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Goodbye, Russell's

Moore TEA Citizens enjoyed many years at Russell's and our condolences go out to the Russell family for the loss of its patriarch, Larry Russell, who passed away on December 30. Larry's kind ways and wonderful cooking will be sorely missed. He was honored with a beautiful, standing room-only memorial service that was truly a celebration of his life.

Russell's had been a Moore County landmark for nearly half a century. The family permanently closed its doors after our October meeting and Candidate's Forum.

Legislative Committee Update
Peggy Smetana, Chair

Defunding Executive Amnesty

On Jan. 14, the House approved the DHS Appropriations Bill (HR 240) which included five anti-Executive Amnesty amendments. The bill now goes to the Senate. The amendments defund executive amnesty and do not allow funds to be used to grant benefits to any illegal immigrant covered under the defunding. The President has promised to veto any bill that includes defunding language. If he does, he'll be shutting down DHS on Feb. 27 when the CR ends.

If the president vetoes this bill, we must be prepared to fight it. There are indications that while Boehner and the GOP may be loudly and publicly slamming Obama's unconstitutional overreach, they are simultaneously preparing bills to fund it post-veto. They might say that otherwise the GOP will be blamed for shutting down DHS.  In reality, the reason for their surrendering might be that the Chamber of Commerce and other corporate power (i.e., money) brokers contribute heavily to the GOP.

We must be prepared to defend our laws, our property and our fellow Americans who will see their jobs lost and their wages lowered. We must be willing to contact our politicians by phone, emails, postcards, twitter, facebook, and personal visits to demand that they not fund illegal Executive Amnesty.

Even if DHS is "shut down," its essential functions will continue unabated.
Urge NC General Assembly

To Revert E-Verify

The last General Assembly relaxed the time threshold
 at which employers must to use E-Verify, changing it from >90 days to >9 months. In fact, our representatives had to go the extra mile and override the governor's veto to change this rule. Such pandering to corporate and ethnic groups erodes the free market, encourages illegal immigration and reduces job opportunities for North Carolinians, especially youth hard hit by unemployment.

The NC General Assembly convened on January 14. 
Ask your politicians how and why they voted on HB 786 / S.L. 2013-418, and tell them you want that part of the law repealed.
Rep. Jamie Boles (Dist 52) 
 Rep. Allen McNeill (Dist 78)
Sen Jerry Tillman

We Fought The Good Fight and
We Can Still Keep Up the Fire! 

Thank you to those of you who contacted Rep. Renee Ellmers or other
U.S. House Representatives to vote for someone other than John Boehner for House Speaker.

While we did not win the Speaker battle and while Rep. Ellmers voted against the wishes of her constituents, it was not a total loss. Rep. Louis Gohmert said, "We made a difference....the voices of tens of thousands of Americans were heard by the people on Capitol Hill." In the biggest defection from an incumbent speaker in at least 100 years, 24 House Republicans voted for someone other than John Boehner. Two of these brave men are from NC and I'm sure they'd be grateful for calls of support. Rep. Mark Meadows' number is 202-225-6401. Rep. Walter Jones, who also voted against Boehner in 2013, can be reached at

Click HERE for the names of the other Republicans who withstood tremendous pressure and voted for someone other than Boehner.

Reportedly, the GOP Establishment types on Capital Hill are astonished by the ire of the electorate, especially since so many calls and emails have continued to flow even after the vote. I encourage you tell Rep. Renee Ellmers (202-225-4531) what you think and feel about her vote. We had her phone tied up and her email box full, but she didn't listen.


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Keystone XL Pipeline

Let's Get It Passed!


On Jan 9, the House approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and sent it to the Senate. Obama has promised to veto it.

The pipeline would increase America's energy security, create thousands of jobs and increase revenue in the states through which it runs. The State Department conducted numerous reviews of the pipeline's environmental impacts and repeatedly confirmed it would be safe.


Call Senators Burr and Tillis and tell them you expect them to vote for this bill. Tell them that if Obama vetoes it, you expect them to mount an articulate, relentless and very public PR campaign, and send it back to the White House as many times as it takes.


CNN has a short, fair (no, really!) primer about the XL Pipeline, including its route and the arguments on both sides.

Winner of the MTC 2014 Raffle

Congratulations to Mr. Noel Ramirez of Belfair, Washington, pictured with

Rebecca, his wife of 13 months.


Mr. Ramirez retired from the US Navy after a distinguished career which Noel & Becky Ramirez began as a medical corpsman (equivalent to a "medic" in the Army) and concluded as an emergency registered nurse. Upon departing the Navy, he continued his emergency nursing career in the civilian sector and now works in the ER of a hospital in Tacoma.


According to his brother, a supporter of MTC who lives here in Moore County, Mr. Ramirez is a patriot who embodies the Tea Party spirit. He has a life-long history of giving generously of his money, his time and his personal labor to those who need help through difficult times. The Ramirezes have opened their home to young mothers and their children until they can get their feet on the ground. He is a reformed liberal who realized the disastrous results of government intrusion into the lives of individuals, and of the indiscriminate disbursement of other people's money to those with no obligation to behave responsibly.


Since he lives in Washington, Mr. Ramirez donated the concealed carry class back to us, so we will have a second drawing at the next dinner meeting.


We heartily thank Mr. Ramirez for his long-distance support and we congratulate him on being our 2014 firearm raffle winner!
Dont Talk to Police
Know Your Rights

Answer this question to yourself: Are you guilty of a crime? No? So you think!


This is not an anti-police, radical, absurd or conspiracy video. It is an entertaining lecture by law professor and criminal defense attorney James Duane, and prosecutor and former cop, George Bruch. They explain why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.


This presentation will provoke your Ah-ha! response and you'll probably want your family and friends to watch it, too.


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January 19 - Monthly Members' Meeting

As you've seen on the Website and in other mailings, we are starting 2015 with an exciting new dinner meeting venue: Filly & Colt's Restaurant in the Longleaf Country Club on Knoll Road in Southern Pines. Chef Karen Littlefield has promised a delicious, home-style buffet with coffee, tea and dessert for each month's meeting. We have held other events there and have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere.



1. Arguing 2nd Amend. before the SCOTUS
2. Legislative Agendas for 2015
3. Raffle Drawing (Part 2)                    Go to event Website
Monday, January 19
5:30pm - 8:00pm
Filly And Colt's Restaurant
10 Knoll Rd, Southern Pines
Admission is free
Dinner buffet (incl. tea/coffee and dessert) is $16
The deadline for dinner reservations is past. However, we are accepting stand-by reservations in the event of cancellations and will call you by noon on Monday to let you know if we can accommodate you. That said, you may attend solely for the program, sans dining.

Why is it necessary to have a reservation for dinner?

Filly & Colt's closes to the public at 6:00pm on Mondays, so it will be catering exclusively to us. The Littlefields must know how many folks will be dining in order to plan food. As any conservative can understand, wasted food for a restaurant is like hail damage for a car dealer. Thank you for understanding and getting your reservation submitted right away.


RAPID RESERVATION (also program and speaker details)
If you are unable to register online, call (919) 721-4152.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday is Monday, January 19
Keep up the fight for liberty for all Americans.
The Three P's the American People Deserve

The relationship between political party leaders and elected  officials is sometimes difficult to understand, at least to me. Often there is a bond between them that leaves rank and file  members on the sidelines. 


Got me to thinking......


Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you should expect  elected officials to follow the beliefs of their respective party and the oath of office they hold. You also should expect party leaders to represent the party and its members first and elected officials only when they support the party. Unfortunately, too often this is not the case, and often splits the party from its members.


Party leaders and elected officials need to be guided by the "Three Ps" rather than political consultants.


The first is platform, the foundation created to be strong enough to endure no matter the challenges confronted.


Second, are principles we expect elected representatives follow in the execution of their duties and relationship with constituents.


Third, are the promises we expect our party leaders and elected officials to keep in accordance with their respective platforms and principles.


When the American people can be confident political parties and elected officials will adhere to the "Three Ps", then they can again begin to use a fourth P, PRIDE, when discussing governance!

Anthony Bruno
Cary, NC                                 
What's on MTC's Horizon?

Our Planning Board has been 
very busy, even meeting on New Year's Eve! So, what's going on? A "Year 5 Self-Assessment and Strategy Analysis" that began last summer with our off-site at Filly & Colt's, and will soon be concluding. Here are some of the things you'll be seeing in the coming months:
  1. A refined, formal organizational description, including our principles, values and objectives, and a FAQs page. When the draft is completed we'll publish it for your consideration and input.
  2. A new Website that will be cleaner/streamlined and easier to navigate. In addition to some new features such as a FAQs page, it will integrate the tremendous library of painstakingly accumulated material that is on the current site and organize everything in a more intuitive format.
  3. You'll be able to customize your email preferences and update your contact information.
  4. Increasing use of technology to maximize our volunteers' time. Automated volunteer opportunity signups, confirmations and directions will be easier and faster, reducing the risk of human error. This is significant because all the time and emotions of all our volunteers, including those doing the organizing, are important.
  5. Diverse and defined volunteer opportunities. We all have different amounts of time, mobility and physical capacity. Some of our folks have the equivalent of part-time jobs with MTC, volunteering 20+ hours each week. Others already have full plates between careers, family and community (conservatives are producers, after all). Believe it or not, we have meaningful volunteer opportunities for those that can't commit to more than 5-10 mins a day from home! Watch your inbox over the next couple months.
  6. More sophistication, transparency and member involvement with our politician and legislation vetting processes.
  7. Alliances with like-minded groups. Other Tea Party groups, local "issue organizations" (2nd Amendment, tax or education reform, etc.) and state-wide or national organizations (Americans for Prosperity, Civitas, Voter Integrity Project, Concerned Veterans for America, etc.) are all working from the same liberty foundation we are. Like members of a family, we're unlikely to agree on every issue, but we must collaborate on the important ones. There is tremendous power for legislative change in a unified, coordinated federation of independent Constitutionalist organizations.

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Did you know?

1. Neither Web nor email addresses are case sensitive. That means your email address or MTC's Website address will work whether write using all caps, no caps or a combination thereof.

2. Rent control laws always produce a housing shortage and waiting lists. Rent contolled properties are more run down than those in cities that don't have rent control.

Unemployment Has Not Been Cut
(transcript of a "WEEBie" by one of members)


Obama is back in campaign mode saying his policies have actually revitalized our economy.  His proof for economic improvement is the falling unemployment rate. But true to his Alinski roots, he uses deception to create a totally false narrative. He relies on an erroneous belief that current interpretation of employed and unemployed can accurately define the health of the job market. However, changes in civilian noninstitutional population and "not in labor force" data provide a much more accurate story. An increasing population requires real job creation just to maintain an acceptable ratio of employed vs unemployed. Also, the contrived "Not in labor force" category  represents personnel, although not employed, are not counted as being unemployed. Obviously, these data confound laymen by deliberately understating the true number of people not working. During Obama's reign, January 2009 to December 2014, the civilian noninstitutional population (16 and older) grew 13.8 million and the not in labor force grew by 12 million. It is clear there are many millions whose aspirations for employment have not been satisfied by the paltry 5.3 million jobs Obama can credit to his policies. He may brag that he created millions of new jobs.  But in truth, he can only brag that he forced more millions out of the labor force... for that is what really lowered the unemployment rate!  This metric is confirmed by the Labor Participation Rate which has dropped by 3% to historic lows. No wonder entitlement programs and unemployment payments have ballooned under Obama. Furthermore, he used his pen to amend Clinton's unemployment reform law. By ignoring the Separation of Powers, he unlawfully gutted the work requirements which had cut welfare payouts almost in half in 4 years.

The inescapable conclusion is Obama's ideology can't be trusted to reduce true unemployment!


Wes May

Proud Member of Moore Tea Citizens


Have an editorial idea? Email us if you would like to write and record (or just write) 300-word OpEds for broadcast on WEEB. 


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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.


Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
~ Helen Keller

I got my mind on my money and my money on
my mind.
~ Snoop Dog

Did you read the previous quote and smile or did you become "righteously" indignant? Read on.
~The Editor

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
 ~Winston Churchill


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ClosingRemarksClosing Remarks
2015 Opportunity?

The 2014 November election is behind us and our new and reelected DC officials have been sworn in. Our newly elected Senator Tillis stated that he would like to start cutting back on regulations that
hurt business. I thought I would look around just a little closer to ho


Did you know there are 13 NC State professional licensing boards just for funeral services and
16 for barber and cosmetic arts?

The Business Link North Carolina website page begins with this daunting paragraph:


The State of North Carolina has no single generic business license that will ensure compliance with
all requirements. Some businesses may be subject to several state requirements while others may not be subject to any. There are over 700 regulatory, state issued and occupational licenses and permits. In addition, a local license may be required for your business.

This surely makes me want to run out to start a business!

The 2013 NC legislative session passed SENATE BILL 327, the "Clarify Motor Vehicle Licensing Law," which will prohibit Tesla from selling new cars in our state without opening traditional franchises. This is allegedly to protect consumers; early laws against automobiles were meant to protect the citizenry as well. Could this be the equivalent of the buggy whip manufacturers protection act of 2014?

It looks like we have plenty of opportunities for positive change right here in NC.



Chair - Moore Tea Citizens

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