Aidan is an adorable little boy with sensory and motor difficulties. These difficulties interfere with his daily routine and his ability to interact without support at school. Aidan requires constant supervision due to safety concerns and impulsive tendencies. He loves to please and wants to do his best but often the impulsive behaviors hinder his success.
Before starting Swim Whisperer Swim Lessons, Aidan tried typical small group lessons but due to several roadblocks, he did not see any progress.  After just two lessons in our program, he was able to overcome these roadblocks using the strategies from our methodology.  Now, the goal for Aidan is to complete 4-6 private lessons then move into 4-6 semiprivate lessons.  Once he makes progress in semi-private lessons, he should be able to go to a more mainstream swim class with much success.
Video Outline
5:05  “I'm not used to it” instead of discussing this the instructor quickly switches the subject to a bob
Sometimes when first submerging assisting the body to stay flexed will help maintain chin tuck and avoid water going up the swimmers nose
6:48  Allowing him to plug his nose at first. It is important to be flexible and understand when to push and when to allow for a short period of time a compensation
7:40  “Do you want to do it by yourself or do you need help”  Often times they can not coordinate how to get to the bottom and will need more help to understand how to control their body
8:50  Taking a 60 second break to negotiate and listen to the swimmer can help you to determine your next activity
9:45  Awareness of where his feet are is provided by putting one pound weights on for a few minutes.  Giving him some gravity on his feet allowed him to understand how to kick.  We did not need the weights again, this short amount of time offered him just enough information for him to understand how to coordinate and kick his feet
10:18  Notice the fast pace and the ignoring of the item that he threw followed by a firm discussion of expectation
11:45  In an effort to increase successful saves, the instructor introduces rescue equipment to generalize the rescue tube into their routine.  

1.     When a swimmer throws something or splashes you in the face you should try the following:

a)    Always tell them to quit the behavior or they will get out
b)   Splash them back every single time and explain why that is not nice
c)    Choose your battle wisely! Sometimes you can ignore and keep going with your
       lesson plan other times you will need to address the issue.
d)   None of the above
2.     Pacing the lesson for this population requires the instructor to be ____ ?

a)    Creative, flexible, open minded and firm yet kind
b)   Structured with little options to switch gears
c)    Always stay rhythmical in your songs and movements
d)   Methodical, slow and highly rigid