Volume 8 | January 18, 2018
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How to Deal with the Financial Impact of Divorce in Retirement

The divorce rate for those over 50 has roughly doubled in the last 25 years. This poses difficult financial challenges for some because of reduced income in retirement. Using a financial neutral as part of a collaborative divorce can help spouses address their new financial reality.

When Staying Together Is Worse for Children Than Divorce

Often parents don’t realize how much children are affected by the conflict in their relationship even when they stay together. Sometimes, divorcing can be better for kids than remaining married so long as parents can agree to a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

Interesting Reads for Seniors
The WSJ Offers Bad Advice – Move Into a CCRC Sooner vs. Later

Interesting commentary on when to move into a Continuing Care Retirement Community. What do you think? Read more.

Helping Grandkids Survive Divorce

How to avoid the minefields when your child divorces, and create a safe haven for the grandchild who's stuck in the middle. Read more.
Advice for Divorcing Parents
When Your Kids Turn Against You In Favor of the Narcissistic Parent | The Recovery Expert

Helpful tips on how to handle it when your spouse turns the kids against you. Read more.
Senior Moments
The Amazon Echo Silver is specifically designed for the greatest generation.

Check out this funny clip from Saturday Night Live!

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