New Year Transformations 

In 2016 OVCS hosted a session during the June VACAP Conference titled Transforming Virginia's CAA Network. During this session OVCS presented the following nine transformations: 
  1. From: One more nonprofit in the community to: CAA's are the recognized, go to poverty elimination leaders in the community. 
  2. From: Inward focus; the CAA is knowledgeable about its own agency and services to: CAA's are recognized as experts and resources on poverty, poverty resources in the community and solutions to poverty. 
  3. From: Focused on day to day service delivery and agency survival to: focused externally on collaborative partners to reach mutual community goals. 
  4. From: CAA plays no role in development of the broader community to: CAA's have an active role in community and economic development as a solution to poverty
  5. From: Little or no Community Voice to: CAA's are recognized and acting as the community's voice for people in poverty. 
  6. From: CAA staff are skilled at service delivery in specific program areas to: CAA includes staff with strong expertise in community problem solving, collective impact models, convening and leadership.
  7. From: Most agency focus is on addressing the conditions of poverty to: Major focus on eliminating the causes of poverty.
  8. From: Primary focus and most outcomes are at the client level to: a major focus is on community-level problem solving and systemic change. 
  9. From: People with limited income are primarily recipients of agency services to: people with limited income are also engaged in meaningful ways supporting the agency mission and community change efforts. 
After group discussion there was an agreement to each of the transformations listed above and small groups developed steps to work towards achieving the transformations. 

B eginning in February, we will focus our monthly webinars on one of the nine transformations, based on the group discussion at the VACAP workshop. By the end of 2017, we will have a clearer plan for continuing movement towards Transforming Virginia's Community Action Network.
January & February At A Glance 
  • January 13th- Lee Jackson Day- State Offices Closed
  • January 16th- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- State Offices Closed
  • January 17th-19th- VACAP Conference
  • February 1st- Facilitation Training Registration Closes
  • February 8th-  Board Training (Roanoke) 
  • February 22nd-23rd- Facilitation Training (Wytheville)
  • February 27th-29th- Facilitation Training (Richmond) 
Opportunity: Board Training 

Gail Harris will be conducting a Board Training in Roanoke, VA on February 8th. This training is a repeat of the Board Training conducted about a year ago. We are encouraging any new board members or board members who were unable to attend the last training to attend. Staff are also welcome to attend. 
Facilitation Training
The Virginia CSBG Office along with VACAP is hosting a 2-day Facilitation Training. Trainers from the Virginia Cooperative Extension will be providing attendees with a highly interactive, informational training. There will be 2 training's offered, one in Wytheville on February 22-23 and one in Richmond on February 27-28. The cost for the 2-day training is $50.00/person, this includes lunch both days and all materials.  Currently each agency can send one representative, ideally a staff member who is leading the Needs Assessment Process for the agency.  There will be a waiting list for additional agency representatives who wish to attend. To add additional people to the waiting list please email Initial Registration will close on February 1st, at that point we will open up any remaining spots to those on the waiting list. 

Register today for the Facilitation Training
FYI- Organizational Standards status letters will be distributed during the week of January 9th. These letters will be sent to both the Executive Director and Board Chair. Contact your Program Staff Member if you have any questions