January 2017 (77 )
Unwanted House Guests?

You may have not seen the mice, but signs such as droppings or chew marks on the corner of the cereal box let you know they are indeed there. 

Mice are creatures of instinct. When they go wandering - they tend to walk the same path they took yesterday, and the day before, which of course is the one they strolled down last week. If you found their droppings, you found part of their route. You have 3 choices at this point:

  1. Call a Pest Control company
  2. Set traps or baits
  3. Get a cat

If you use a trap - remember mice actually prefer many other foods over cheese. In fact, one of their favorite foods is chocolate. Imagine that. Actually, peanut butter works well too, but in most cases, people tend to pile it up too high. Try putting a little on and wiping it off. Now sniff it. Do you smell the peanut butter? If so, well, there is enough peanut butter on it.

Not into sniffing mouse traps? Try wrapping a piece of thread around the treadle of the trap. Then, grab a Q-tip. Put a little vanilla extract on the Q-tip and then wipe the thread with the Q-tip. Vanilla extract is powerful and a little on the thread will go a long way. And since mice are virtually blind, they scavenge almost entirely by smell. Sight does not play an effect, which is why you don't really need food on the trap as much as odor.

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Replacing Gutters
The wood behind Stan's damaged gutters is now starting to rot. Jim talks him through replacing the gutters...and if he really needs to.

Watering Your Foundation
Yes, you still need to be watering your foundation in the winter. Jim tells you how long and how often.

Grab Your Boots...It is time for the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
January 21 & February 4
Texas Home Improvement will be broadcasting live from the WBAP booth in the Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall Saturday Noon-4pm.

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Do you need a buyer's agent?

When purchasing a home who is representing your best interests? Real Estate expert Todd Tramonte explains the agent's role in the purchase and sale of homes in Texas.


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