January 2014

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Happy New Year!  We thank you for helping to make 2013 such a great year for us, and we look forward to even great things in 2014.  We're wishing the best for everyone this year!

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Terra Jovia Primitivo

This Old World cousin of the zinfandel grape is an earthy wine, full-bodied and rich with the sensory contradiction of black pepper blended with sweet dried plum and raisins. Vanilla, tobacco, and caramel are present mid-palate with mild tannins and roasted red bell pepper towards the end. With age, this wine becomes velvety. Great with red meats, game, and strong cheeses. This is a true boutique wine that is highly limited in production (7,000 bottles annually) with a strictly hands on approach. It is recommended that this bottle breathe 30 - 45 minutes before drinking. This Primitivo is an exclusive treasure with just 700 bottles brought into the U.S.

Featured Recipe Pairing -

Roasted Fennel 


roasted fennel
Roasted Fennel

When I serve fennel I often hear, "I always wondered how to cook that!"  It is a delightful vegetable that has wonderful overtones of licorice that are offset here by the saltiness of Parmesan cheese.  It also has beautiful fronds that make a beautiful accompanying garnish.  While the entire plant is edible, including the seeds, which are a primary flavoring ingredient in Italian Sausage, today we are going to cook the bulb and garnish with the fronds.  Save the stalks to add to a salad for a delightful sweet crunch.  This preparation makes a wonderful appetizer or a very unique side dish that pairs well with scallops, shrimp, or chicken.


Terra Jovia Riserva Primitivo
riserva primitivo
Riserva Primitivo


Similar to a California Zinfandel (primitivo is a distant relative) this Old World, earthy wine is full bodied with rich jam like qualities. Sweet dried plum and raisins, tobacco, peppercorn, caramel and roasted red bell pepper combine to create a truly unique profile. High alcohol content and rich flavors come together for a bold lingering finish. With age, this wine becomes rich and velvety. Highly limited production with a strictly hands on approach makes this an exclusive treasure. Compliments heavy meats, game, lamb, chocolate and cigars.



Featured Recipe Pairing -

Prime Rib with Rosemary and Garlic

prime rib
Prime Rib
Start the New Year off with a beautiful cut of meat - prime rib.  Here is an easy and delicious way to prepare prime rib for you and your guests.  It is an imposing cut of meat and many are afraid to attempt to prepare it.  It can be rather expensive, but the key here is don't overcook it.    

Video Spotlight

Chrissy Martin and Chef Doan Shockley of Martin Ulisse Imports are joined by special guests Mary Ann Buchanan and Stephanie Christina from KEDT to try Chef's Roasted Fennel paired with the Martin Ulisse Terra Jovia Primitivo and to discuss details of the 2014 KEDT Food & Wine Classic.

For more information about the KEDT Food & Wine Classic, please visit www.kedt.org.
Cooking Spotlight: Roasted Fennel with Terra Jovia Primitivo
Cooking Spotlight: Roasted Fennel with Terra Jovia Primitivo

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Chrissy Martin
Martin Ulisse Imports 
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Did You Know?

In the Middle Ages, the greatest and most innovative winemakers of the day were monastic orders. The Cistercians and Benedictines were particularly apt winemakers, and they are said to have actually tasted the earth to discover how the soil changed from place to place. Their findings are still important today.
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Terra Jovia Primitivo
Terra Jovia Riserva Primitivo
Cooking Spotlight
Happy New Year!
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Wine Spotlight: Terra Jovia Primitivo
Wine Spotlight: Terra Jovia Primitivo
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Wine Education: Make Your Own Aroma Kit with White Wine
Wine Spotlight: Terra Jovia Primitivo Riserva
Wine Spotlight: Terra Jovia Primitivo Riserva

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New Year's Eve dinner
Happy New Year from the Martin Ulisse family! Thank you for a great 2013, and we wish everyone an even better 2014!

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