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Marie-Claude Stockl
Greetings from the North Country!  As we enter a record 10-day single digit temperatures in New York, horses have taught me a lesson, yet again.  If we could be more like a horse when the environment changes, we would adapt, and do well.

On the first day of this long cold spell, wind chill factor was -17 all day, and we left the horses in.  There were fine.  On the second day, we realized we were in for the long run, and we turned out for 3 hours.  They were fine. By the third day, we were comfortable leaving them out for six hours.  You guessed it, all is well in the North Pole.

The big surprise was to see the herd follow their normal grazing routine, digging for grass under the snow instead of eating the hay we put in the paddocks. This would be great fodder for discussion at an equine assisted learning workshop!

No matter what changes come our way, I believe we will have a fantastic year, with a little help from our friends.  Help from the E3A board and committees will come from valuable networking opportunities, trainings, and the one-on-one relationships we forge through the association.

Warm wishes to you, your families, and your 4-legged friends.
With gratitude,

Marie-Claude Stockl

   Upcoming Training Deadlines

For a complete list of the 2018 Calendar of Events & Trainings, click here.
Interested in becoming certified in 2018? Act now and you could be certified in 2018 for as little as $2075*. Level 1 certification consists of a Teleclass (C1), plus 6 days (C2 and C3) under the tutelage of two master trainers in the arena. We limit enrollment to small groups to give you lots of
personal attention.

C1: Introduction to Equine Experiential Education
Facilitation Method (Teleclass)
February 15, 2018 Register Now!
March 15, 2018   Register Now! 

C2: Foundations of Equine Experiential Education Facilitation
May 6-8, 2018. Early Bird rate is $925 through Apr. 6. Register Now!

C3: Advanced Equine Experiential Education Facilitation
May 10-12, 2018. Early Bird rate is $1175 through Apr. 10. Register Now!

Bundle C2/C3 at the same time for $2000 and save $! 
Total cost of the certification, including $75 to cover the cost of the C1 teleclass is $2075. This is our most cost-effective certification package.

Learn how to enhance the offerings at your EAL business in 2018 by taking the Personal Development & Wellbeing trainings!

E5: Intro to E3A Personal Development & Wellbeing (Teleclass )    
Mar 22, 2018 . Register Now!


E6: Creating Personal Development & Wellbeing EAL Workshops
May 4-6 2018. Early Bird rate is $925 through Apr.4. Register Now!

Having trouble registering? Call us at 775-376-2530.

Welcome New Board Member - Carrie Brady
Carrie and her co-facilitator Mere.
E3A welcomes Carrie Brady as a new member to the E3A Board of Directors! Carrie Brady, JD, MA is the Principal of CBrady Consulting and founder of Possibilities Farm, a unique resource center for personal and professional development. In her experiential learning programs at the farm, Carrie partners with three extraordinary horses to facilitate rapid breakthroughs for individual and corporate clients.

As a seasoned consultant and facilitator, experienced executive and lifelong horsewoman, Carrie is able to help clients translate the new perspectives they gain from working with the horses into powerful and immediate results at work and home. She has served as a Vice President in two organizations and has
led both national and international efforts to improve healthcare. She is well-known for her engaging and experiential workshops and webinars, including a curriculum to improve patient-centered care that she taught in 23 states. She also successfully facilitates complex national and international projects, such as the Patient and Family Engagement Forum of the World Innovation Summit for Health, a global collaboration hosted by the Qatar Foundation and Imperial College London. Carrie authored the book
HCAHPS Basics and a chapter in an American Journal of Nursing 2014 Book of the Year Person and Family Centered Care, and co-authored the Patient and Family Engagement Forum report, as well as other widely-used healthcare reports and resources.

Carrie's educational background includes a JD from Northwestern University, an MA in Sociology, and a Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship. She is certified by the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) and as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH). She currently partners with Arts for Learning Connecticut as a teaching artist in creative arts programs for students with special needs and with New Canaan Mounted Troop as an instructor in their Supertroopers therapeutic equine care program.
Get Involved! Volunteer for Participation in E3A Committees!
As a non-profit organization, E3A depends on volunteers for its operation. From marketing to member support services to board membership, these activities all occur through the talented members that contribute their time and expertise to making E3A a success! Board membership, in particular, has a pre-requisite of dedicated and successful participation in other supporting committees.

So let us know of any special strengths that you have or of any specific committees that you would like to join. Start your path to the operation and governance of E3A by contacting Carrie Brady at
Survey Seeks Your Input on EAL Practices & E3A Model
Help Advance Our Knowledge of Equine-Assisted Mental Health and Equine-Assisted Learning

If you are E3A certified, we strongly encourage you to participate in a survey on equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning. The link to the online survey was provided to us by Leif Hallberg, who is conducting the survey in cooperation with Idaho State University.

The purpose of the survey is to gain a deeper understanding of the different models and approaches that are used for equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning. We would like to get as many responses as possible from our E3A certified members to make sure that the E3A model is represented in the survey.

You can get to the survey by clicking on the following link. When you are asked about the modality of your facilitation, check "other" and fill in E3A. The survey is long and can take up to an hour to complete. The survey is open until March 16.

Member Spotlight on Jinny Cash
Jinny Cash has a passion for our "Healing Heroes" - that is, veterans who have dedicated a portion of their lives to the freedom and security of the Nation. This passion has been ingrained after a 30 year career with the Army. She retired from the Army Reserve in 2015.

Captain Cash at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, in 2011.
After a tour in Afghanistan, Jinny decided to use her skills as a leader and horse lover to help people through Equine Assisted Learning.

In 2012, she became certified in EAL through Tim Manson's Innovative Horizons program (Tim is a founding member of E3A).
She built on that foundation by joining E3A and taking enrichment classes on StrengthFinders and Personal Development and Wellbeing (PDW). She has also became certified at Greg Kerstan's OK Corral Series "Coming Home Again" program for returning veterans.
At Operation Horses and Heroes event in Hinesville GA, with co-facilitator Dr. Michael-Renee Godfrey (right).

In 2016, Jinny became a facilitator with Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc. who sponsor equine assisted resiliency programs for active duty and veterans across the country.

She is active in both veterans and equine organizations, serving as a state officer for the American Legion in Idaho and working as a volunteer at the local Veterans Outreach. She also publishes an online newspaper that collects stories from around the web concerning horses, equine assisted programs (especially those reaching out to veterans) and people who love horses around the world. To read and subscribe, mosey over to   Happy Trails - the Newspaper Dedicated to Horses, their People  & the Western Way of Life.

Jinny is taking over production of the E3A Newsletter. She lives in North Central Idaho with two dogs and five horses. She can be reached at

Join E3A!
If you are not a member of E3A, we'd like to invite you to join us.  There are many benefits to being an E3A member, including free Community Network Meetings, great people to network and exchange ideas with, and some opportunities that are only open to our members.  Check them out at  under Membership.   

Want to be more involved?
We have plenty of volunteer opportunities. Call us to let us know how you want to help. Remember, every horse in the herd plays a role in the herd's success...What part will you play in OUR herd? 

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