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Donation Match Success
Thank you to everyone that made a contribution to our gift-matching campaign in December! Thanks to your support, we exceeded our fundraising goal of $2,500 and utilized the entire matching budget. These funds will be directed to animal care expenses, such as veterinary costs, supplements, habitat improvements, etc. We are so grateful for your support and the amazing things it has enabled us to accomplish for animals in 2016. We look forward to our ongoing partnership and another successful year!
Local Appreciation Month
January is Local Appreciation Month at National Tiger Sanctuary! If you live in the surrounding area you will receive $10 off adult tickets and $5 off child tickets in the month of January! Believe it or not, the animals love the cold, and winter is a great time to visit! Don't believe me? Check out these awesome photos of the cats enjoying our first snow of 2017! 
Our Lovely Dee
The princess of National Tiger Sanctuary passed away on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 after a battle with liver cancer. We were fortunate that Dee maintained normal behavior and consumed several pounds of food per day for many weeks in the beginning of her fight. Near the end, her consumption started to decline further, and we knew it was time to let her go. A decision to help an animal pass is the hardest choice we ever have to make, but we know that it is better for them to go peacefully than to suffer. Even though Dee's cancer was not treatable, we were grateful for those last few weeks with her to prepare for goodbye. We made sure to buy her favorite foods (pork steaks, filet mignon, and chicken legs), and we reminded her how much we loved and cared for her. She was in the company of those who loved her when she peacefully passed away.

Dee will be fondly remembered for her loving spirit and striking beauty. She will live in our hearts forever and inspire us to continue making the world a better place for animals in 2017.  

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."   -Anatole France-
Looking For Love?
Five kittens are still looking for loving families in 2017! They are playful, loving, and a whole lot of fun! The kittens are four months old, vaccinated, and fixed. Sadly, their mother was scheduled to be euthanized the day before we agreed to pull her from a kill shelter. She was pulled just in time to avoid being killed, but also just in time to give birth to seven beautiful kittens that evening. The kittens love people and get along great with other cats.  Please e-mail for adoption information!  
Cat of the Month - Max
Max is our featured animal of the month for January! Max was a founding cat of National Tiger Sanctuary when he was rescued as a cub in 2001. Max is fifteen years old and is admired by all for his size and beauty!  You can contribute to Max's care by adopting him  online  or over the phone. As a thank you, we will send you a t-shirt, photo, window decal, and certificate of adoption.