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A view of the Las Vegas Strip from Planet Hollywood, looking at a NASCAR presentation in front of the hotel.

The IFSPT partnered with the Sports Physical Therapy Section, APTA, to present the Team Concept Conference at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.

The three day conference featured a golf symposium on the first day, and moved to two days of head-to-toe clinical coverage. All but the three physician presenters were SPTS/IFSPT members.

A special award was presented to D. Keith Kleven for his groundbreaking work with the training and rehabilitation of golf athletes. Shown with him is Kevin Wilk (left) and George Davies (right).

On Friday, world record holding extreme environment athlete Richard Parks served as the keynote speaker. His fascinating lecture included praise for the sports physical therapist and their role in preparing and assisting in recovery for the elite athlete. Richard especially offered credit to IFSPT President Nicola Phillips for her role in his personal evaluation, training and recovery.

Richard Parks presents to attendees about his experiences as an elite extreme environment athlete, and the role of the physical therapist.
The Saturday afternoon session featured international coverage of return to play practices from several member organizations. Entitled Return to Play: A Different Perspective from Abroad, the session was moderated by Mario Bizzini, PT, PhD, IFSPT board member.

Mario Bizzini and Holly Silvers following their Socratic Debate.

The course provided attendees with opportunities to further their knowledge base in assessing and managing sports injuries, providing on field care, understanding how proper rehabilitation affects the body in terms of overall optimal health, evaluating human movement in sports activities and movement to improve sports kinesiology. It also covered the basic theories and rehabilitation program development and information management experience from multiple countries in sports medicine.

The international return to play presentation board. Left to right: Mario Bizzini, Switzerland; Kristian Thorborg, Denmark; Felipe Tadiello, Brazil; Luciana de Michelis, Brazil; Nicki Phillips, UK and President of IFSPT; Karin Gravare Silbernagel, Sweden/US; Clare Ardern, Sweden; Brandon Schmitt, US.

Session components included

Decision Making on Return to Play: Best Practice
Nicola Phillips, PT, PhD, IFSPT President

The 2016 Olympics and Paralympics: The View from Brazil
Luciana De Michelis, PhD, MSc, President, SONAFE, Brazil
Felipe Tadiello, PT, Head of PT services at the Polyclinic, Olympic Village

Screening, Performance Tests and Questions in Return to Play
Claire Ardern, BPhysio(Hons), PhD

Return to Play Following Groin Injuries.  What Tells Us the Athlete is Ready to Return?
Kristian Thorborg, PT, PhD

Return to Play in Athletes with Achilles Tendinopathy
Karin Grävare Silbernagel, PT, PhD, ATC

Mental/psychological Aspects in Return to Play
Clare Ardern, BPhysio(Hons), PhD

Is Imaging Necessary in Return to Play after Injury? Decision Making
Brandon Schmitt, DPT, ATC

The Saturday morning demonstration crew: Colin Paterson, UK; Vibeke Bechtold, Denmark; Nicki Phillips, UK; Bente Andersen, Denmark; and Richard Parks. 
Saturday morning presenters: Nicola Phillips, Richard Parks and Clare Ardern. 

The course drew over 400 attendees. For those unable to attend, the videotaped course will be available for purchase shortly. It can be completed at one's own pace and offers 21 CEU hours.

IFSPT will partner with the GISPT for a conference in Rome, Italy on June 17-18 and with the ACPSEM during our general meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland, October 6-7. In addition, you can see a listing of all the scheduled member organization conferences in this email, all supported by SPTS. Join us at these exciting conferences! 

Of course, any trip to Las Vegas requires a bit of fun! 

Our keynote speaker decided to participate in the Santa Claus Run while in Las Vegas! 

It wouldn't be right to come to Las Vegas and not gamble a little.

On the Strip: Richard Parks, Colin Paterson, Phil Glasgow, Nicki Phillips and Tony Schneiders.

The giant chairs at the hotel were a source of much amusement. 

Felipe and Luciana flank Mary Wilkinson, SPTS and IFSPT Director of Marketing. 
Three presidents in one spot.

Felipe, Nicki, Gordon Eiland, IFSPT Treasurer, and Luciana. 
Felipe and Luciana flank Blaise Williams, SPTS Vice President.
Tony Schneiders, IFSPT Vice President, shows his stuff in a taping competition sponsored by Performance Health/TheraBand.
Kristian Thorborg makes new friends at the opening reception. 
If you would like to take your skills to the world, this is the pathway you should choose! Registered International Sports Physical Therapists (RISPT) are immediately recognized as individuals possessing the knowledge, experience and skills to work in the worldwide field of sports.  
While RISPT status does not license an individual in other countries, it does notify that the individual has achieved the highest level of qualification in his or her country.

Currently, members of the following member organizations are able to apply and receive acceptance immediately.

- Australia 
- Denmark 
- Ireland: Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Level 3 Accreditation in Sports Physiotherapy 
- New Zealand: Complete the Specialisation Pathway through the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand. Must complete specialisation in the Sports Category.    
- Sweden 
- The Netherlands 
- United Kingdom: Continuing Professional Development Level 3, Gold 
- United States: APTA Sports Certified Specialist

Cost for registration is only 50 euros and is good for five years. Renewal is available for 20 euros. A certificate will be emailed to you in order that you may print and display it.

Note: All applications will be approved by the member organization before granting registration. Please allow for ample time for your member organization to respond to IFSPT inquiries. We also appreciate submission applications only from those pre-qualified as listed above.

Register today and be recognized for your accomplishments as an international sports physical therapist!

Follow this link for more information! 
Plan now to join Physios in Sport, the IFSPT and the BJSM in the presentation of the Second World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy in Belfast, Northern Ireland, October 6-7, at the Titanic Building!

The iconic Titanic building is situated in the heart of Titanic Quarter, just a short walk from Belfast City Centre, with easy access to public transport.

Located just a short 5-10 minute car journey from George Best Belfast City Airport, and around a 30 minute drive from Belfast International Airport, Titanic Belfast is easily accessible via all major routes.

Titanic Belfast
1 Olympic Way
Queens Road
Titanic Quarter
Belfast BT3 9EP

Understanding what optimal loading should be in rehabilitation and injury prevention is essential for Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Practitioners.

The 2nd World Conference in Sports Physiotherapy aims to deliver this cutting edge knowledge from identified experts from across the world as hosted by the 2010 authors of the ACPSEM Acute Management of Soft Tissue Injuries.

The conference will examine optimal loading for various tissue types and systems such as muscle/ligament /tendon/bone/neurological, and present each system moving through
a) The hard science
b) Translating science into practice
c) Worked examples/ case studies from elite sport environments.

The IFSPT is planning its biennial General Meeting on October 5. More information is to come.

Make your plans with the help of the information at this link.
J oin GISPT and IFSPT at the Auditorium Antonianum for the Second GISPT International Conference, June 17-18.

A discount is offered to all IFSPT members!

Registration is now open and can be accessed at this link.

Treatment and Prevention of Sports Injuries
February 2-4, 2017
Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Copenhagen


SSPS Conference 
Salzburg, Austria 
April 21-22, 2017 


May 13-15, 2017

FSPA Congress 
June 9-10, 2017 

A dvances in Sport Rehabilitation
Clinical reasoning & practice
2nd GISPT International Conference
June 17-18, 2017 | Rome | Ital y
In partnership with the IFSPT 

Discount for IFSPT members!


July 2-4, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
Follow this link for more information!


Join Physios in Sport and the IFSPT for the Second World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy and the IFSPT General Meeting in Belfast in October!
Information and Registration
Attention Member Organizations:  
Are you sponsoring a physical therapy, sports physical therapy or sports medicine conference in 2017 or 2018?

Please send the information regarding your conference to Mary Wilkinson, IFSPT marketing director, for addition to the IFSPT newsletter and website! Newsletters are published every other month, so please submit your material as early as possible. You are also welcome to provide updates as your event draws closer!