Vol. 3, Issue 1
January 2017

Discovery of Chitin Derivative
Zheng Research Group isolates valuable chitin derivative
Zhiping Zheng's research group has reported a practical approach to isolating Chromogen I.

2016 CBC Catalyst Awards
Victor J. Hruby wins first place
Winners of the 2016 Catalyst Awards for Outstanding Entrepreneurial Activities in the Chemical Sciences have been announced.

2016 Charles Hoyt Scholars
Jordan Barrows & Sona Avetian Selected

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is pleased to announce that Jordan Barrows and Sona Avetian were selected as the Charles Hoyt Scholars for 2016.

ACS Hach Land Grant Scholars
Three Students Selected

CBC is pleased to announce that Sona Avetian, Abigail Rasmussen and Karey Armenta (not shown) were selected as ACS Hach Land Grant Scholars. 

February 25, 2017, 9 am to 12 noon

You are invited to attend the annual Biological, Engineering, and Chemical Undergraduate Research (BECUR) Conference to be held at the Henry Koffler Building on the UA Main Campus. 

Alumni News

Amy Cote-Glynn (BS in Chemistry, 2014) In 2015 I gave birth to my son and moved to Seattle, WA, where I currently work for the Food and Drug Administration. I also am working on a master's degree at the University of Washington.
Varuni Livera (PhD in Chemistry, 2016) I currently work as a Process Technology Development Engineer at Intel. My job duties include developing material and equipment for the manufacturing process, as well as planning and conducting experiments to fully characterize the process throughout the development cycle.
Retsina Meyer (BS in BMB, Math & Psych, 2004) After earning a Neuroscience PhD at MIT, I founded Resilience, a startup focused on novel treatments for PTSD and other brain diseases. I also am Scientific Program Manager for Cohen Biosciences, a non-profit dedicated to fast-tracking the development of diagnostics tests and personalized therapeutics for those who suffer from trauma on the brain. I am delighted to return to the UA as the Keynote Speaker for the upcoming 2017 UBRP Conference
Santosh Shah (PhD in Biochemistry, 2013) I completed my Postdoctoral Fellowship from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I carried out drug discovery against infectious diseases. Currently I am working on biologics development as a Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceuticals through Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories in Pennsylvania.