January 2018 News

A letter from your new Community Council President!
Hello neighbors and happy 2018! I am excited to be entering the new year as the President of the Columbia Tusculum Community Council. I am proud of our diverse, vibrant, growing neighborhood and I look forward to doing everything I can to drive it even further. My goals for the neighborhood are to improve pedestrian and resident safety, enhance neighborhood aesthetics and beautification, and promote a sense of community and resident engagement. 

We have a great CT Community Council that is ready to serve - including, Vice President Kathie Hickey, Secretary  Erin Heinrich, Treasurer Karl Preissner, and five directors at large 
( Jim Dechert,  Aaron Burkhardt,  John Speiser,  Chuck Hertel, &  Claire Davison).

I hope that you will join us by participating in community efforts and activities over the course of 2018. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly with any questions, concerns, or ideas that you might have! I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood. 

Matt Yauch
Mark Your Calendar!
Winter Wine Tasting & Art Show
 @ The Carnegie Center
All Are Invited!

More Information:
Upcoming Can Release at Streetside!
Columbia Tusculum's own, the 8 Hearted, will play from 1-4 pm.  
It is also the Grand Opening of Street Chef Brigade - Streetside's new permanent food truck!

More Information:
UC Communiversity in CT
Astrology 101: Cast Your Own Horoscope
Tuesday, January 23rd
@ The Carnegie Center of CT

Learn how to create your own birth chart, a horoscope based on your moment of birth, and explore what it means. In this class you will learn a bit about the history of Western astrology and how it has changed over time, work using simplified methods to cast your own horoscope, and explore what insights the positions of the planets and stars in the sky at the time of your birth provide. Course fee is $39.

Thanks to your generous donations, Columbia Tusculum residents donated 84 fleeces to the students of Riverview East Academy! 
(that is more than 2X the number we donated last year!)
Thank you for your generosity!
On a walk and see litter?
Pick it up!
Let's all work together to beautify Columbia Tusculum!
Fulfill your New Year's Resolution in CT! 
CT is home to MANY great Gyms, Studios, Training Facilities, and Exercise Groups.
Check them out here - many are offering New Years Specials to get you started!
Playhouse in the Park is Coming to CT - February 18th!

The much-loved tale about a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy is packed with magical characters, cartwheels, circus antics and dollops of fun for the whole family.

February 18, 2018 - 2:00pm at The Carnegie Center of CT

Admission is FREE with advanced registration or $5 at the door. 
Register by emailing events@thecarnegiecenter.org
Reminder - there is a community council meeting on Monday, January 15th - 7pm @ The Carnegie Center
Find the agenda here
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