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Thank you for your on-going dedication and support of Kitchen Angels and the community of Santa Fe.

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The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes. 


Update on Construction
New walls are up, new doors and windows have been cut, old doors have been sealed up.  Phase Two of the renovations are moving ahead at a brisk pace.  Soon we'll have a volunteer training and break room, more room for Kitchenality, and dedicated warehouse and storage space.  The end result is going to be fabulous!  In the meantime, please continue to pardon our dust. 


Kitchenality is having a 50% off sale for everything in the boutique. Don't miss out on this opportunity for bargains galore! The sale runs until Friday, January 5th, 5PM.

The store is reducing their stock to clear the area for construction of the new space.  

The savings are going to be amazing!.  Come on down, and tell all your friends!

A friendly reminder to all volunteers...

Please remember that Kitchen Angels is a scent-free building. 

We know that at least a few of you received some lovely new fragrances for the holidays. If you know you're coming in for a volunteer shift, please go without scents that day. This includes using fragrant hair products or deodorant.  It also includes clothes smelling of cigarette smoke. 

We have many clients who are chemically sensitive and have allergic reactions if their food is made by people wearing fragrances. We also have staff and volunteers who experience allergic reactions when around fragrances.  Please understand that this is a significant health issue for many people. If you enter the building with strong fragrance on, you may be asked to leave. 
Thank you for being conscientious, for understanding, and for helping to ensure our building is a healthy place for all who enter!
Tasty TidbitsTastyTidbits
Cabbage, Onion & Walnut Tart 

Although the weather is unseasonably warm this year, the  snows are soon to arrive, and with them, the desire to cozy up inside and eat comfort food. During this time of hibernation, it's always nice to have warming, hearty things to eat. We love this list of 31 Delicious Things to Cook in January. It has everything from banana bread oatmeal for breakfast to Swedish Meatballs for dinner. Snuggle down and enjoy!

Joe makes it look so simple!

One of the perks of working at Kitchen Angels is the abundance of delicious food that flows through our kitchen. Following Christmas, the staff was graced with Joe Cates' homemade tamales and 18-ingredient Holiday Mole! It must have taken him several days to prepare, and it was truly delicious. Once you see the recipe, you'll know why the mole was so remarkable. Let us know if you dare to try and replicate it. 
Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteerOpportunities 

We always welcome new volunteers! Here are our current opportunities:


Delivery Drivers (4:30pm - 6:30pm) 

  • Tuesday Driver, Route 12 (Pacheco St.)
  • Tuesday Driver, Route 14 (Eldorado)
  • Wednesday Driver, Route 1 (S. Rufina St.)
  • Friday Driver, Route 6 (Miguel Chavez Rd.)
  • Monday - Friday Substitute Delivery Drivers
Substitute Drivers (4:30pm - 6:30pm, when you are available)
  • Every day - Monday through Friday
Kitchen Volunteers - Morning Shift (10:00am - 12:00pm) 
  • Mondays & Tuesdays
Kitchen Volunteers - Afternoon Shift (1:00am - 3:00pm) 
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Delivery Room Preparation (2:00pm - 3:30pm) 
  • Thursdays & Fridays
  • Substitutes for every day - Monday through Friday

Upcoming Volunteer Orientations
Monday, January 8th, 11:30am - 1:00pm
Monday, January 22nd, 11:30am - 1:00pm
Please tell people who may be interested to call Lauren at 471-7780  
Continuing EducationContinuingEducation  

As January rolls around, many of us are looking toward the new year and what we can do to make our lives happier, healthier, and as stress-free as possible. Regular exercise is consistently one of the top new year resolutions that gets broken. The prospect of setting aside 45 minutes of an already busy day can feel completely daunting. 

You may be making it harder than it has to be.  After all, regular exercise doesn't need to happen all at once.

There's a new app that's free, and reminds you every hour to do a single minute of a variety of different exercises. The guided exercise sets can be done anywhere and can help tone your body, relieve daily stress, and focus your mind. Click here to download the 1 Minute Change app. It might just help you establish healthy exercise habits that stay with you throughout the year!

There are some pretty unusual celebrations just about every day of the year. January 3rd  is the " Festival of Sleep" day. The day most likely came about as a good time to rest up after the busy holidays. It's a day to sleep in, take a cat nap, get to bed early, or just lounge in bed an extra long time. Getting enough sleep is an important component to maintaining good health and one that is frequently overlooked.

The chart above can help gauge if you're getting too much, not enough, or the right amount of sleep for your age. Many behaviors help improve our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Some are obvious like going to bed at the same time each night.  Other suggestions might be less obvious, such as turning off glowing screens at least an hour before bedtime. 

Click here for a link to Sleeping Tips & Tricks from the National Sleep Foundation. Happy sleeping!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thanks 

One of our clients e-mailed pictures of their gifts displayed on their hearth. They were truly grateful.

We are tremendously grateful to all the people who contributed to our Spirit of Giving project. Wildflower International showed up again this year with a group of 20 volunteers! We love having big groups come in and help out with large projects. Thanks to those who donated the gifts, and to all the volunteers who spent hours making sure they were beautifully wrapped.  Thanks to Joe, Teresa & John for cooking us a delicious feast when the project was complete. Our clients were overjoyed by the generosity of Kitchen Angels!

Did you know that Kitchen Angels relies on the help of hundreds of visiting volunteers throughout year? Last year, we had 285 individuals volunteer with us during the holidays.  Sometimes they came in with their work colleagues for team building days.  Others stopped in to help while passing through Santa Fe on vacation. Their assistance fills the gap when our hard-working "regular" volunteers take some well-deserved time off during the holidays.

We love introducing new people to the good work we do here at Kitchen Angels. Many of the people who come in for one or two shifts discover that they really love volunteering with us, and decide to help out each week. Thanks to our active volunteers who contribute their time throughout the year and for making visiting volunteers feel welcomed. You are our good-will ambassadors, and our organization's greatest asset.


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