New Year's Special.
We're thrilled by how many enjoyed our Pennsylvania grown Asian Pears over the last several months.  Thank you everyone for sharing our pears!  Due to our bountiful harvest, we are delighted to be able to continue to ship varieties of our pears through January.  

What better way to celebrate all your New Years' resolutions than by enjoying sweet and tasty slices of Asian Pears - healthfully delivered right your door!
In tribute to our pears' special availability - we are extending our holiday flat rate shipping special! $9.99 Ground shipping anywhere East Coast and Central US destinations for any size gift box (promo code shop4holiday will automatically apply on our website). For those on the West Coast, there is a special three-day shipping flat rate as well.  Visit our online store to purchase a most wonderful, healthful Wintertime treat.   Our pears are great ideas for  belated holiday gifts, too.

Regular shipping rates apply to our pantry items.

asian pears available to order!
Arctic Orchard 

Many of you have been asking if the recent single-digit cold weather harms our trees.  Not at all; our trees, already in dormant mode, are naturally inclined to handle weather like this...part of the natural cycle of the seasons.  

The downside is that it does make it difficult for our pruning team to get out into the orchard to prune the trees.  But the upside is that we hope this intense cold kills off unwanted pests:  stinkbug, lantern fly, maybe even pear sylla.  Regardless, a snowy cold morning is certainly beautiful landscape to appreciate.

Asian Pears: Wintertime healthy snack
Subarashii Samosas.

Looking for a cozy recipe to make this Winter?  What might appear to be a rather exotic dish is quite simple to: recipe also includes use of ready-made dough for those of us who are not yet savvy bakers). A delicious combo of Asian Pears, beef, vegetables, cumin and coriander - make this a healthy, stick-to-your-bones dish to enjoy as an appetizer or as a meal.  

What is a samosa? It is meat or vegetable filled pastry/ dumpling ...similar on concept to a pierogi or empanada.  Chef Lesle has given us a health-minded twist by creating a baked Samosa with our Asian Pears!   

Click here to download this  recipe.