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Issue: #35 January 2017

On January 17, 2017, the Council of the Baptized marked five years since its inaugural meeting.  May we build upon our past accomplishments--advocacy, position papers, and listening sessions.  Read about our 2017 CCCR Action Campaign initiatives.  Become involved.

Read Why am I Involved?, a new section in the CCCR Newsletter.  Each month, a current CCCR Board member will reflect on why they became involved.  As you read this new section, we invite you to consider the question, "How may I become more involved?"  

Have you read the 2017 Strategic Plan?  This plan articulates actions which emerged from  specific recommendations of the Pastoral Recommendations Project.  
Read on.  Reflect.  Collaborate.  Act.  Share.
CCCR Action Campaign initiatives have emerged from the Pastoral Recommendations Project, which was issued in June, 2016.   Current active  CCCR Action Campaign projects include:  Archdiocesan Pastoral Council/Synod; Lay Deanery Council Organizing; Women's Commission; Office of Conciliation; Seminary Formation; and Follow the Money.  The overarching goal of the projects is to identify areas of concern where we may provide leadership and, where possible, offer collaboration with the Archbishop to create a healthy Archdiocese that is responsive to local needs, and receptive to the offering of gifts of all local Catholics--women and men.

Read the 2017 Strategic Plan to learn more.

Each month, news of CCCR Action Campaign initiatives will be covered within the CCCR News section of this newsletter.
  CoBNewsCoB News
January Open Forum:   A Commission on Women?
The CCCR Action Campaign project--Women's Ordination, facilitated a dialogue on whether a Commission on Women should be created in the Archdiocese.  Brainstorming regarding what such a commission would address was undertaken.  The structure and membership of such a commission was discussed as well.
Petition to Reinstate Theologian Reverend Hans Küng
The Council of the Baptized voted unanimously to sign a petition, as a body, to reinstate theologian Hans K üng.  If you feel moved to join the Council in supporting the call for his reinstatement, click the following link: Petition to reinstate Rev. Hans Küng . 
February Open Forum:  Why are Young Adults Leaving the Church?
Why are young adults leaving the Catholic Church?  Many of us grieve the loss, but do not understand it.  What can we do about it?  Join the Council of the Baptized Open Forum on Tuesday, February 14 as we explore these troubling questions with Trish Vanni, M. Div, Ph.D.  Trish is a national consultant, who has worked extensively with parishes and dioceses on issues related to Church life and leadership.  Most recently she has been studying trends in the spiritual and religious lives of millenials, as well as their issues around affiliation.  Plan on joining us.

Presenter:  Trish Vanni, M.Div, Ph.D.  
Date:   February 14, 2017
Time:   7-8pm
Place:   Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
           700 Snelling Ave South
           St. Paul, MN 55116  

New Council of the Baptized Member:  Joe Reid
We want to welcome a new member to the Council of the Baptized.   Joe Reid, who worships at St. Frances Cabrini, is adding his voice to the deliberations of the Council of the Baptized.  He serves on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council/Synod Committee, one of the CCCR Action Campaign committee initiatives.  Welcome, Joe.
 OpportunitiesOpportunities:  Be Involved
Let your gifts, time and other resources guide you in collaborating with CCCR, and the Council of the Baptized.  Each month, read this section--"Opportunities:  Be Involved", to identify some ways you may become involved.   We need your energy.  Read on:

1.  Sign a petition calling for the reinstatement of Catholic theologian, Hans Küng at Petition to reinstate Hans Küng.
2.  Become involved in one of the current active campaign initiatives.  
3.  Donate to the CCCR.  Enable CCCR to focus its energies on the work of church reform. Click the link Donate to CCCR.
WhyAmIInvolvedWhy Am I Involved?

In coming months, CCCR Board members will share why they are involved in the church reform work of the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform (CCCR).  There are many reasons and stories to share.  The following reflections are from Patty Thorsen:

I was asked to serve as a support team member for the newly-forming Council of the Baptized.  Not a cradle Catholic, I knew little.  Yet, an acquaintance at Cabrini thought I might be interested.  Several years after becoming a part of the Council of the Baptized, several people asked me to serve as the CCCR Newsletter editor, and serve on the  CCCR Board.  

My gifts of doing research, writing, and editing were needed. 

When I converted, my dad counseled me, "Don't leave your mind outside the door of the Church."  Being involved in the Council of the Baptized, and on the CCCR Board is my way of being true to those words.  

Questions of current personal interest to me include: What does the Catholic Church believe single individuals who do not aspire to marriage, parenthood, or religious life offer to the life of the Church?  Do they--do we the Church, envision a single vocation?   What is that vocation?

The opportunity to delve into questions, and invest myself in seeking answers with other seekers keeps me returning to CCCR Board meetings, Open Forum presentations, and Council of the Baptized meetings. Sharing my gifts of researching, writing, and editing, and celebrating the gifts of others is a privilege. 

Why am I involved?  I was asked.  I felt called.  I answered.
                                                     -Patty Thorsen
RRRecommended Reading  

An invitation to think and feel differently in the new millenium - by Rev. Harry Bury  (Trafford Publishing, 2011).

The strength of her witness: Jesus Christ in the global voices of women  - by Elizabeth A. Johnson (Orbis Books, June 8, 2016).

Seminary formation: recent history-current circumstances-new directions - Sister Katarina Schuth, OSF, author, and Blaise J. Cupich, foreword  (Liturgical Press, October 4, 2016).

Detroit synod devotes discussion to mission, challenges  - by Kristen Whitney Daniels  (National Catholic Reporter, November 22, 2016 ).

Is Pope Francis campaigning for married priests?
 - by Jamie Manson (National Catholic Reporter,  December 16, 2016).

The real electoral problem may be within us -by Joan Chittister (National Catholic Reporter, January 5, 2017).
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