January 2015

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We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and Happy New Year! IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM GRAPES! What a year for Martin Ulisse wines - 2014 has been an amazing year of blessings for our little family company. Here's a wrapup: 
  • Whole Foods happened!! We are so excited to be offering MU wines in one of the premier grocery stores in the country.
  • The MU takeover of America continues! Now folks in Texas, New Mexico, Alabama and Mississippi are able to take home a taste of Italy in their home states.
  • We've added NUMBER of restaurant partners. We love these folks! They are pairing our award winning wine with their spectacular dishes, making a bellisima experience for their customers.
2015 is going to be even more amazing. Because...VEGAS, BABY! We're bringing the Martin Uisse family wines to two of the most delicious towns in America, Las Vegas and...drumroll please....... NEW YORK CITY! We're also on our way to Tennessee and Arkansas as well. 

Thank you for making our family wine part of your family celebrations - your support and love of our product has made great things possible for us! So keep on sipping, and we'll keep on growing! See you at the table!! Here's a quick look at our top wines and moments from the past year.

We invite you to use #martinulisse in all your social media to show your love for our family of wines anytime!
Top Selling White Wine 2014: Martin Ulisse Trebbiano


Reminiscent of a pinot grigio or an un-oaked chardonnay, the Trebbiano is a light bodied, off-dry, crowd pleaser with the delicate flavors of pear, and apple. This mellow lightly fruity white has a hint of minerality. Its crisp clean finish makes it an "easy to drink" wine which can be had alone, or chilled on a hot summer day and yet compliments any meal. 


Top Selling Red Wine 2014: Martin Ulisse Montepulciano


Similar to a pinot noir, this Southern Italian beauty is fermented in 100% stainless steel for a medium body that drinks easily with a pleasant finish. Mild plum, spice, and dark cherries finish with soft tannins and white pepper. Exceptionally smooth across the palate, this off-dry wine is fruity yet not sweet and is a great happy hour or patio wine that is also incredibly versatile with food.

Top Photos 2014

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Don't let this happen to you!
Don't make the kitty mad!
Is there a better way to start a Monday?

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter!  We invite you to please share any ideas, recipes, events and story ideas.  We'd love to hear from you!

Chrissy Martin
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The history of wine spans thousands of years and is closely intertwined with the history of agriculture and Western civilization. As of today, the earliest evidence of a fermented drink based on grapes is in China circa 7000-6600 BCE, then more widespread evidence is found soon thereafter in the Near East, the grapevine and the alcoholic beverage produced from fermenting its juice were important to Mesopotamia and Egypt and essential aspects of Phoenician, Greek, and Roman civilization.
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