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Save the Date - 
April 22, 2017
Looking for a do-good-and-have-fun-while- you're-at-it Valentine's Gift? Or inspired to help yourself or someone else get back on an exercise routine? Sign up yourself, friends, family and co-workers for the Diabuddies Dash in Keizer Oregon which will benefit CDFChoose from 5K or 10K. Learn more, be active and get inspired at Diabuddies Dash!

New Year's Resolutions 
Resolving to improve something for the New Year has become an age old tradition and yet also a failure - especially when it comes to big intimidating topics like weight control. Instead, Diabetes Sisters advises easing into 2017 with smaller more specific goals that are healthy, achievable, sustainable and even fun!  This list of 50 resolutions is incredibly comprehensive and sure to contain a variety of resolutions to choose from to fit anyone's taste, habits or budgets.

As for luck, well there's plenty of that to be found too! You just have to know where to look for those auspicious signs that signal 2017 will be a great one for you, or collect enough lucky charms to ensure it.

National Hot Tea Month
With the cold winter weather upon us, what better than to warm up with a cozy cup of tea? There are so many teas and clever reasons and ways to drink it, whether for health, relaxation, or an excuse to spend time with a dear friend or loved one, or curl up with a good book or favorite movie.

According to two Aussie nurses and assorted experts, green tea in particular is possibly helpful for diabetes, whether type 1 or 2.

Progress & Products in the New Year 
There are numerous innovative and hopeful new diabetes tools to look forward to in 2017!  A Sweet Life profiles 6 of these while Diatribe expands on these and more. 

Your U.S. State & Diabetes  
The New Year is a good time to reflect on where you are at. This includes location! Some states have a much better track record for diabetes. At the Wellbeing Index  you can  download the full report to see where YOUR state ranks. 

Overall,  Oregon  is ... um ... well  not doing so   well. Obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol are up from 2015 to 2016, and diabetes has almost doubled, pushing  Oregon  to a dismal 31st place - gulp! 

National Bird Day
January 5 
On National Bird Day, it was time to appreciate and recognize the many species of birds that keep our world beautiful and filled with song. Birds, particularly parrot species, can get diabetes, although their condition presents slightly different than human.

Hummingbirds, on the other hand, despite their diet, do not seem to get diabetes - miraculous!

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Day  is not only the birthday of this famous African American civil rights and peace activist, but it has evolved into a nation-wide practice of giving back to the community ,  as inspired by    Dr. King .  We hope you were abele to take advantage of this opportunity to "have a dream," to Dream BIG and to find a cause that feels worthy and deserving of your time and effort!

Black Licorice & Diabetes? 
Candy  is not stereotypically known as a diabetes cure. However, black licorice (featured as a favorite treat by this month's guest author Cynthia G. ) specifically appears to have compounds that might be beneficial for diabetes. However, be sure to read between the lines - the candy itself is not the secret; and there are still some precautions and conflicting opinions. 

Farewell Mary Tyler Moore! 
"You truly have to make the very best of what you got." 
~ Mary Tyler Moore 
T1d actress and star Mary Tyler Moore recently passed. She leaves behind an impressive legacy of television and Hollywood stardom that spans decades. Furthermore, she was also a legendary diabetes pioneer in that she demonstrated how you truly can reach for the stars, dream BIG and live a long and satisfying life, all while staying active and managing your diabetes. Here's to you Mary!

Recipe of the Month: 
Creamy Chai Tea
8 oz. vanilla almond milk or nonfat milk
chai tea bag
cinnamon stick
freshly grated nutmeg

Instructions :
Heat milk until hot, but not boiling. (I used the "Beverage" button on my microwave.) Pour into cup over chai tea bag. Steep 3 to 5 minutes and remove bag. Add cinnamon stick and dust with nutmeg
En joy !


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A Diabetes Miracle if I've Ever Seen One...

Kindly reprinted with permission from Cynthia Zuber of Diabetes Light  and from Diabetic Lifestyle . You can also find Cynthia on Facebook

So a complete miracle happened on Wednesday that I just have to share with you. Pretty unbelievable... I woke up fairly early that day. It was my second day volunteering at a diabetes camp for children and there were a few things I needed to get home for. I set my alarm early so I would have time to get all of my things packed up.

On the morning agenda for the campers was horseback riding - something I did not want to miss! The horse ranch was at a location on my way back home to the cities where I live - so very convenient for me to go and have an excuse to spend a little more time with the campers and counselors I grew to love during my time at camp!

9:30 am was the time the bus was going to depart and head one hour north to the horse ranch. It was a little ambitious, but originally I was hoping to be ready in time to follow the bus the campers were on to the ranch. I was just about ready in time until I realized I still needed to pack my food sensitivity friendly food - breakfast and lunch. Having a balanced healthy meal is important when you have diabetes, and especially when you have food sensitivities in addition to diabetes, so I did not want to skip this important piece of my self-care.

Although I was not ready in time to follow the bus, I still had a time crunch. At 10:00 am I had an appointment scheduled with my homeopath. While generally done in person, I decided to have this appointment by phone as it allowed me to stay at camp longer with the kids rather than need to leave the evening prior.

At 10:00 am my homeopath called as scheduled. Only problem was that I was not quite ready for his call! I had packed everything up in my cabin and had it waiting by the door. I had also gone to the kitchen and packed up all of the food allergy friendly food I brought from the refrigerator and prepared my healthy breakfast and lunch. But having just picked up my car located on the other side of camp, I still needed to drive it to my cabin and load up.

I told him I would call back in 2 - 3 minutes-- the time I estimated I needed to load my belongings into the back of my Ford Escape. As my appointments with him are not cheap, I went as quickly as I could loading up my suitcase, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.

I looked down at my belly and realized the transmitter/sensor to my CGM (continuous glucose meter) was partially torn off. Frustrated as it was only a day old (they last 7 days), I ripped it off completely and tucked it safely into an inside pocket of my purse.

Ten minutes later (a little longer than anticipated) I was off! I called my homeopath back, then made my way out of the camp and up dirt roads and a handful of turns while chatting with him about everything going on in my life the past month. Finally, I reached the highway that would lead me 54 miles to the horse ranch.

Fast forward to arriving at a store* (at end of post I share about the store!) I wanted to stop at a few miles from the horse ranch. After parking the car, I looked down at my right pocket where I usually have my CGM receiver clipped. It was not there. This is always a moment of panic, kind of like when you think you are missing your wallet or purse.

I was sure it must have fallen off onto the seat or console area. I searched. Not there. I frantically started looking on the passenger seat and floor - also not there. I finally realized I may not have it so decided I would have to call the endo at camp (the only phone number I had of anyone there) to see if it was maybe lying amidst the dirt and patches of grass outside my cabin. Maybe the suitcase had bumped it off as I loaded it into the car!!?!?

I stepped out of my car and headed to the back of the vehicle where I was going to rest my bag on the back bumper and look up the number to call the endo. That is where I saw what my eyes could not believe! A true act of God.

There sitting on the back bumper was my CGM receiver!! It was tilted at an angle as if it was almost ready to tip off. It had traveled on the back bumper at least 50 miles going 70mph on the highway.. How did it ever stay there and not fly off on the winding roads and stops and turns of a car moving soooooo fast?!!?!?!? And what are the chances as I was loading up my car that it would fall off my pocket and land right there?

I have no idea but I cannot tell you how thankful and relieved I felt. I had already started planning out when I would be able to drive down to camp again to search for it and how I would make it a few days without my CGM. I prayed right then and there saying, "Thank you God. Thank you!!"

Where Are They Now
1. How many years did you attend camp and what was the last year that you attended?  
I was a little late to the game and was only able to attend CDBC for 2 years! I believe 2010 was my last year. I loved (and still do love) playing basketball, so I was so excited when I discovered there was a diabetes camp specifically for basketball! So perfect for me! 

2. What is your favorite camp memory? 
I have a couple of favorite camp memories. One thing that really sticks out in my mind is gathering at the covered area with the picnic tables up on the hill and listening/singing along with "The Lucky Few". Even my first year being there, I could tell how much it meant to everyone and it made me want to be a part of it right away. Another favorite part is the close-knit group of girls. The ladies are far outnumbered by the guys, so we always seemed to end up being drawn closer together, which is so special and creates many fun memories. Did I mention the giant slip n' slide too? :D 

3. Did you learn anything at camp to improve your diabetes care?  
I had been playing basketball with diabetes for years, but it sure helped to see others like me doing the exact same thing! It's always helpful to hear other perspectives and see how others manage diabetes during sports. I'm sure I learned a tactic or two to help prevent lows and highs while playing the game. 

4. Do you stay in contact with anyone you met while attending camp?
I do! Online mostly, but I've run into past campers which is always so fun, and occasionally I will meet up with someone from camp to catch up. :) 

5. Do you have any advice for present or future campers? 
Jump in right away! I wish that I had more years to attend CDBC before I was too old to go, because I think I would've gotten more comfortable each year. I was a pretty quiet and slow-to-warm-up kid back then, so I would have appreciated more time to spend and grow closer to the wonderful people at this camp! I so appreciate the time I did have, though. What an amazing group of people. 

*Tell us about yourself since your camper days....did you attend college and where...are you working...are you married...do you have children...anything else you would like to share...
I graduated from college with 2 degrees, Human Development and Family Sciences and then also a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. During my time in college, I was able to study abroad in the UK, have a summer internship in the Diabetes Education department at Novo Nordisk, and start a diabetes-focused YouTube channel called "DiabeticDanica", which I am excited to say has grown to over 16,000 subscribers (not a lot for YouTube, but sure a lot for me!). I have had so many amazing opportunities arise from this channel, and last year I teamed up with Dexcom to start making videos for THEIR YouTube channel! I also work as a Registered Nurse in an inpatient pediatric unit at the local hospital, which I have learned so much from. I am working on gaining experience to become a pediatric Certified Diabetes Educator someday. :) 

Chris Dudley Head shot PT
Happ y New Year!


Chris Dudley and  
Chris Dudley Foundation