www.insite-360.com. Jonathan Jenkins and Elisabeth Munford are diving on the project of getting the new software up and running. Look for communiques from them detailing the schedule and updates. Our hope is that following our move to the "Cloud" and adding InSite360, we will have a robust information system that will continue to grow with us and also make your life easier.
Did you know
we have a new office in Raleigh / Durham?
In Virginia: 
  • Fredericksburg
  • Richmond
  • Sterling
  • Virginia Beach
In Maryland:
  • Baltimore
  • Rockville
In North Carolina:
  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh / Durham
Shift Counts 
Third Shift photo 
Company Christmas Party was a Day of Service
Many organizations hold annual holiday parties full of food, beverages, gifts, and celebrations during the holiday season. Instead of hosting its annual Christmas party, Jenkins Restorations, a restoration company specializing in reconstruction and repairs caused by fire, water or storm, chose to celebrate the holiday season with the gift of giving back.

"As a restoration company, we are in the business of rebuilding lives after a catastrophe, and that service means the most during the holiday season," said Jenkins Restorations President, Drew Fetterolf. "What a better way for us to support our community and families around the world with the service of feeding hungry families who would not otherwise be able to eat."

For more on this, please visit http://www.jenkinsrestorations.com.

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