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Dear Beloved Partners and Friends,

Loving greetings from the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

We thank God for every remembrance of you in our prayers. We pray that your love always abounds in the Lord, God's presence be with you always to guide you and protect you from all harms and may His peace, joy and love be with you  all the time!
We thank God for His wonderful provision and for keeping the children safe and healthy. Early this year, Abecendario siblings were added to our care. Bea (6), Ivan (4) and Girlie (2) were rescued by government authorities from their drug-addicted father. Ivan would tell other children how his parents would hit each other whenever they fight.  The children recount that the last time they saw their mother was when her head was heavily bleeding after she was dragged to the walls.  They can not tell the whereabouts of the latter because since then (one year ago) they did not see her anymore.
Upon admission, the siblings were brought to a doctor for medical check up and were all found out to be severely malnourished and had to be dewormed. Obviously because they beg and eat recycle food from the street garbage.
We thank God for everyone who visited the kids here, gave their time, shared something and brought cheers and happiness to the children. We pray blessings for you too!
Following the words of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:35-36, 'For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat, ...I was naked and you clothed Me, ... I was in prison and you visited Me.'PH Mission Team went to the mountain foot of Buriraoan, Magsaysay, a small village of indigenous people and distributed school materials, clothes, stuff toys and food. More than 150 recipient school kids who were present during the day received your donations to us.
The next day, the Team also visited the prisoners at the municipal jail of San Jose to pray for them and then distributed hygiene supplies and toiletries.
This 2-day mission was indeed a great experience to all of us.
CBA Sports
The Philippines is a basketball game-loving country.  Filipinos—young and old—all over the country love to play basketball.   Christian Basketball Association (CBA) Sports is more than just a sports advocate group. It is not just competition or sports  development. It has a moral, ethical and spiritual component that can never be found in the program of other sports organizations. 
CBA Sports is a soul/character development of the young—moving towards becoming the persons they were created to be.  CBA Sports lead young people to a saving and relational knowledge of God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
This program will also prevent young people from being prey to criminal and drug-related activities. CBA Sports activities include basketball clinic, character building and summer basketball league.

Precious Heritage has started its CBA Sports program early this year for the teenage children and youth in Antipolo. This program caters children, boys and girls from 10-18 years old.
PH Skills and Livelihood Training Program
This year Precious Heritage has committed to launch a new program specifically for out-of-school teens, youth, and jobless parents in the community. We aim to teach them how to fish instead of giving them fish regularly. A series of different  livelihood skills training will be offered for free to all recipients. Precious Heritage will invite skilled volunteers or hire skilled professionals in our location to teach and train our target clientele.
Through this program, our recipients can create their own stable source of income to support their own families. This way, we can help our government in addressing the poverty situation in the community.
Please help us pray for the following:

1. Volunteer resource persons for the Skills and Livelihood Training Programs for the teenage children, out-of-school youth and adults in the community.
2. Sponsors for our up-coming CBA Sports Camp this April 2017. Any help is greatly appreciated.
3. We are currently raising fund for the construction a much wider covered place for our various community-based programs (feeding program, children's gatherings, sports and training location). Please pray that God will send us donors to complete the project.
4. Health recovery of the 3 new wards under our care. They already undergo deworming and medication but all of them are sickly.

Most of all, we thank God for you our beloved partners and friends.  Your ministry to support and pray is truly important. We pray that you may be able to continue supporting the children here as what God has for you to do in response to God’s love in your life. We pray that God will help and guide you as we continue in this partnership of helping the less fortunate ones!  

To God be all the glory!

Very truly yours,

Executive Director
"Transforming Lives, Shaping Future"