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This time of year we are very busy performing many different services to maintain and improve our customers’ properties.  We are taking a few minutes to let you know the services we will be performing in the coming weeks, to keep you informed.   We also want to make you aware of what is trending this year.  We are starting to feature pictures of some of our clients' properties, so please let us know if you are interested in showcasing your property.
Right Now

     Winter is here and there is a chill in the air.  We have been in full swing leaf removal and are close to wrapping it up before the Christmas break.  You may have seen us on your property over the past few weeks, or noticed that most of your leaves are finally down and gone.  This time of year our visits to your property will be less frequent, but we always aim to make sure the leaves are removed before the Christmas Holiday.  Our leaf removals will continue until all the leaves are down and gone, and we will visit again after the holidays, if needed.  

Lawn care

Coming up

    Over the first few months of the New Year, you will not see us as often as you do through the spring, summer and fall.  We will periodically visit your property to perform a few winter tasks, like perennial cutback and preparing planting beds for mulch.  For our customers with winter visits, we will visit on a more frequent basis to police the grounds for downed limbs and trash, and do some touch up leaf removal.  If you would like us to visit your property periodically through the winter, and don’t have winter visits “in contract”, please contact the office and we would be happy to propose this service for you.  If you have a need, and haven’t seen us in while, please call the office to let us know.

     Throughout the winter our Installation crews continue to work because we are able to perform many installation functions year round.  We will be installing plants, trees and mulch, and doing some hardscaping work for customers, unless the ground is totally frozen.  When we have a hard freeze and have to stop working, normally we can wait a few days until it thaws, then resume work.  

Winter Discount

This is the perfect time of year to plan and get your renovation ideas off the ground.  We would love the opportunity to help you plan and budget for improvements to your outdoor living space.  We offer winter discounts for installation work, so please give our office a call to schedule a time to meet and get our help with your ideas or to request a quote.

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Until Next Time
Our Goal is to stand behind our name, "Integrity Landscaping Solutions," by treating our clients with integrity and providing you excellent landscaping service.  In order to better serve our clients we will be sending out periodic surveys to ask for your feedback on our performance.  Please don't wait until then to tell us if you have a problem, a suggestion or a compliment to share.  You may contact us at anytime by email, through our website or by calling our office at 804-798-0048.  We look forward to serving you!

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