Well Hello There 2018!

I love being the first person on the beach in the morning especially after a high tide has washed up to the vegetation line! The sand is smooth and glossy and my footprints are the first to trail down to the sea. I am briefly conscious of the path I am molding behind me but soon forget about it when my feet encounter wet foam, my prints gently erased here and there by the playful waves along the shore. The beginning of a new year brimming with ripe intentions can quickly become engulfed by February. Many resolute paths crumpled up and watered down like the medley of prints on the beach by the end of the day. I have often been told to live in the moment, to go with the flow. Perhaps it is OK not to have your path set in stone, but rather to wake up to a clean slate each day where happiness and inspiration can be found in all directions. 

Most Popular New Years Resolutions

132.5 million Americans usually make a New Year's resolution - or about 41% of the population. According to a YouGov 
poll , the most common aspirations for the coming year in the  U.S.  are to  eat healthier , get  more exercise  and to save more money. In Germany, avoiding stress, more time with family and friends and more movement were in the top 3 according to DAK/forsa.
New Year's resolution success rates hover just above 9% - and over 40% of those who make a resolution will give up before the end of January.
WHAAAAAAT?? Not if we can help it!  In fact it is our business to make sure that you achieve all of these goals. We specialize in avoiding stress :) 

Aspire to Inspire

As Vacation Rental Managers we aspire to stay in tune with the needs and expectations of our guests and the travel industry. Let's get inspired and revisit those resolutions and see just how easy they are to incorporate into your island vacation! 

Exercise More - Get in Travel Shape

We can help you shape your vacation to your fitness resolution! Tailor your accommodation to include an exclusive gym membership to Poipu Beach Athletic Club. Perhaps your fitness routine includes yoga and massage? Prefer a high level of activity? We can help you plan island adventures, to help you shape up or burn calories. Hike up mountains, kayak down rivers, bicycle the coastline, stand-up paddle board and surf your way into travel shape! Check out our Experience Kauai activity guide.

Eat Healthy - fresh fish, fresh fruit, fresh veggies

Kauai offers the very best of Pacific Rim Cuisine which  is a combination of foods and cooking styles from countries and islands all around the Pacific  Ocean. This includes influences from California, Hawaii, Japan, and eastern Asia. Think lots of fresh fish, sushi, poke, sashimi and vegetables, seaweed, sesame, ginger, coconut, chili, lime, garlic, teriyaki and did we say fresh?
Local fish markets and daily island-wide farmers markets tantalize the senses with island produce! 

We provide our guests with everything they need to know about grocery shopping, local markets, food and restaurants in our online guestbooks and Experience Kauai guide. Many of our vacation rentals have gourmet kitchens.  Having access to a kitchen to cook is the number one reason to rent a vacation home with 64% of the guests naming this as a reason. This is followed by good value (56%) and privacy (49%). Our Vacation Rentals also come with BBQ's and comfortable outdoor seating and dining areas. Enjoy breakfast in bed without paying for room service and gratuities. We suggest Sunrise Papaya and fresh-brewed Kona coffee!

Avoiding Stress, More Time with Family and Friends, More Movement... 

Those resolutions are easy to combine into one super suggestion: Travel more! Travelers report that the very act of visiting somewhere new makes them happier, healthier, more creative, more relaxed and more successful at work. Need to save money too? We suggest choosing your vacation time to avoid peak periods and watching our website for last minute deals by booking within 30 days and looking to fill last minute calendar gaps. Many of our oceanfront condo rental properties include a free car and can be reserved for as little as $150/nite. You can achieve it all in 2018. View our website and book your life changing Kauai vacation. 

The Next Best Thing

If you can't alleviate stress with a beach vacation or a surf session right now we suggest getting a puppy! We are proud to introduce the latest member of our Great Vacation Retreats family... Horton! He is a harlequin Great Dane puppy and new baby brother to our black lab Harley. 

Presley with Horton (8 weeks old) on his first day with us!

Aloha Surf Cam

Check out the surf at PK's on Aloha Surf Cam. Watch our local surfers ride waves on the south side from sunrise to sundown.

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Upcoming Events
Superbowl Party at The Cabana - all day happy hour

Superbowl Sunday - the Eagles and the Patriots. Watch all the action at THE CABANA at Poipu Beach Athletic Club. Justin Timberlake will headline the Pepsi  Super Bowl  LII Halftime Show at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota on  Sunday , Feb. 4,  2018 . The Cabana will offer Happy Hour all day for Superbowl Sunday!

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