At Federation, we identify, evaluate, and address Jewish priorities with unparalleled commitment, passion and sensitivity. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that needs are met to create a stronger, more vibrant Jewish community, and to foster and strengthen our connection with Jews in Israel and around the world.

In 2017, we collectively hit the ground running. With community support, we tackled safety & security during a time of heightened antisemitism, passed anti-BDS legislation to protect Israel, and officially broke ground on the Greater Raleigh Jewish Community Campus. We had fun at Hurricanes Night and Casino Night. We launched the PJ Library program to a community that was hungry for it, and we quickly became one of the fastest growing PJ programs in the country. 

Lawyers in the Cardozo Society heard from NC Attorney General Josh Stein, and doctors in the Maimonides Society were treated to a night with NC Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mandy Cohen. The Lions of Judah inspired and educated us all with their signature event, 13 Extraordinary Women, and the community came out strong to support Hurricane Relief.
The JCC launched their Healthy Living series, making it the most popular program to date, and hosted the entertaining Israeli Scouts (Tzofim). JFSGO gave 1600 rides to Seniors and people with disabilities, and provided 3300 meals through the JFS Pantry and Mitzvah Meals. Through the anonymous generosity of two families, the Federation began a rigorous and successful grant funding process with the addition of a Grants Manager, and the Jewish Community Campus received a Campus Coordinator.

Federation and the Raleigh-Cary community are making great strides towards ensuring our Jewish future. We are working hard, and we are deeply grateful for your support. 
In 2018, we aren't slowing down a bit! We will be celebrating Israel's 70th birthday in a big way (more to come on that later), introducing our newest affinity group, Chai Tech, and rolling out the most delicious new event: Federation Feeds: A Fun Foodraiser to Benefit Jewish Family Services. 

A very special note of thanks goes to our current Board of Trustees, whose dedication and love of community were critical to our success this year. Mark Wiener, our outgoing Board Chair, was unrelenting in his quest for excellence from all of us. There was never a moment Mark was not there to guide and support us, and he leaves behind a very grateful professional staff. Mark will continue on the Board as Endowments Chair. 

Our new Board of Trustees, led by long time supporter, Rob Hubal, will grow in 2018,  and you will meet all of them on social media, through our Federation Faces series. 
Finally, a note of personal thanks. I am happy to have been welcomed into a warm, enthusiastic, and hamish community. I'm also grateful to have been supported by an incredible staff of professionals at the Federation, JCC and JFS, whose commitment to growing Jewish life was simply inspiring. Together, we made great things happen.

It has been a joyful year, and I look forward to an exciting 2018! 
Thank you-- Carin
                                          Carin Savel, CEO, Jewish Federation of Raleigh-Cary

Thanks  to our strong and growing Jewish community for supporting the  Levine Leap Forward Matching Grant.  Through your generosity and support we raised over $25,000 in 30 days and met the match.

Is your New Year's resolution to get out more and meet new people? Then join us for our Jewish Community Hurricanes Hat Trick night! Ticket price includes pre-game tailgate and game ticket. 
Seeing is Believing! 

Your dreams are coming true.
Crews are hard at work with first steps in building our new Upper Campus Recreation Center.  

If you visit the campus today, you will see a new construction-only entrance, contractors' trailers, and fencing that outlines the land that will soon be a hub for Jewish life within our community.

We are literally clearing the way to a stronger Jewish Community.

Are yo u interested in getting involved with our  growing  Jewish Community Campus? 
Contact Tami Kirk today!

If you are interested in a campus naming opportunity,
please contact 


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PJ Library┬«  program  provides a free gift of a high-quality, age-appropriate Jewish b ook or CD mailed to the home every month.  

PJ Library was brought to Wake County with generous funding from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and our  PJ Library Benefactor Circle.

-Susan and Steven Reinhard
-Jane Pinsky and Richard Adelman,  in memory of Ellen Adelman  
-Stacy and Craig Becher  
-Sarah Fuerst, in memory of Bob Fuerst
-Ann and George Tosky
-The Jewish Federation Lions of Judah

Want to be  a part of PJ Library? Want to get the PJ Newsletter?  Sign up here 'Like' our PJ Library Facebook page to get  news of PJ Library programs in the community. Interested in becoming a member of the PJ Library Benefactor Circle? Contact Tina Schultz
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Dear Dorit,

My New Year's resolution for 2018 is to live a healthier lifestyle. Are there any Jewish resources to help me reach my goal?


I Like Big Bagels and I Cannot Lie

Dear Big Bagels,

Many Jewish organizations in the area have programs where you can learn about nutrition, mindfulness, and other topics to help you on your journey to health. This will also put you in touch with like-minded people. You'll have an easier time working towards a goal if you find other people who want to do it, too.  

Exercise is always a good idea (as long as you consult with your doctor). The JCC will be debuting their new physical fitness program soon, so why not check them out? Why sweat when you can  shvitz?

Dear Dorit,

I really enjoyed watching  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the new series on Amazon about a 1950s' Jewish housewife who becomes a stand-up comic. But when I looked up information on the actors, I discovered to my horror that the lead actress, Rachel Brosnahan, is not Jewish! I feel like she stole an opportunity that could have gone to a Jewish actress. My friends don't understand my outrage. Can you back me up here?


Ya Shivu v' Bolshom Dome Na Kholme

Dear Russian Sentence,

I also recently watched the show. Pe rsonally, I preferred Alex Borstein's performance as Midge's manager, Susie. I can assure you that Borstein is VERY Jewish. In answer to your question, we often have to follow certain conventions when we watch movies and TV shows, and one of those conventions is that the actors might not have the same background as the characters they play.  

After all, Data on Star Trek: TNG was not played by a robot. (He was played by Brent Spiner, a fellow Jew). There are some important conversations happening about the injustice of white actors playing someone of a different race ("blackface / yellowface / redface"), or a movie changing a historical figure or literary character's race so they can be played by a white actor ("whitewashing.")  

Personally, I don't believe that a non-Jewish actor playing a Jewish character falls into the same category. Many people who are "born Jewish" leave the religion and culture as adults, while there are converts to Judaism from every race and ethnicity. Genetics are unchanging, but other aspects of Judaism are much more fluid. Let's celebrate that we are living in a time when the American public considers Jewish stories to be ones worth telling.

What are they looking at? A basketball?  
Superman? Elijah the Prophet?  
Inquiring minds want to know.

Women's 7th Annual Dreidel Exchange

On December 7th, the JCC, Raleigh Hadassah, the Sisterhoods of Beth Meyer, Temple Beth Or, and Beth Shalom gathered together at the JCC to host over 70 women for the 7th Annual Dreidel Exchange. The "soul" purpose of this get-together was to connect as Jewish women and celebrate Chanukah by exchanging dreidels and laughs, while also enlarging our current affiliations and joining together as one community.  

The event brought women of all ages together for an evening of community connection. One woman, who had experienced a particularly sad and emotional day, said, "I wasn't planning on coming tonight, but the community was exactly what I needed to raise my spirits."

The Raleigh-Cary JCC strives to create an atmosphere of support 
and community engagement at all of our programs.  

More information about the JCC and upcoming programs can be found at

A Successful Year Past; An Exciting Year Ahead

Raleigh-Cary JFS just came off of one of its most successful years. In 2017, JFS was able to serve nearly 240 clients, provided over 3300 meals and 1600 rides, conducted 27 workshops and programs, facilitated a community-assisted Jewish burial, distributed over $9000 in emergency aid, and more.

While we are happy with last year's successes, all of our attention is now focused on 2018. In addition to continuing our food and financial assistance programs, counseling and case management services, and outreach programs and volunteer activities, there are several new initiatives already in the works.

This year will bring a new intern to JFS who will assist in our counseling and outreach departments. Also, with support from The Leon Levine Foundation, a search is being conducted for a program development professional who will enable JFS to both enhance existing programs and expand programming into new and innovative areas. The expansion of staff resources will also allow counselors and therapists to devote more of their time to clients without jeopardizing JFS program offerings to our community members. Additionally, JFS is exploring new local partnerships to provide resources that can support more community needs.

None of our past success, or future growth, is possible without incredible support, both financial and volunteer, from a broad range of our Jewish community. We are committed to being good shepherds of that support for the benefit of all members of our diverse community. In times of need, JFS is there!
-Congratulations to Arthur and Anya Gordon! Their restaurant, The Irregardless Cafe & Catering received the Triangle Business Journal's Family Business Award. They were recognized as pioneers in the restaurant business in North Carolina for pursuing green and sustainable practices.

-Congratulations to attorney Michael Burger for receiving Business North Carolina's 2018 Legal Elite (Business) Award!

-Mazel Tov to Laura Sokol-Meade on her professional achievement at Federation. Laura is now the Jewish Federation's full time Director of Community Outreach and Engagement. Laura will represent the Federation on the Women's Community Seder committee.

-Michael Schaul, (pictured left) at the Governor's Mansion alongside Governor Cooper and the First Lady. The Governor's Mansion displayed a Chanukiah and served latkes throughout the Chanukah holiday!

I f you have a bissel news, contact
to be added to the  Jews In the News Section of our next newsletter.


February 9-18 at Umstead Park United Church of Christ

Saturday, February 24th

Casino Night to benefit the Raleigh-Cary JCC
Sunday, March 11th at Margaux's
For sponsorship opportunities, contact

Women's Community Seder
Sunday, March 18th at Beth Meyer Synagogue

JFS Good Deeds Day
Sunday, April 15th

Federation Feeds: A Fun Foodraiser for Jewish Family Services
Thursday, June 7th

13 Extraordinary Women
Thursday, November 1
Shalom Triangle!

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