January 2017
Health Observance

During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, Jan 23-29, take a moment to test your knowledge.
  • Is marijuana addictive?
  • Do teens use e-cigarettes more than tobacco cigarettes?
  • Do 40% of people who begin drinking before age 15 become alcoholics?
If you answered yes to all three questions you're off to a solid start.  According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA):
  • 1 in 11 people who use marijuana become addicted.
  • More teens use e-cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes.
  • Roughly 4 in 10 people who start drinking before age 15 become addicted to alcohol.
Click here to take the interactive National Drug and Alcohol IQ Challenge Quiz. 
Launched by NIDA in 2010, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week connects young people to scientists and other experts who can overturn the myths about drugs and alcohol that teens often get from social media, TV, movies, music, or friends.

For more facts, click  here  f or NIDA's learning resource titled Drugs: Shatter the Myths.
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