January 2017 Ministry Updates
Buyamba Annual Dinner in February
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Buyamba Annual Dinner
Sunday, February 19
Featuring Florence & Glory Dongo 
Location: Wood Ranch Golf Club,
Simi Valley, CA

Thanks goes out to Coastal Fresh Farms, Inc. and The Ross Group for sponsoring pages in our program! Even if you can not attend the event, and would like to sponsor a page in our program to show your support, and advertise your business at the same time, please contact melissa@ugandabuyamba.com.  The due date for graphics are January 31st.

In case you missed our newsletter in the mail, take a moment to read about the student & teacher awards handed out at God Cares High School in Uganda, sponsored by Oaks Christian School in California.
The "Buyamba" Shoe line can now be purchased through Amazon Smile at a discounted rate! Shop Amazon Smile today and be sure to indicate Buyamba as your designated support!
Sponsorship Highlight 
My name is Shifrah and I'm seven years old.

My family needs help supporting my educational needs at God Cares Primary School. Your sponsorship will allow me to have everything I need: tuition costs, food, books, pencils, paper, and a school uniform.  I'll also enjoy three meals a day and fresh drinking water.
Your monthly sponsorship of $35 will allow Shifrah to start attending school and stay in school and receive the education and discipleship she will need to equip her for a brighter future.
Welcome Your Child Back to School in February
If you sponsor children at God Cares School, we welcome you to write a letter encouraging them in this new term to study hard and to let them know they have an advocate on the other side of the world praying and standing with them. You can write a letter directly to the school, with a global stamp purchased at any US post office. Please indicate your child's name at the bottom right of the envelope. The address in Kampala, Uganda is:
God Cares School
PO Box 26977
Kampala, Uganda
East Africa

Or, go on our website and write to your child. Either way, you can add a picture of your family that will bring a face to the love your child is receiving through your sponsorship.

Note: it takes awhile to get a letter back from your child in Uganda, however, each letter you write means the world to them!

Our mission is to offer LOVE, hope and a future through education and discipleship... one child at a time.
Thank you for your partnership with Buyamba,

Julie Dimas

Executive Director