PAWS Welcomes
Four New Tigers to ARK 2000

Scratching on a tree is a novel experience
for the four tigers who have been
given lifetime homes at ARK 2000.
Photo by Charity Maness

On New Year's Eve, four of eight tigers we are rescuing from a defunct roadside zoo in Colorado arrived at ARK 2000. It was so gratifying to watch as they stepped out of their transport cages and onto the lush green grass of their habitats, which they delighted in eating and rolling in - a simple pleasure that many captive tigers never experience. After a life of deprivation and exploitation, these four needy tigers finally have a home where they can relax, play, and explore to their hearts' content.

More than 100 animals needed immediate placement in new homes after the zoo ceased business. Several reputable sanctuaries throughout the U.S. have stepped up to provide lifetime care for the animals from this rescue, with PAWS accepting eight tigers, including five males and three females ranging in age from five to 18 years old.

The Colorado facility was notorious for its long rap sheet of USDA citations for serious safety and health issues, including employees attacked and injured by tigers, inadequate veterinary care, lack of shade, and unsanitary and unsafe living conditions for the animals.

The zoo made money by offering the public the opportunity to hold tiger and bear cubs for a fee. To ensure a steady supply of cubs for photo and "play" sessions, tigers and bears on the property were constantly bred, producing litter after li tter wi th no regard for their health. Cubs were forcibly removed from their mothers soon after birth, so they could be bottle-fed and handled by people. Several cubs died from improper care, including death from pneumonia after accidentally inhaling milk from a baby bottle. Cubs who are removed from their mothers at birth miss out on important antibodies that they should be receiving from moth er' s milk, and as a result their weakened immune systems lea ve them completely vulnerable to deadly infections. Cubs that managed to survive this horrifying start to their lives quickly grew too big to be handled, and were immediately put into the breeding population to create even more cubs. This hellish, self-perpetuating cycle is found wherever tiger and bear cubs are subjected to public handling.

Two of the many tigers from a defunct
Colorado zoo that needed immediate placement.

In December, PAWS President Ed Stewart and Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Jackie Gai traveled to Colorado to meet the tigers and assess their condition. Ed stated:
"After looking into their eyes I promised them that I would not leave them there."

Upon returning to PAWS, preparations to accommodate the tigers began, including construction of new enclosures. The last four tigers from the Colorado facility are currently awaiting transport to ARK 2000, pending completion of construction that has been delayed due to rainy weather.

As we welcome these new tigers into sanctuary, we celebrate their symbolic rebirth into a life where they will be treated with respect and where their dignity and individual needs will be honored. Former, and sometimes derogatory, names are being changed to reflect their new life, and we look forward to introducing you to them as they gradually settle in at ARK 2000.

We urgently need your support for these tigers because some of them will require spay and neuter surgery and others arrived with chronic health conditions that must be treated. Your contribution for the "Colorado Eight" will provide them with a healthy diet and lifetime, expert care at PAWS. To make a donation, click here

Ed Stewart, PAWS President and Co-founder, and Dr. Jackie Gai, PAWS Director
of Veterinary Services, are shown cutting the ribbon to officially mark the opening of PAWS'
new veterinary facility named in honor of the late Pat Derby. Holding the ribbon (left to right) are guests Linda Gibboney, Nancy Hair, Dr. Kristina Wiley and Lynda Kerr.

PAWS Celebrates Opening of
The Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center
On Wednesday, January 25th, PAWS celebrated the newly completed Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center, named in honor of the late PAWS co-founder. The facility will allow on-site diagnosis and treatment of animals, sparing them the stress of transport to a specialty veterinary facility. Guests at this special, invitation-only event included many of the generous donors who helped make this dream a reality, as well as veterinarians and medical professionals.

Ed Stewart and Dr. Jackie Gai welcome guests who are seated
in the large treatment room of the Wellness Center.

  The surgery suite of The Pat Derby
Animal Wellness Center (with toy leopard).
Photo by Dr. Kristina Wiley

The 1,800-square-foot Wellness Center includes a conference room and library, surgery suite, office, and a large treatment room with plenty of space to care for the largest bears and big cats who live at the sanctuary. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as a digital X-ray, hydraulic lift table, dental scaler/polisher/drill, ultrasound, and therapeutic laser. One very exciting feature of the X-ray system, manufactured by Vet Rocket, is the ability to take X-rays in the elephant barn that can be wirelessly transmitted to viewing screens in the Wellness Center. The X-ray machine itself is lightweight yet very powerful, and is battery operated so it can be used anywhere in the sanctuary. The entire building, which was designed and built with many energy efficient features, is powered by solar energy, as are all facilities at PAWS.

Pat Derby: A relaxing moment at ARK 2000.
Photo by Ed Stewart
The festivities began with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, after which guests toured the building as veterinary staff proudly described the features of the facility. A delicious, plant-based four-course gourmet luncheon was provided by Pivotal Foods Executive Chef MJ Espiritu Gerometta and specialty bakers Cindy Anderson and Rachael Silva.

PAWS Co-founder and President Ed Stewart welcomed guests, and shared stories about Pat Derby and her vision of someday building this Wellness Center. PAWS Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Jackie Gai spoke about Pat's lasting impact on animal welfare, and how the Wellness Center will continue to honor her legacy by enhancing animal care, reducing transport stress on animals needing care, and by educating future generations of veterinary students about captive wildlife care and welfare.

PAWS veterinary staff get ready to
cut the  celebratory "champagne" cake.
Pictured left to right: Lynn Dowling, Registered Veterinary Technician, Dr. Jennifer Curtis, part-time Associate Veterinarian, and Dr. Jackie Gai, Director of Veterinary Services.

Concluding the festivities was an intimate tour of the ARK 2000 sanctuary, led by Ed Stewart and Dr. Jackie Gai. Under sunny skies, guests had a unique opportunity to view elephants, big cats and bears, and to hear remarkable stories about how these special animals, many with histories of trauma and abuse, have found permanent sanctuary and dedicated care at PAWS.
PAWS extends our deepest gratitude to all who have so generously donated toward the construction, equipment, and operating costs of the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center. With special thanks to:  Julia N. Allen, PhD, DVM; Audrey Steele Burnand; Maggie Ferrari; Jackie Gai, DVM; Linda Gibboney; The Glide Foundation; Ann Henning; The Kerr Family Foundation; Edward Stewart; Kristina Wiley, DDS; and other very special donors who wish to remain anonymous.
And as always, a very special thank you to our wonderful PAWS volunteers!

The Wellness Center opening celebration also marked the unveiling of an original piece of art
created to honor Pat Derby and PAWS' founding elephant "71." Dr. Jackie Gai stands beside
"Pat Derby & No. 71", a magnificent sculpture created and donated to PAWS by California
artist Patricia Mace who drew her inspiration from the cover photo of Pat's 1995 book,
"In the Presence of Elephants." The piece is bronze on natural tree trunk.

Guests at the ribbon-cutting event included veterinarians, medical professionals,
and many of the generous donors who helped make this dream a reality.

Click here to view more photos of this special day!

To learn more about The Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center
and how you can help, click here.

A Win for the Animals:
Ringling Bros. Circus to Close in May

A special message from
PAWS President Ed Stewart
The New Year has brought remarkable news for performing wild animals: The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will come to a close in May. This is an incredible win for the animals, and, surely, a sign of things to come for circuses that continue to tour with elephants, tigers, lions, kangaroos, zebras and other exotic animals in their shows. Public sentiment is turning against the use of wild animals for entertainment - whether it's tigers and elephants in circuses or orcas in marine parks.

PAWS co-founder, the late Pat Derby.

PAWS has been working to end wild animal performances for more than 30 years. Since founding PAWS in 1984, my partner and PAWS co-founder, the late Pat Derby, and I had been campaigning,
investigating, gathering video evidence, protesting and exposing the abuse of wild animals in circuses. In fact, Mother Jones magazine, in its 2011 article "The Cruelest Show on Earth" cal led Pat the circus' "No. 1 antagonist." 
I credit Pat in particular for helping turn the tide against circuses that use wild animals. She was always on the offensive and never let up, whether it was engaging lawmakers at Congressional hearings in Washington, DC, or debating circus industry representatives in the media. With her knowledge of wild animals and experience in humanely handling them, she would just destroy the opposition, making PAWS an extremely effective adversary.
I am proud of the part that PAWS has played more recently in the battle to end wild animal acts. We worked with a great team to ban cruel elephant bullhooks in Los Angeles and Oakland, California - the first cities to enact bans where large circuses actually performed - that preceded Ringling's bombshell decision to end its elephant acts. Then in 2016 we teamed up to ban bullhooks in California and Rhode Island, ensuring elephants would never again have to perform or give rides in those states. Fellow team members include the Oakland Zoo, The Humane Society of the United States, and animal activist Cheri Shankar.
And there's more to come: PAWS is working to end the use of performing wild animals in Los Angeles and supporting a similar effort in New York City. If passed, these ordinances could be the last straw for a teetering animal circus industry.
Many people have been asking about where the dozens of wild animals owned by Ringling - including 18 tigers - will go after the circus shuts down. Hopefully, the circus will do the right thing and place the animals in proper facilities where they never again will have to perform and can live out their lives in peace. I was interviewed by the Washington Post on this issue and told the reporter that PAWS will do anything it can do to help the circus place their tigers. Of course it won't be easy since legitimate sanctuaries are full of tigers right now. (See the story above about eight tigers that PAWS is in the process of rescuing from a defunct Colorado petting zoo.)
The start of this year gives me great hope for the wild animals who suffer for people's amusement. All the years of intensive campaigning by so many hard-working animal protection organizations are finally producing the incredible leaps forward in the protection of performing wild animals that we are seeing today - from bullhook bans to legislation ending the breeding of orcas at SeaWorld and their use in theatrical shows.
Of course, there is more work to be done. Wild animals are still being used and abused in circuses, fairs, rides, film, and for other "entertainment." And I hope that you'll be there with us, every step of the way, in our next efforts toward ending the use of wild animals in entertainment.

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner. If you're looking for a unique gift for that special person, friend or family member, consider "adopting" an animal at PAWS or making a donation in the name of someone you love. Your compassionate gift supports our rescue and sanctuary work and you give captive wild and exotic animals another chance at life. 
If you choose to adopt a PAWS animal, your Valentine recipient will receive an adoption gift packet that includes:   
  • An email Valentine greeting from PAWS acknowledging your gift. (Adoption packet will arrive within 10 days of order.)
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To ensure your Valentine receives an email acknowledgement greeting from PAWS by Valentine's Day, you must place your online order no later than Sunday, February 12th, or call our office no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 13th.
Have a happy Valentine's Day!

Boo Boo enjoys rolling in oaks leaves and pine needles.
He is one of seven black bears living at PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary.

ARK 2000 March 11 Open House
Tickets Now On Sale
We have a limited number of tickets available for our upcoming ARK 2000 Open House to be held on Saturday, March 11th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tickets are $50 for adults, $25 for seniors (60 and over) and $25 for children age 12 and under. If you're planning to attend, we advise you to purchase your tickets early. No tickets will be sold at the gate on the day of the event and these events do sell out.
Visitors to ARK 2000 open houses will board shuttles to the bear, lion, tiger, leopard and elephant habitats. Once you exit the shuttle you will be walking on grass, dirt, gravel, and sometimes paved surfaces, so please wear comfortable shoes. PAWS management, keepers and volunteers will be on hand to tell you about the animals and answer questions. A gift shop will be available on the day of the event. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.
This event happens rain or shine. Tickets are not refundable.
Two ways to purchase:  Click here to buy online and print your tickets at home; or call 209-745-2606, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST, to charge by phone. Visit our calendar of events page for more information. Ticket sales close on Thursday, March 9th,  or earlier if this event sells out.
*  *  *  *  
PLEASE READ: Folding wheelchairs and strollers may be taken on most shuttles. Special arrangements for visitors with power scooters and power wheelchairs can be made by calling Kim Gardner at 916-539-5305. Yes, you may bring your cameras. ABSOLUTELY NO DRONES ALLOWED! (Anyone caught flying a drone at ARK 2000 will be escorted from the property.) There is no smoking on any PAWS property, including in our parking lots. We take fire prevention very seriously. No pets are allowed on any PAWS property, including in our parking lots. Please leave your pets at home. You will not touch any animals and all visitors will be required to stay a safe distance away from the animals. 

Good News for Animals
Exposing the truth about Hollywood's animal actors. Kudos to Gary Baum of the Hollywood Reporter for yet another great article on performing animals and what really goes on behind the scenes. His story covers a PETA exposé of a leading animal training and handling firm that has credits on big name productions such as "Game of Thrones" and Harry Potter films. PETA has claimed neglect and mistreatment of the animals, citing violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Read more here.  

China to shut down ivory trade by end of 2017. The Chinese government has announced that it will end its domestic ivory trade by the end of this year, including all commercial ivory carving and retail sales. The announcement follows a pledge made in 2015 by China's President Xi Jinping and former U.S. president Barack Obama to enact "nearly complete bans" on the import and export of ivory, and a commitment made last October by the international community to close domestic ivory markets. The U.S. has since enacted a near-total ban on ivory sales. China is the world's largest market for ivory, followed by the United States. African elephant populations have been at risk due to the poaching of elephants for their ivory. Conservationists estimate that more than 20,000 elephants were killed for their tusks last year.
Barcelona Zoo to Close Dolphinarium . The Barcelona City Council voted not to build a new dolphinarium to replace the current facilities at the Barcelona Zoo that do not meet minimum requirements. As a result, the dolphin show will be closed and the mammals relocated. Reportedly, Barcelona will be the first city in Spain to close a dolphinarium.
No more elephant-back safaris in Botswana, Africa. A new government policy, guided by Minister of Environment TK Khama, will better protect captive elephants by banning tourist elephant rides. The decision followed a welfare study that found the practice unacceptable, as the rides involve abusive training to tame and control the elephants.
United Arab Emirates outlaws exotic pets. Those caught with a dangerous wild or exotic animal will now face a jail term of up to six months, a fine of $136,000 or both. In the Gulf states, owning wild animals, especially big cats, has been growing in popularity as a status symbol indicating power and wealth, despite the suffering it causes the animals.

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