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Welcome to our latest newsletter. Happy New Year! We're already hard at work with our trees for harvest 2016! All the crisp, cold air proves invigorating!
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   January 2016

Sweets for your Sweetheart. 


Seeking a sweet treat for your Valentine? Here are a few sweet & healthy ideas from our farm:

Sweet,  dried Asian Pears are chewy, delicious and all-natural. No sugars, additives, oils or preservatives. Our team who peels, slices and dries our Asian Pears - when asked why these dried treats taste so good, "They are made with love, each package is hand-packed with care."

A variety of product sizes are offered via our online store,  but our sweet, little  4.2 oz gift size makes a nice addition to a homemade, Valentine's gift basket. Pack our dried pears with white chocolate, or dark chocolate, or baked confections such as Madeleines or oatmeal cookies.

Free Ground shipping when you use our sweet promo code: loveissweet (val id now through end of February). Or if you are looking for something more dramatic than cut roses for your belov'd? How about the biggest Valentine ever, one that is fresh, living and sweet?

Adopt-A-Tree in your true love's name! Your sweetie will enjoy watching their very own Asian Pear tree grow all year along. In the Fall, they will enjoy sweet, juicy and crunchy Asian Pears picked for them direct from their named tree. Could this be the world's largest bouquet?! Free shipping is included with all of our tree adoptions.  Adopt now!

Fresh & New. 


Our  website/online   
store  is now live with a fresh, new look for the New Year.

Visit us and enjoy beautiful images of our orchard, our pears; browse through our pantry or check out the great dishes we've been creating for you to enjoy!

And of course, discover some wonderful things to purchase and share.

Winter Welcome.


We certainly know Winter is here.

Approximately two feet of snow blanketed our entire orchard this past weekend.  Yes, we have had some frigid temps in the teens over the last several weeks, but the visual that Winter is truly here - a big snow - is the true hallmark.

Tho' Winter really made an impression this week, our trees stand tall, quietly... unaffected by this blast of white.


Winter Potato Salad
As artisnal vinegars are good for the heart and potatoes are often thought of as 'heart of the earth' - Chef Lesle suggested this heartfelt, filling and simple winter salad with potatoes, ginger and tossed with our Plain Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar

Be sure to use our  loveisweet promo code for Free Shipping when you purchase one of our elegant vinegar bottles!

Click here to download this salad recipe.

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