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Jan. 2017
President's Message
Wow what a 4th quarter!  Congratulations to those members who made it count!  Business was booming for many and we all did a great job taking advantage of the opportunity.

December was a fun month for the Northeast IN Chapter.  We participated in the Live NAHU Webinar on December 1st and received 1 CE thanks to the State Chapter filing the class for the local chapters.  We also held our December monthly meeting; our focus was to celebrate the Season and honor our members and Chapter's successes this past year.  The Annual Summary Report was presented along with the Awards and Recognition of our members.  Member of the Year went to Amber Frey, MedPartners. 

Bill Hartman and I had the privilege of presenting the 5 Star Excellence Award to two very deserving outstanding volunteers, Dotty Wiggin from The Dehayes Group and Sue Jones from Bost Benefits.   We also recognized and thanked those members who qualified for Triple Crown, Leading Producer Round Table, HUPAC contributors, milestone anniversaries and membership contest winners.  The night was made special by the efforts of our Public Service Chair, Ava Lillmars, who prepared a basket of goodies that was raffled off to help support The Rescue Mission.  We raised $350 plus items were donated to the cause.  Five board members presented the check to The Rescue Mission following our January board meeting. 

George Ringger from Legal Shield join our chapter in December and we look forward to seeing George and Evelyn at our next meeting. 

This month we will begin the process of submitting our Business Entity filing, Chapter Certification documentation and focus our efforts on gathering documentation for the PaceSetter Award.  It truly takes the entire board to do their part for this to happen.  I am grateful for the team's effort and determination.  We are also applying for our Exempt Status with the IRS.  Everything has been sent to our CPA, and now we wait.

Our January Program included a 2 hour CE on How Medicare, Social Security, and HSAs work together - Not.  It was a team effort between our member experts.  With the speaker line up, it was a lively discussion and lots of fun. 

Remember, you are always welcome to bring a guest to our monthly meetings.  We'd love to have them join us.  You can check our full Chapter calendar of events on our website; for your convenience, you can register and pay online. 

Hope to see you soon.


NAHU Designations FAQ
At our Annual Holiday and Awards program, we celebrated the achievements of some of our members.  NAHU offers several types of individual designations; those highlighted included Leading Producers Rounds Table (LPRT) and Triple Crown.  

Triple Crown 
Triple Crown qualifiers must contribute to HUPAC at a certain level, recruit at least 2 new members, and use Operation Shout at least 3 times.  Our chapter had two qualifiers:   Rita Musser and Crystal Michel.  

Leading Producer's Round Table 
There are four qualification categories:
  • Personal production
  • Carrier representative
  • Agency
  • Carrier Management
Three levels of membership:
  • Qualifying
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime and Qualifying
And five categories of qualification:
  • Soaring Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Eagle
  • President's Council
  • Leading Producer
Our chapter had the following LPRT winners:
  • Bill Hartman - Lifetime and Qualifying
  • Matt Hatfield - President's Council
  • Sue Jones - Eagle, Agency
  • Rita Musser - Eagle
  • Brian Steiner - Golden Eagle, Carrier Rep
  • Cindy Trahin - Golden Eagle
  • Justin Finton - Eagle
  • Kathy Goffer - Soaring Eagle, Carrier Rep 
January's Featured Nonprofit: Turnstone
Tina Acosta, the Director of Program Outreach at Turnstone, spoke at our January Meeting.  She provided a wealth of information about the resources available at this local nonprofit.

Turnstone's Mission is to provide therapeutic, educational, wellness, sport, and recreational programs to empower people with disabilities.

Vision:  At Turnstone, we empower people with physical disabilities to reach for their full potential in every aspect of life. Turnstone evolves and expands to respond to the needs and desires of people with disabilities and their families throughout our regional community. We are guided by the vision that one day, all people will live, work, learn and play in a community based on abilities, not disabilities. To accomplish this, Turnstone is an active leader in the provision of therapeutic (occupational, physical speech & aquatic therapy) as well as health and wellness, childcare and adult day services for people with disabilities.

To donate to Turnstone, or any nonprofit that is featured at a meeting, please contact Ava or do so through our website by adding to your registration in $5 increments.  Donations are also accepted at our monthly meetings.
Did you know that our website isn't just for registering for events?  Often, we post information pertinent to you!  For instance - do you want more information on what CMS says about agent/broker reimbursement?  The FAQ's are available HERE.  

Need some statistics to help make your case with your client?   This article may help!  

Want to see what's coming up for NEIAHU?  Check out our calendar of events!  

Did you miss a newsletter?  Click HERE to see the last year's worth!  

Want more information about a committee?  Each committee chair's contact information is available here.  

We're working on getting information that is useful to you on our website.  If there's something you're looking for on the website and you can't find it, contact us!   
HUPAC Wishes to Thank...
Our HUPAC team hit a milestone with the 2016 election - they had a 94% WIN record.  Our chapter currently has 17 members that contribute to the PAC - THANK YOU!  Your dollars help!

If you'd like to donate to HUPAC, please contact Denny Wright, Nancy Blake, or visit this website to start making a difference!
Capitol Conference Registration is OPEN
Earlybird registratoin for Capitol Conference has ended, but it isn't too late!  Conference dates are February 13-15 - if you want to see NAHU in action, this is your best chance!

 NAHU has created a website just for the Capitol Conference, so for the latest information, please check it out!
Operation Shout
Did you miss an Operation Shout email?  Did you know that you can respond to them via the NAHU website?  First, log into your account on, then go to Members (in the red bar across the top of the screen) and then, Operation Shout.  Across the top of the screen, you'll be able to click on the most recent topics, and can respond to the calls to action.

The latest operation shout concerned the permanent repeal of Cadillac Tax.  It offered the following explanation on NAHU's position:

The Cadillac Tax calls for a 40% excise tax on the amount of the aggregate monthly premium of each primary insured individual that exceeds the year's applicable dollar limit, which will be adjusted annually to the Consumer Price Index plus 1% initially and then CPI. Given that the pace of medical inflation is well beyond that of general inflation, the tax is destined to outgrow itself in short order and many employers will be impacted by the cost of the tax and the enormous compliance burden that the tax creates. Mercer estimated that a third of employers will be subjected to the tax when it's set to kick in and that 60% of employers will be hit by 2022. Because of the projected wide reaching effect of the tax, many employers may be deterred from offering coverage.  

Take action if you haven't already!
Upcoming Events
February 13-15, 2017

February Monthly Membership Meeting
February 20, 2017 
Tax Season Preparation

NEIAHU/NAIFA Day on the Hill
March 8, 2017

Super CE Day - Ever-Changing Tides
April 27, 2017
Hotel Fort Wayne 

Wanna know what's going on in Fort Wayne?  Check out Greater Fort Wayne's CALENDAR OF EVENTS and get involved in the exciting changes happening in the city you love!

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Dawn Fair
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Cindy Trahin

Public Service Chair
Ava Lillmars
Bill Hartman


NEIAHU has met the NAHU criteria to be designated as a Gold level Chapter for 2016 in the Annual Chapter Certification program.  
NEIAHU has achieved certification every year since 2007 when the Chapter Certification program was first introduced!

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