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Articles include how to apply for the Craig Tufts Scholarship, the beauty of the peregrine falcon, facts about the Appalachian Trail, and a Summiteer's dream of warmer temperatures and good friends.
Craig Tufts Scholarship
Do you know a child who loves nature?

Would you love to see that child's face light up as they explore the Great North Woods of Maine with their new Summit friends?

Do you realize a single Summit experience can change a child's life?
Then give that child the link to the Craig Tufts Scholarship.

This scholarship, in honor of the great Natural Gardening guru, Craig Tufts, is awarded every year to a child between 8 and 18 who writes a 3-page essay about their favorite natural activity and how they would share their Summit experience back home.

Best of all, this scholarship includes the cost of an accompanying adult, so Mom or Dad can join their child and enjoy all the amazing Summit activities with their child.

I remember watching our 2017 winner, Melani, taking her father on an early morning bird hike. 

And Maya at Ghost Ranch sifting the New Mexican sands looking for fossils. 

In 2016 our scholarship recipient Aiden learned how to create fire by friction alongside Thomas, our winner from the previous year. Thomas loved the Summit so much he came back with his Mom and Dad and brother!
Every child in America should have at least one Summit experience. It deepens their love of nature and expands their horizons of a unique natural ecosystem far from home.
Encourage a child you know to apply for a Craig Tufts Scholarship.

But hurry. The deadline is March 23!


You're hiking at the Maine Summit at Grafton Notch high above the treeline when you glimpse a bird plummeting downward at near 200 miles per hour.

He's a black and gray blur twisting into knots as he chases and captures smaller birds on the fly.
Okay, this peregrine falcon has been spotted attacking prey as large as a sandhill crane, but no bird can outfly this fastest of American raptors.
And what a spectacular bird with its large eyes rimmed with yellow eyeliner in a dark face.

With a slim body crafted for speed, the Peregrine is known for being the fastest animal on the planet.

And speed is not their only strength - their sheer grace and agility as they chase and capture songbirds on the fly is a wonder to behold.
Catching sight of a Peregrine Falcon as he peers down at you from a rocky cliff face is a moment you will never forget.
So sign up for those high climbing hikes at this next summit, in hopes of finding yourself eye to eye with this swift denizen of the Maine wilderness.


  1. The Appalachian Trail (the AT) is a wild 2,000-mile hiking trail through the Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern United States.
  2. The AT carves a mountainous path from the foothills of Georgia to the peaks of Maine.
  3. Hiking the entire AT has the elevation change of climbing Mount Everest 16 times.
  4. The trail is used by short-term hikers, section hikers, and thru-hikers.  Everyyear, more than 3 million people hike at least one part of the trail.
  5. Since its completion in 1937, an estimated 12,000 people have hiked the whole trail.  
  6. The average thru-hiker takes five to seven months to complete the entire trail.
  7. The hardest section of the AT is near Sunday River at Grafton Notch State Park where you literally climb through a mountain notch.
  8. Hiking parts of the AT will be one of the many highlights of the 2018 Family Nature Summit.

Summit Summer Dreams

Close your eyes.  Forget that snow and ice outside.  Imagine the warm sun on your face as you hike up Wildcat Mountain.  You wipe a bead of sweat from your brow with your well-worn Summit scarf.

"Listen," says Temple, "it's the Bicknell's thrush singing in that white pine tree."

You're in the midst of the great north woods of Maine.

Any minute now you might spot a moose and her baby. Or a black bear cub.

All of your sense are alert.

After your morning tracking class, you notice things you may have missed before - the subtle scent of a new plant, the sound of the wild mink scurrying in the underbrush.

As you take a well-earned break and rest your feet in the Frenchman's swimming hole, you look around at your fellow Summiteers.

Laughing, smiling or just soaking in the beauty of this secluded pond, these are people from all walks of life, people who love the woods, love being active, love the adventure.

You look forward to the week ahead - learning photography, exploring hidden gem mines, the gardens, lakes, endless mountain trails... This is what a Summit is all about.

Open your eyes now and pick up that snow shovel.

But now, while you toss that snow, you can be dreaming of your warm summer Summit in the mountains of Maine.

2018 White Mountains, Maine
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