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January 2017
Join us on Ed Roberts Day to Celebrate
Disability Resistance, History & Pride

January 23 is Ed Roberts Day and Disability Network Southwest Michigan is celebrating by hosting a free Lunch & Learn event. Join us in either our St. Joseph or Kalamazoo office for lunch with discussion and activities that promote knowledge of disability history and support the journey to disability pride! Follow this link to our website for details about the event.    
text_ Ed Roberts Day January 23 _ _We are no longer asking for charity. We are demandingour rights__
A Decade of Breakthroughs in Disability Rights

On December 13, 2006, after more than five years of negotiations, the United Nations adopted the landmark Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It was the first time civil society had taken a central role in drafting a human right treaty - a process led by and for people with disabilities. This short video talks about the importance of equal rights legislation and the difference it makes for our entire civilization. 
Speechless on Inspiration Porn

scene from _Speechless_
"Inspiration porn" is a term used to describe a common tendency in which able-bodied people condescend to those with disabilities by suggesting they are brave or special just for living. ABC's sitcom "Speechless" recently did a great job explaining why it's often offensive to call people with disabilities "inspirational." You can read about it in this article on ScreenPlay.News.

Is Bipartisan Agreement Hindering the
Disability Rights Movement?
illustration of person in wheelchair moving up hill through red and blue confetti
This article takes the position that bipartisan agreement is slowing  meaningful progress for the Disability Rights Movement. Issues with resistance receive more debate and more attention from lawmakers and the media. Follow this link to read the New York Times article titled The Non-Politics of Disability.  
Movie + Lunch + Discussion Series Planned

Our Advocacy & Community Education team has scheduled a series of Movie, Lunch and Discussion events. Each event will take place at both our Kalamazoo and St. Joseph offices.
  • February 27: Temple Grandin
  • March 27: Regarding Henry
  • April 24: The King's Speech

Follow this link for details about our Movie + Lunch + Discussion series. 

Lunchtime Book Club

book cover _Trigger_
At the March Lunchtime Book Club meeting we will enjoy a light lunch and discuss the book Trigger by Susan Vaught.

Jersey Hatch can't remember why he tried to kill himself. Coming out of rehab for the first time in a year, Jersey must piece his life back together, step by painful step. An eye-opening story that expertly navigates the triumph of family, the depths of despair, and the humor of the most mundane details of life.

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion! The Lunchtime Book Club will meet on Wednesday, March 1, in both our Kalamazoo and St. Joseph offices. For more information about Disability Network Southwest Michigan's Book Club, visit the Book Club page of our website.

The National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth (NCLD/Y) serves as a national youth-led information, training, and resource center. NCLD-Youth is taking a positive development approach to working with the next generation of disability leaders, and developing materials to better prepare them for the transition to adulthood, and leadership.
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