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Cold Outside = 
H ot & Dry Inside. 
How is your system doing managing the air temperature and quality in your home?
When the furnace is running the humidity in your home really drops. Most people first notice dry skin and chapped lips, but the dry air can also affect things inside your house, such as wood floor, antique furniture and musical instruments.
Jim spoke with Matt Wikel of Advent Air about managing the air quality in your home during the winter. They touch on gas vs. electric furnaces, benefits or heat pumps and what can be done about those high ceilings that collect all the heat.

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Your Questions - 
Jim's Answers

Checking Out a Contractor
Hiring a contractor? Listen as Jim recommends where to go to learn more about that contractor, the questions you need to ask, and when to pay for the job.

Creaking Floors
On the second floor of Dory's house the floor boards are starting to squeak. Does she have to pull back the carpet to fix it?

Looking to Upgrade?
Get the most bang for your buck.
Many of you are looking to make improvements to your home for 2017, focus on items that will both update and add value to your home.
First you should focus on the actual structure and functions of your home. These are the most vital parts to adding value and comfort to a home. Consider upgrading that outdated water heater to a tankless water heater, fixing a damaged or worn-out roof, or adding insulation or radiant barrier to lower your energy bills. These items may not be aesthetically pleasing, but they add value, and make a house easier to sell.
If your home is updated in this area, the next step is to focus on the beauty of your home. One of the easiest and most cost effective updates you can make is a fresh coat of paint, which can help brighten a room. Updating the kitchen and bathrooms will get you the best return on investment. Replacing outdated cabinets, counter tops, and adding a new back-splash are very attractive to potential buyers. Find a project you can tackle yourself, or contact one of our many trusted contractors to do the job for you. Good luck and don't forget to call Jim on the show with any questions.

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