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January 2015
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We're pleased to announce that In Step has new group offerings to even better serve our clients and community.
Teen Girls Group
Healthy Relationships and Social Confidence

teen girl

Teen girls often ask themselves, where do I belong? How do I fit in?


Social groups in high school are confusing and the pressures of academics and extracurricular activities make it even harder. Girls who struggle with anger, anxiety, depression, and/or have developed a poor set of coping skills find the dynamics even more challenging and need to learn healthy coping skills.  This group is designed to help teen girls who have trouble fostering positive peer relationships. The participants will work on making and keeping friends, understanding and fitting into a peer group, and learning about choosing relationships that are not antagonistic.


This group is led by Karen Chaudhry, LCSW, and Janene Pack, LMHC in the Fairfax office.


For more information, visit our website.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group
Skill building for at-risk adolescents and their parents

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidenced-based therapy designed to treat people who experience suicidal thinking and behaviors that are disruptive such as maladaptive coping skills and self harm.


Group members must also be receiving individual therapy concurrently with the group.

This group is led by Rachel Cherian, LCSW, Erika Carlson, MSW, Supervisee in Social Work, and Stephanie Herman, LCSW in the Sterling office.

For more information, please visit our website.


Women's Group
For the evolving issues of adulthood

Talking to Parents
Are you seeking connections with others who can relate to your experience? Are you ready to discover new ways to make meaningful changes? 


This process-oriented group for women 30-50 years of age will incorporate therapeutic tools, such as journaling, mindfulness exercises, CBT techniques, and psycho-dramatic activities. Topics and areas for growth may include: family dynamics, parenting challenges, self-care, problem solving and conflict resolution, managing life transitions, setting healthy boundaries and exploration of coping patterns.

This group is led by Mary Shuffleton, LPC, and Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP, director of In Step.

For more information, please visit our website.


Supervision Group for Professionals
Supervisory hours towards licensure

Are you working towards your LCSW or LPC?  


In Step Director, Cathi Cohen LCSW, CGP is offering a monthly, 90 minute supervision group which will meet every third Saturday from 8:30am-10:15am in the Fairfax office of In Step, starting March 21st. 

The cost of this group is $80 per session. For more information, please contact Dara Adams, Associate Director at In Step, at or 703-876-8480 ext. 36.