Milestone capped off 2015 by attending the PRI Show in Indianapolis for our 15th year.  It was a prime opportunity to connect with most of our manufacturers.  The trade show was also a perfect time to find out what is in store for 2016.  Everyone we met touted it as a well attended and informational event. According to PRI, it drew tens of thousands of attendees from 70 countries.  We wanted to share some of the highlights.

PBM - Erson - EPW
World - Erson - PBM
Champion Oil
Howards Cams
Flatout Gaskets

Grave Digger Monster Truck with Driver Adam Anderson

Monster Jam Trucks place extreme demands on their engines and components, so they rely exclusively on World blocks which have proven to be extremely durable under punishing conditions.

Engine Builder Zach Woods with Speedway Racing Engines
Beautiful rides
Don't Text and Drive
Old Indy car
Mario Andretti car

We're putting our best foot forward in the New Year!


  Where's Milestone going?  Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." 
Gen. Colin Powell 
The team at Milestone Marketing is excited about 2016.  Plans and goals include:
  • Expansion of our market toward the Windy City of Chicago
  • More visits to engine builders and professional mechanics
  • Meetings with manufacturers and distributors
  • Attending trade shows, industry seminars and professional association meetings
  • Calling on heavy duty machine shops including a push toward more diesel
  • Going to races on land and water

 Look for new catalogs and products in the February Milestone Mag!

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