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January 2014
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Join us for our ANNUAL MEETING on Sunday, February 9, 2014
6-8 pm


Come reconnect with old friends and colleagues, learn more about your DC chapter and AMTA, and help elect our 2014 chapter leadership.


The meeting will be held at Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy, centrally located at 1749 Irving St. NW. Accessible by metro, bus, and CapBikeShare with ample street parking. For directions, click here.


We'll have networking and light refreshments beginning at 6:00 pm, followed by a business meeting at 6:30pm.  


Check your email, our website and Facebook page for more details about the meeting!


 2014 Annual Meeting Agenda 

New Advertising Policy
Electronic communication strategy has broader reach


Want to promote your service or product with DC-area bodyworkers?Our new electronic media format has a broader reach with a target audience, so we've developed new advertising packages that integrate social media platforms. 


Ad packages begin at $50/mo., $250/6 mo. $450/yr. To learn more, click here.


Here's your first issue of AMTA DC Chapter's electronic newsletter -- we hope you like it.  We'd love to have your contribution to future newsletters.  Do you have an idea for an article? Do you blog? Recently stumble across an interesting piece of research? Attend a fascinating training? Let us know so we can share it with our chapter members, now with over 200 members!
From Our President
Melissa Hall 
DC Chapter President
New year, new look, and lots of changes!

We're trying some new things with your AMTA-DC Chapter that the Chapter Board and Committee Chairs have been working on since March.  Here are some highlights:

  • New website platform and template with an interactive Google calendar and more user-friendly editing interface to make it easier for you to find information.
  • Switching to Constant Contact for e-newsletters and events calendars so you receive AMTA DC-Chapter news fast and easy.
  • Creating our own Facebook page and looking to start our own AMTA DC Chapter FB group so we can exchange ideas and insights about our work.
  • Moving away from 1-hour continuing education units linked to the Chapter membership meetings and instead sponsoring longer continuing education presentations in May and October (schedule specifics are still TBA).
  • Varying the times and venues for meetings and networking events for more accessible locations for MTs all over DC.
  • Producing our very own NMTAW video!  Based on our National Massage Therapy Awareness Week "flash massage" event at Farragut Square, this video features a number of DC MTs - how many do you know?

Have you noticed the changes? Do you have any opinions about them?  If so, GREAT! Let us know what you think!  If you haven't seen our changes, take a look. And then tell us what you think.


Two things - if you have an opinion, please offer a solution AND if you offer a solution, be willing to help us explore solutions and put it into place.


THAT'S IT.  That's how it works.  You have an opinion about how the chapter works, what continuing education to offer, how we spend chapter dues.  Offer your feedback (POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE, PLEASE) and then work with the chapter board, run for a chapter board position, become a committee chair, show up for a board meeting or work on your own time collaborating with the chapter to make improvements and plans.


Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Chapter Elections in February
Your participation is essential!

Chapter elections will be held during our upcoming Annual Meeting on February 9 for open positions.  The current slate:

  • Chapter President: Melissa Martinie Hall
  • 2nd Vice President: Vacant
  • Chapter Secretary: Elizabeth Shrader

If you are interested in running for any of these positions or want more information on elections, please contact anyone serving on the Chapter Board.

Feb 9, 6-8 pm
DC Chapter Annual Meeting and 2014 Elections

Feb 24, 10 am-12 pm 
AMTA-DC Chapter Board Meeting
March 20, 1:30 pm

DC Massage Board Mtg
899 N.Capitol St.NE

May 1-4
AMTA MidAtlantic Conference  
Ocean City, MD
Sept 17-20
AMTA National Convention
Denver, CO
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: 
A Love Story

Elizabeth Goldberg
You guys, I am so into thoracic outlet syndrome right now.
I am into it because I had a client who was experiencing symptoms and couldn't sleep through the night due to the pain. It was time those muscles had a talking to. 
My A team massage techniques were helping but not getting it done! Research ensued. Marathon reading and YouTube video watching of physical therapy techniques, massage therapists' recommendations, and myofascial experts' explanations commenced. I learned about lifting these angry, vulnerable muscles away from each other and how to gently re-stretch and glide fascia back into place.
A note about fascia. Fascia is the body's shrink wrap. It surrounds and coats every muscle, tendon, and ligament. Simply put, it is the Saran wrap to your brie wheel. The neoprene to your wetsuit. It keeps things so nicely held together and temperature controlled. But when one piece of it gets bunched up or wrinkled, all bets are off.  

Elizabeth Goldberg, LMT massages and blogs for Freed Bodyworks.

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