January 2017 - - FUN show report & newps, plus 1853-O NA half acquired 
January 17, 2017
FUN Show Report & Newps
For the first time since I have been attending the FUN show, it was held in Fort Lauderdale.  This seemed to reduce the attendance, as it is easier to get to Orlando or Tampa than Fort Lauderdale.  We met a lot of people at the show, including some new customers, but sales were less than expected.  Part of this is the trend for people to not attend the show to save time and money, which leaves more money to buy coins online.  We sold quite a few Bust halves, especially nicely toned AU and XF coins, and we also sold a transitional 1882 Liberty nickel.  I want to thank my table assistant Dick Graham for his customary great work during the show.

Now, on to the newps!  We acquired one of the rarest regularly issued Federal coins, an 1853-O No Arrows or Rays half dollar in PCGS VF-35.  There are 4 known, and this coin is the finest by 27 grading points!  In addition, we acquired the only known Uncirculated 1841-O Baseball Die Crack Reverse half dollar.  We also acquired three rare Capped Bust dimes:  an 1821 JR-2 in PCGS VF-30, an 1833 JR-7 in NGC AU-58, and an 1828 Large Date brockage which is one of only 3 known brockages in the Capped Bust Dime series.  We also located a wonderfully toned medal.  Contact us at (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at
richuhrichcoins@comcast.net to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

1853-O NA half_ PCGS VF-35_ finest of 4 known

1841-O Baseball Rev. Half_ PCGS MS-62

1821 JR-2 dime_ PCGS VF-20

1833 JR-7 dime_ NGC AU-58
1937 King George VI Coronation Medal NGC MS-63

Seated Half Dimes 1848-O VF-30 V-2 115
Seated Half Dimes 1852-O V-2 EF-40, obv. dig 95
Seated Half Dimes 1855 V-4 VF-35 85
Bust Dimes 1821 JR-2 R5 PCGS VF-20 4,750
Bust Dimes 1821 Small Date JR-9 VG-8 105
Bust Dimes 1823 Lg. E\'s JR-3 VG-10 obv. / F-12 rev. 165
Bust Dimes 1828 Brockage Large Date NGC AG-3 6,650
Bust Dimes 1828 Sm. Date F-12 175
Bust Dimes 1833 JR-7 Reiver NGC AU-58 5,950
Seated Dimes 1841-O F-104c R5 VG-8, obv. dig 40
Seated Dimes 1875-S Above Wreath EF-40 95
Seated Dimes 1876-CC Type 1 EF-45 90
Bust Quarters 1834 B-5 PCGS AU-53 2,250
Bust Halves 1805/4 O-102 R-3 PCGS VF-20 1,675
Bust Halves 1806 O-105 R2 PCGS F-12 600
Bust Halves 1836/1336 O-108a PCGS XF-45 CAC 550
Seated Halves 1839 No Drapery Good-4 200
Seated Halves 1841-O Baseball Rev. PCGS MS-62 14,950
Seated Halves 1853-O No Arrows or Rays PCGS VF-35 650,000
Other Quarters 1951-D quarter RPM FS-501 PCGS MS-65 1,150
Other Quarters 1976 NGC MS-64, wonderfully toned 1,150
Tokens & Medals 1937 Great Britain King George VI Coronation NGC MS-63, wonderfully toned 1,000

Vol. 5 of Seated Half Dollar Varieties released
Prolific author (and our table assistant) Bill Bugert has released A Register of Liberty Seated Half Dollar Varieties, Volume V, Philadelphia Mint, 1839 to 1852.  The book includes pictures and diagnostic features of all known die varieties.  Much of the information, including rarity ratings, has been updated since the 1993 book, The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars, by Randy Wiley and Bill Bugert.  For example, the 1993 book hypothesizes the existence of an 1842 Small Date, Small Letters half dollar, and the new book shows the 4 coins discovered since 1998.  Also, the 1851 half with the 8 in the dentils (WB-8) was listed as possibly unique in 1993, and is now rated as R6 in the new book.
This book is definitely worth obtaining if you are interested in Liberty Seated Half Dollars.  I already have my book and here is how you can get yours:  It  can be ordered for $65 postpaid from Bill Bugert, 1230 Red Rock Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325-6927.  Bill will autograph your book upon request. Bill can be reached at (717) 337-0229, and his email is wb8cpy@earthlink.net  
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Our next show is in our hometown of Sebring, FL at the Elks Club on Saturday, February 11.   Please stop by and see us!   
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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