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From truck tractors to construction and farm equipment to commercial trailers, we have a leading insurance product for both sales and service risks. Big or small-we like them all.

We can offer:
-Dealer or Service Liability limits of up to 1,000,000 occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate 
-Garagekeepers (for customer's vehicles) up to $750,000 per vehicle and up to $15,000,000 per location 
-Dealer's Open Lot (owned vehicles held for sale) up to $750,000 per vehicle and up to $15,000,000 per location -Property (building, contents, business interruption, signs) coverage in most states 
-Tool and Equipment floater for mobile operations 

And w e can consider "tough" exposures, such as: 
-Fabrication and Customization operations (this may require a separate GL policy) 
-Farm Implement Sales and Service 
- Horse Trailer Sales and Service 
-Hitch Installation 
-Machining work 
-Uninstalled parts or supply sales

What we need (in order to consider): 
-Completed carrier Basic Garage Application 
-Completed carrier Heavy Vehicle and Equipment Specific Supplemental 
-Three Years Loss History (or new ventures may be acceptable with details of prior experience)

So what are you waiting for?  Send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today! 
Docks - Coverage for Weight of Ice and Snow

If you need coverage for weight of ice and snow for a personally owned dock, we can now consider offering this (but we  must write the dwelling and the dock in order to consider).   
  • Maximum value of $50,000 on the dock
  • Built within 20 years
  • $2,500 deductible on this coverage
We can also consider  Commercial Docks (such as those owned by Property and/or Homeowners Associations, and docks associated w/ Marina's); as well as other Marine-related types of accounts, such as:

-Marine Artisan Contractors
-Marine GL including Ship Repairers, Terminal Operators, Marina Operators, Wharfinger's, Stevedore's
 -Boat Dealers Inventory
-Charterers Legal Liability
-Hull Coverage
-Protection & Indemnity
-Property (when in support of Marine Liability)

So send all your docks and marine-related accounts to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today! 
Are you attending the KAIA Rural & Small Agents Conference in Hutchinson, KS on Jan 24th - 26th?

If so, then be sure to stop by Booth #50 to see Betty Majors and Nicole Staudt-Rogers!

"Notable Dates" for the month of January...

Happy Anniversary to: 

Betty Majors (who has been with CIU for 18 years)!

Nicole Staudt-Rogers
(who has been with CIU for 17 years)!

Abi Haase
(who has been with CIU for 13 years)!

Sherry Williams
(who has been with CIU for 13 years)!
Brandy Weber
(who has been with CIU for 11 years)!

Happy Birthday to:

Christin Dancy (Jan 3rd)
Becky Jennings
(Jan 24th)
Throughout the month of December CIU got in the spirit of giving and collected donations for a few small families we adopted as an office. The results were fantastic, and the families were incredibly grateful and appreciative of the gifts!
Commercial Lines  
Alarm Installation/Service- $2mil/$2mil GL (including Blanket Addtl Insured and E&O).  $0 dedt.  $300k payroll. $8,940
Taxicab- $300k CSL Auto Liab; $86,500 Physical Damage (w/ $1k comp/coll dedts).  16 units.  Local Radius. $75,560
Apartment Buildings (w/ subsidized housing)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $1k dedt); $2.6mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k all perils dedt).  56 units. $17,935
Sporting Goods/Athletic Equipment Manufacturing- $1mil/$2mil premises GL (excluding Products/Completed ops & Personal & Advertising Injury); $25k First Party Privacy Breach Coverage (w/ $1k dedt); and $4.3mil Prop TIV (w/ $10k aop/2% w/h dedts).  $4mil receipts. $15,930
Lessors Risk (used for dining and as an activity center for a church)- $1mil/$2mil GL.  $675k Prop TIV (w/ $5k aop/5% w/h dedts). $6,415
Salon (w/ hair stylists, massage therapists, and tanning)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $500 dedt); $550k Prop TIV (w/ $1k aop/5% w/h dedts). $12,260
C-Store w/ Liquor, Tobacco and Gasoline sales- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $0 dedt); $2.3mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k aop/2% w/h dedts).  $3.4mil receipts.  $12,030
Personal Lines  
DP1- Tenant Occupied.  $145k TIV.  In name of an estate. $1,140
DP3- Vacant Condo.  $150k TIV.  RC. $445
Personal Umbrella- $2mil limit.  2 residences; watercraft; 3 vehicles/drivers (w/ MVR activity). $895
HO3- $360k TIV w/ several prior losses. $2,445
DP1- Seasonal. PC 10, w/ wood stove. $50k TIV. $710