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Executive Update

Happy New Year! We are delight to share the news of a 20% increase in donations at the end of 2017. Thank you for believing in the value of humanities through our mission: to  inspire us to come together in creative and freely expressed ways to deepen our understanding of ourselves and enrich our communities.   Our ability to connect and understand each other in a society that seems increasingly hostile is as urgent now as ever before.
We look forward to a wave of fresh new faces in March with the advent of Poetry Out Loud. Approximately 50 fine young people together from every corner of Michigan will complete in recitation. With  MCACA as our POL partner, along with generous support from  Meijer , it is sure to be a glorious celebration of the written word through young people.
We are also bringing our esteemed authors back in the spring for our Great Michigan Read book,  X: A Novel  with a whirlwind tour through the Upper Peninsula, and in the Lower Peninsula, from west to south. At least two stops include an exclusive audience of young people, and their inquisitiveness and deep interest in the story of redemption and overcoming challenges is fascinating. Would you like up to 30 books for your book club, class or group? Please call us at  517-372-7770 .   
I encourage you to share a story about yourself, your family, or your community with a young person today, and perhaps even more importantly, to  LISTEN  to one of their stories. Our human connections to those around us without judgment can be enlightening, and lead to great things. Be one of those people from whom  HUMANITIES MATTER .

Shelly Kasprzycki
Executive Director 
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Poetry Out Loud - Teachers!
Your School Champions are due January 26, 2018.
In March, we will select our new State Champion!
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COMING SOON!! Michigan Humanities Presents
A New Grant Program: Third Coast Conversations

While it may be all frozen right now, Michigan’s water wonderland is known across the country as the nation’s “Third Coast.” Our magnificent state boasts the most miles of shoreline in the contiguous United States, bordering four of the five Great Lakes. With this vast resource also comes great responsibility. Lately it seems you can’t pick up a newspaper or scroll social media without finding a story relating to Michigan’s water. Our abundance of water has allowed us to be a lucrative place to do business and develop industry, including a booming tourism industry. At the same time, access to safe, clean water has been a scarcity. By providing support for community conversations around topics connected to water , we will help people across the state learn about issues that affect their communities in the 21st century. Grant applications for Michigan Humanities “Third Coast Conversations: Dialogues about Water in Michigan” will open January 16th with final applications due March 16th.
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The 2018 Arts & Humanities Touring Grant

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Arts & Humanities Touring
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  The Quick Grant Application opens on Monday, January 22, 2018

J. Irwin Miller said, “The calling of the humanities is to make us truly human in the best sense of the word.” Who is a Humanities professional? They may be teachers, writers, editors, librarians, archivists, curators or community based experts educated in one of the humanities disciplines. Humanities professionals encourage dialogue, critical thinking, and analysis. Why not look into a Quick Grant that would provide up to $750 to support a public humanities program? Engage a humanities professional for your next book discussion, or invite a humanities professional to be a guest speaker at your library or next community event! Quick Grant applications open online Monday, January 22nd.
Humanities Grants Spring 2018
Draft Proposals and Applications are now being accepted.
Did you know Michigan Humanities offers humanities grant applicants the opportunity to receive feedback on their project prior to submitting a full application? The draft proposal form is an online, condensed version of the humanities grant application that allows applicants to share their project and budget details. Michigan Humanities reviews each draft proposal and provides constructive feedback to help fine-tune and strengthen final applications.
Take a look at the Fall 2017 Grant Recipients, the list is available online.
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