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Cathy with a student
Hello Everyone,
Welcome to another year with Harmony and Healing with Horses.  In the past 12 months I've found the courage and inspiration to spread my wings and try so many new things. I've also made it a personal challenge to always set my sites on something new and to reach out to more people throughout the year. In late spring I plan to offer a course at the local community college entitled "How to Talk Horse". Each of the two hour sessions will educate students about the unique characteristics of the horse including their social structure, individual personalities and communication. It will emphasize the similarities between humans and horses as a way to educate and inspire people toward positive growth in their life. It will be offered over 4 sessions in late May and early June as part of LCC's adult education program. I'm also hoping to offer more Equine Assisted Learning workshops for local groups and have begun working with the Americorp Volunteers of Cowlitz County on a day of team building activities. And, in the future I plan to bring horses and health care professionals together in a workshop I'm calling "How to Talk Horse for Healers". As a former health professional, I know how important it is to enhance the skills of this group, including better communication, compassion and empathy through the natural wisdom and intuition of the horse. 
Centered Riding instruction will continue with several new students joining the herd. I look forward to traveling to Grapeview, WA for ongoing lessons at the Sunrise Stables and to a new student in Liberty training in Beavercreek, Oregon. 
And if you're looking for a way to create positive change in the New Year, take advantage of the first two sessions of "How to Talk Horse-Lead Mare" absolutely FREE!

And most importantly, I'd like to thank all of the wonderful people who made 2015 such a success, including my friends and the amazing owners of Whispering Willow Ranch, Tracy and George Moore, my friends Raeann, Janice and Jessica for always being there for me when I needed you especially in the beginning when I was creating HHH and to my students and new friends that have shared in lessons, workshops, volunteering and WOWW gatherings-I hope to see you in the New Year-you are always in my heart!

See you around the barn,
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GIRL SCOUTS Earn Horseback Riding Badge
Just before the year ended, the horses and I hosted a group of junior girl scouts as they finished their requirements for the first of its kind HORSEBACK RIDING badge. The girls were introduced to the horses, by name and each had a chance to personally groom them as well as pick their feet. The girls learned just how much a horse eats and drinks every day and how important it is to keep their stall clean with fresh bedding. Using colorful wraps on their legs, Skip, Twister and Levi demonstrated the three gaits of the horse-walk, trot and canter. In addition to learning about the difference between an english and a western saddle, the girls had an opportunity to ride in each type of tack. With Christmas music playing in the background, it was a holiday with horses they will never forget! Each scout received their badge and a souvenir photo of their favorite horse! I'm not sure who had more fun, the girls.....or ME! 
And thanks to my great Christmas elves and helpers, Raeann, Sidney, Chris and Jessica. I couldn't have done it without you!

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We'd like to welcome our newest volunteers at the stables, each one offering their time and energy to make it the best possible place for horses and humans.   Justin (always partnered with his friend Bryan from Another Option) has been a tremendous help in cleaning stalls and grooming the horses. Paris is learning everything about horses from the ground up and hopes to someday climb in the saddle. Alex is helping out with stalls and caring for our horses and will be taking lessons in the future. THANKS to each and every one of them. Tyree and Katie continue to sponsor a horse and have been advancing their horsemanship skills as well as taking CENTERED RIDING lessons. If you want to help out and spend time with the wise and wonderful horse, click on VOLUNTEER and find out more!

Welcome to the New Year and continued fun and excitement in the saddle. You're never too young or too old to learn the basics. Each step in the process allows the rider to become more aware of their own body
Cathy and Wave
 and create movement that is shared with the horse. It's a partnership from the moment you enter their space.
Centered Riding teaches you how to create energy in your body and focus it as you move through an obstacle course, over a small jump or simply riding on a trail. It begins with just a thought and an intention and can be adjusted with a breath. How beautiful and magical it is to spend time with the horse on the ground and in the saddle. 
Even if you've never ridden before,  CONTACT Cathy and learn from an experienced professional on a safe, gentle horse. 

Gail, Sheila, Kellie and Amanda
Women of Whispering Willow, December 5
It was another amazing morning spent with the ladies and their equine partners. We started the day with inspirational messages taken from the beautiful cards of Melissa Pearce and spent a few moments discovering the power of learning to be present with our horses. They are not
Joanne, Lyn and Jane
concerned with the thoughts and worries of past events or anticipation of future struggles and fears. Through an increased awareness of breathing and focus, being present allows you to let go of stress and give each moment the attention it deserves. Then it was on to "Crossing Christmas Creek"  as three teams of ladies had to use their creativity and imagination to find their way to the other side and pick up the surprise holiday gifts waiting  for them (Skip was treated to several delicious "edible gifts"). Working as a team can be a challenge, but several of these ladies had gotten to know each other from their previous WOWW gathering and enjoyed the fun of putting their heads and feet together on a shared journey. There was plenty of delicious
Marsha, Chris and DiAnn
food and festive holiday lights as we shared the warmth of good friends on a cold December day. 
The morning ended with a beautiful song done entirely in sign language by our good friend DiAnn. She chose one of my favorites, "Over the Rainbow" and brought everyone to tears with her heartfelt expressions of love and longing. The horses teach us that we speak without words every time we are together and it is the unspoken messages that are the most powerful! Thank you DiAnn. And thank you to my great friends Janice, Raeann and Jessica for all of your help and support!

At  Harmony and Healing with Horses we are offering "How to Talk Horse-Lead Mare", a six session program for anyone looking to gain greater insight into their own personal strengths and challenges.
This program is for anyone searching for a greater sense of purpose and passion, who wishes to become more powerful and self-directed, who desires a deeper connection to self, others and natur e, and wishes to discover unique keys to wisdom and personal fulfillment. Let the horse be your teacher, your guide, your inspiration. 

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