January 2013 


"40 YEARS"

TNNA Long Beach
Booth # 1325 
Sundance is celebrating 
40 years of being in business!
It seems like such a long time ago when we first started painting canvases on our kitchen tables!  And, at the same time it  seems like only yesterday. 
After all these years, we still enjoy the energy and thrill of going to market to exhibit, teach, and explore the latest new products. We love the opportunity to catch up with our vendor friends and touch base with all the fabulous shop owners that make what we do meaningful and fullfilling.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

As we prepare for TNNA in Long Beach 2013, we wanted to give you a preview of some of our new products, designs, and classes. In addition, Barbara Elmore (Barbara Elmore Designs) and Libby & David Sturdy (Just Libby Designs) will be in our booth. Also, Sandy Arthur will teaching two classes for us as well as spending some time in the booth representing her fabulous stitch books. 

We'll have two products for Sample It on Friday evening - Our "Roll 'N Go" portable bead tray, and a new project kit called "Dazzling Delights" for shop owners to introduce their customers to our newest beads and embellishments. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Cassie and Nandra
"A Time for Love" 
taught by Sandy Arthur

Heart and Flower
Thursday 3:30 - 6:30 pm
January 31, 2013
"Sweetest Tree" 
Taught by Sandy Arthur
Sweetest Tree
Thursday at noon - 2pm

Sundance "Fab 
Flowers" Bead

Fab Flowers
These new flower beads
 are so exciting!

Sundance Sparkles
New colors as well as multicolor!
Sundance Beads
beads 1 2013
Lots of new colors and beads!
Sundance Sequins
Sequins galore!

Sample It
Dazzling Delights Kit

Our Bead Explosion kit was so popular a few years ago that we created a second kit for shops to teach their customers how to use our Sparkles, Sequins, and  Beads.
Sample it 
Roll 'N Go 
Bead Tray 
Roll N Go
We're so excited about our new bead trays. Made by a local artisan using a fabric that keeps the beads in place making it  easy to pick up with your beading needle, then stowed by rolling up and tying with a ribbon!

Barbara Elmore's
New Flower Designs

Barbara's flowers 2013 Jan.
Barbara's new flowers are just begging for beads, sequins, and Sparkles Embellishment Thread! Wait until you see the rest of her new designs.

Ghost Cat
by Barbara Elmore
Can you see the subtle stitching?
Look at who's using Sundance Beads in their   TNNA classes this year:
Sandra Arthur for Sundance
Sandra Arthur for Leigh Designs
Robin King for Zeca
Robin King for Needle Deva
Vicky DeAngelis for Kirk and Hamilton
Susan Portra for DJ Designs
Joan Lohr and Ruth Dilts for Whimsey and Grace
 Joan Lohr and Ruth Dilts for Cheryl Shafer
Cynthia Thomas for 
Rebecca Woods
Carol Gantz and Don Lynch for Associated Talents
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We don't have photos of the new Just Libby Designs, so you'll just have to come to our booth to see them. In addition, she and David may have several photos of their brand new granddaughter, Heidi - their first!
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