January 2017
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January Body Fat Percentage Challenge
  I challenged my clients to see who can lose the most body fat in one month.

We logged their body fat percentage the first time they trained with me in January and we've been logging their body fat each week throughout the month. The last day of January that each of them train with me, we will log their body fat percentage one last time. The winners will be based on the most body fat percentage lost.

1st Place - One FREE session
2nd Place - 1/2 off a session
3rd Place - $10 off a session

Lori and Eileen are currently tied for 1st place with 8 days to go!

Congratulations to Lori who placed 1st, Kalie who placed 2nd and Kara who placed 3rd for the December Plank Challenge! This was a great challenge and many clients increased their plank times by over 2-6 minutes! Great job!!!

Look for the announcement of the winner in the February newsletter plus details on the JZTrainedme Fitness February client challenge!  
Plan Your Workouts and Pencil Them In
  Being a good planner is key to being organized and successful. Let's use your last grocery store visit as an example. If you headed into the store with a list, chances are you got through the store quicker and essentially you spent less money because you were prepared and had a plan for what you needed to buy, albeit you may have picked up a few extra goodies or spotted something along the way that you needed but forgot to add to your list. Now think about a time that you went to the grocery store completely unprepared and without a list, chances are you bought things you didn't need, you felt it necessary to go up and down every aisle just in case so you didn't miss something and it probably took more time and you spent more money. Now let's look at everyday events that you add to your daily planners and online calendars. I bet they include events like doctor appointments, kids activities, birthdays, parties, meetings, training sessions, etc. 

There's no doubt these are all important events and you log them because you don't want to forget them. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, just as important are the workout sessions with your trainer but even more important are the workouts you do on your own. Whether at home, at a gym or outside, you will be more successful if you plan your week ahead of time and schedule times you are able to fit those workouts into your day. Of course, our days and schedules don't always go as planned and that's okay, that's real life, but your chances of actually doing those workouts are much better if you already have them planned into your day/week instead of trying to fit them in on the fly.

Give it a try! Log those workouts and pencil them into your planners and/or calendars and see if you are more committed and actually do them because it was already planned as part of your day! Your health and well being deserve a spot on your calendar and a time slot in your day and should be a priority in your life because ultimately they will prolong your life!   

Enjoy Your Food - Slow Down !
   Do you really remember how good your last meal tasted? Did you eat it on the run? Were you getting other stuff done around the house and taking bites in between? Do you view meals and eating as more of nuisance and try to fit them into your schedule. It's time to make time and SLOW DOWN!

When you make a conscious effort to chew each bite slowly, take breaths between bites and put your fork down while chewing, you'll find that you will feel more full because you took the time to really enjoy your food. Give it a try and see if you notice a difference. Food is fuel for our bodies and should be enjoyed!

Understanding Your Macros

The three macronutrients-fat, carbohydrates and protein, all have their own specific roles and functions in the body and supply us with calories or energy. Our bodies require these nutrients in large amounts to grow, develop, repair and feel good overall.

Each macronutrient is almost always found in every item of food, whether a protein bar or vegetable; the only difference is how the macronutrients are balanced. For example, the nutritional composition of an avocado is generally made up of 75% (good) fats, 20% carbohydrates and 5% protein. On the other hand a banana consists of 95% carbohydrates, with only small amounts of protein and fats. 

One of the best ways to become aware of what you are eating is to start tracking your macronutrient as well as your total calories. It can be a little puzzling at first but when you start to analyze the food you are eating on a daily basis and pay attention to how much protein, carbs and fat each food item contains, you will be better equipped to fuel your body with foods that support your lifestyle, support your goals and support your overall health.


Fats are an essential part of a healthy diet and should account for about 15-25% of what you consume. They help by improving brain development, overall cell functioning, protecting the body’s organs and even helping you absorb vitamins found in foods.


Protein is essential for repairing and regenerating muscle tissue and cells, a healthy functioning immune system and manufacturing hormones. Protein should account for about 25-35% of your daily caloric intake depending on your goals.


Carbohydrates are comprised of small chains of sugar which the digestive body breaks down into glucose to use as the body’s primarily energy source and therefore need to make up around 40-50% of your daily caloric intake. 

The best way to track macronutrients is via a calorie tracker. One of the easiest to use and most preferred trackers is My Fitness Pal. It is a free app and allows for easy logging and monitoring of caloric intake and macronutrient management. 

So why log your food and track your macros? Besides the knowledge you gain about your food intake and the actual calories and macro counts associated with your food choices and how they affect your goals, several studies have shown that people who log their food are more likely to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. In fact, according to Web MD, a researcher from one recent study says that people who logged their food six days a week lost about twice as much weight as those who logged their food one day a week or less. 

If you have time to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, then you have time to log your food! Give it a try and get ready to see results - because you will! 

Client Spotlight - Meet Lori

Lori has been training with me since early September 2016. She originally came to me because she wanted help with her golf game. She started out training one day a week and she had fantastic results at her Stage 1 Assessment and she knocked three strokes off her golf score too. In December, all my clients competed in a Plank Challenge which Lori won by improving her plank time by almost 6 minutes. In January, she decided to start training two times per week and she is currently tied for 1st place in our January Body Fat Percentage Challenge. Her Stage 2 assessment results were very great but she is looking for more substantial results. She is now doing workouts on her own at home and using My Fitness Pal to log her food and manage her daily caloric intake and macronutrients.

Lori's son Justin is currently in California undergoing Marine Bootcamp. In show of support for her son, we added some military bootcamp exercises to her training sessions. In the video above she is doing military rolls, flutter kicks, squat thrusts and dive bombers. Though not even nearly as grueling and vigorous as what Justin is going through, it's inspiring to see Mom showing her support by working harder than she ever has before to make him proud! Lori has a great attitude and is so strong and determined. Her goal is to fit into the shorts in the picture when she finally gets to hug Justin for the first time in 3 months at his graduation. Now that's determination, commitment and dedication!

. Great job Lori! Thank you Justin! They got this! Ooh Rah!!!!  

January Featured Recipe
  Healthy Banana Bread
  • 2.5 cups of old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond or cashew milk
  • 2/3 cup of egg whites or 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 2-3 mashed bananas
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons of PB2 (optional)
  • 1 scoop of protein powder (optional)
  • 1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips (optional)

Blend all ingredients together. Pour into bread pan coated with olive oil spray. Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes

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