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It looks like the new year, and 'the season,' which is getting into high gear, will be a busy one. Weather has been splendid and hopefully will continue, making outdoor shows so much more enjoyable for everyone.

I have been preparing for my twice yearly participation in the 30 paintings in 30 days. My preparation starts with WHAT TO PAINT! This is always the hardest for me as I guess I don't like making decisions. Part of deciding the WHAT, I look at photos which I have permission to use as resources, and see what strikes my fancy. Then I do a quick sketch onto the size paper I will use. I try not to get to exacting with the pencil as I like to actually do the "drawing" with my brush. This keeps me from doing 'paint by number' and 'painting inside the lines', which is how I keep it loose. My other barometer for keeping it loose is if I feel overwhelmed, I'm getting too exacting. A teacher who has greatly influenced my style actually throws water on the paper when he starts getting "stiff". I have a different technique for disguising this "stiffness" and don't throw water, but it does involve water.

While I do a painting a day, I usually live with the painting over several days before declaring it finished. However, part of the 30in30 is to post the painting and therefore, these postings may not be the final product. 

It is quite fun participating with artists of all levels of proficiency around the world at one time. January used to be one of the months and I just found out it will be February this year, but since I'm ready to go, I will probably do mine in January and post in February. January fits my busy outdoor schedule of shows and while there are rules, there are really no rules...except to have fun...and paint.

Below, please see my announcement for those who want to be contacted more than once a month with offers or last minute news.

Remember to check on my website page Exhibitions & Festivals for a l ist of January happenings. If I have to cancel a show, I will post a notice there.

And finally, I am in negotiations to be featured in the window display of Frame'n Art By the Sea Gallery in Lauderdale-by-the-sea for the month of January. 

New Works
Floral Garden Watercolor
Floral Garden _2

Watercolor by Claudia Hafner
Bonnet House Menagerie Lion
Awaiting Jury Decision for acceptance to the
Bonnet House Museum & Gardens for
Artful Musings Exhibit


Hummingbird #2 6x8"

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Festivals & Exhibitions
Veteran's Park, Delray Beach
Lauderdale Yacht Club Fine Art Exhibition
Art Fest on the Green, Wellington, FL

Boca Beach House Restaurant
Frame'n Art Gallery, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea*
Bonnet House Artful Musings*


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